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  • Sectional Tanks
  • Sectional Tanks
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  • metering cabinets
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  • KerbHopper
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  • Heavy Duty Shower Trays

Nicholson Plastics Company Profile

UK based Nicholson Plastics Ltd specialises in composite products and technology, working as a branch of leading manufacturer Killarney Manufacturing Group. Established 40 years ago, the company focuses on supplying sectional and one piece storage tanks and cisterns internationally.


  • Water Storage Sectional Tanks: Available in full and half panels, the sectional tank is manufactured from GRP and sheet metal, with either a light or heavy weight cover suitable for either interior or exterior locations. Specific base requirements are listed on the Nicholson Plastics Ltd website with a list of available accessories for sectional tanks.
  • One Piece Tanks: Used as an alternative for cold water storage, the one piece tank can be insulated or un-insulated, ranging from 45litres to 4546litres capacity and optional condensation trays.
  • LPC Tanks: Designed to provide fire protection, with a maximum capacity of 1300m³ and 3.5 metres height, accessories available for LPC Tanks include: screened air vent water level indicator, internal stainless steel bolts and screened overflow.
  • Two Piece/Knock Down Tank: Popular with humanitarian organisations, this tank is ideally used as an emergency solution for water supply due to its simple installation and dismantling procedure. As well as being a temporary solution, the tank is designed to last, providing the option of moving the tank to another location, or leaving for a long period of time. The tank is manufactured from glass reinforced polyester and consists of 6 panels; 4 for each side and a base and cover. Its integral foam core ensures the water maintains its quality and the panels are coated with a moulded gel to make cleaning the system easy.
  • Underground Tanks: Designed to accommodate situations where planning for an over ground tank is not permitted, or to hide their water storage from sight. Underground Tanks are available in submarine or sectional models, and the installation of the tank varies depending on the location.
  • Rainwater Tanks: Designed to supply domestic or commercial buildings with free water supply drawn from rainwater collected on the roof, this system consists of an under or over ground tank and control centre. Rainwater is collected and then carried through pipework to its destination. When there is not sufficient rainwater, the system collects the required amount from the mains water supply and then automatically switches back to the rainwater once enough is there. A range of capacities filter sizes are available, with multiple filters sometimes required for separate drain pipes. The Nicholson Plastics Team will assemble and commission each rainwater tank on location.

Nicholson Plastics Ltd supply replacement and spare bezels, hand laid access, metric access or self fit access hatches.

Road Safety Products

  • Kerb Hopper: This non-slip product provides a safe path over kerbs and footpaths, ideally suited for disabled and utility construction access. The Kerb Hopper is supplied in yellow with the optional addition of a corporate logo.
  • Road Plate: Manufactured from GRP, the Road Plate provides a non-slip passage over trench evacuations of up to 700mm, with a weight limit of 6 tonnes. The product is easily installed by two people and can include reflective markings if requested.
  • Safety Cross: For use over bores or trenches during maintenance, construction and repair work, this product complies with the UK Safety at Street Walks and Road works codes of practice. For trenches, the cover has a maximum size of 800mm, and for excavations, the Safety Cross can be up to 800mm x 800mm square. Nicholson Plastics Ltd provides this product in various colours and can include a corporate logo in the design.

Environmental Products

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems: This product is available in two models. The single unit Tri-cel P6 system, suited to households up to 6 people. The P6 divides the water flow using a distribution box and has a chamber for each of the three water treatment stages. The Tri-cel P10-P500 functions like the P6 but has multiple units making it suitable for locations such as schools, caravans and housing developments.
  • Septic Tanks: Once the water arrives in the septic tanks, the solids settle to the bottom, allowing the liquid to flow into the percolation area for the purification process. The septic tank can be designed with a pump system where gravity discharge is not possible.
  • Distribution Boxes: This product ensures the water is delivered equally to each pipe, with a maximum of 6 outlets. The distribution box is manufactured from the highly durable injection moulded HDPE.

Tri-cel Pumping Chamber and Holding Tanks have leak-free chambers which disperse the treated water to locations further afield. The system consists of a chamber, pump and pump controls. The Tri-cel stormwater attenuation tanks are used to provide additional sewage capacity, KMG can create a bespoke attenuation tank for a specified location. There are three types of Tri-cel: Bypass, Full Retention and Forecourt Separators.

Metering Enclosures

Electrical metering cabinets and gas meter cabinets offered as either surface mounted or recessed units.

Cable boxes are suitable for most standard service requirements; the Nicholson Plastics Ltd cable box is manufactured from Thermoplastic. Kiosks are available with 1 or 2 compartments, this GRP kiosk is normally used to house radio assisted battery packs, flow meter and data logging equipment. The kiosk is designed to be corrosion free and water resistant with the option of separate lockable doors.

  • GRP Enclosures: Designed to house industrial equipment with the same durability as the kiosk, this product can be delivered complete or in panel form to the location. Standard sizes are available as well as the option to request a size bespoke to specific requirements.
  • GRP Housing: Nicholson Plastics Ltd supplies two types of GRP Housing:
  • Plant Rooms: The Altos range comes with a maximum height of 3.66m and self support of up to 6m width, with an unlimited length capacity. All Plant Rooms are insulated and manufactured with a 2 fire resistant resin as standard.
  • GRP Kiosks: Available with either 1 or 2 compartments, complete with individual lockable doors, the Nicholson Plastics Ltd Kiosk has corner side doors and a lid module for easy access as well as being water resistant and corrosion free.
  • Custom Moulding and Materials: KMG manufacture bespoke custom moulding products; details of designs and materials are provided on the Nicholson Plastics Ltd website.

For installation and advice on any of the products, the Nicholson Plastics Ltd technical sales team will be on hand to offer instruction. For more information please visit the website or click on the buttons above to send an enquiry.


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