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  • Decorative Mouldings
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  • Nomastyl (Mouldings in extruded polystyrene)
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NMC (UK) Company Profile

NMC is a globally renowned company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of synthetic foams. The company was established in 1950 and has over 1,200 associates worldwide who take great pride in developing and innovating superior quality products and total service packages. NMC provides clients with optimal foam solutions that far exceed the highest demands for applications for homes, sports and leisure, construction, transport, insulation, decoration, gardening and industrial and packaging solutions.

NMC employs highly experienced teams of designers, engineers, technical engineering consultants and trained interior designers who work closely with the client to develop practical and cost effective solutions. The corporate communication team is continuously developing presentation systems in co-operation with renowned interior designers and display creators which are customised to satisfy the requirements of the retail market and the consumer. Training courses are also available for craftsmen such as painters, plumbers, refrigeration technicians, insulators, automotive engineers and packaging specialists. The courses offer participants information, handling and installation advice across the whole product range.

The key business areas include:


The NMC range of In and Around the House decoration products provide home owners, interior designers and building contractors with a wide and varied scope for individual design. The decorative elements offer rooms a modern, romantic or timeless ambience and encompass styles such as Atmospheric, Inspiration, Modern, Classic and Pop Art. Key benefits of the products include impact and moisture resistance, numerous designs, versatile lighting solutions, will fit anywhere and are easily installed. Products include:

  • Arstyl range of mouldings, ceiling medallions, columns, pilasters and chair rails that can be given a finishing coat without any surface preparation.
  • Allegro is manufactured from polyurethane; the elegant and cost-effective Allegro range of products includes mouldings, chair-rails and ceiling medallions.
  • Normstyl is a range of extra durable, easy to fit mouldings and ceiling medallions which can be used to disguise cables, cracks and other imperfections.
  • Wallstyl is a range of shock-resistant range of mouldings, columns, chair-rails and baseboards in a wide range of styles which are also humidity resistant and are as tough as many types of wood. Supplied ready primed, the Wallstyl collection saves valuable time and expense and require no particular maintenance.
  • The Nomabeam range is a collection of beams and corbels which are made to look like real wood for a more traditional and authentic look. The products are available in light or dark brown and create a feeling a warmth and peace.


For exterior applications, NMC has developed a wide range of products to complement any modern or traditional property. The product range includes:

  • Domostyl decorative facade elements that will give any building individual style and character. The stable and durable profiles include frame profiles, window sills, frames, gables, rustic stones, corbels and capstones.
  • Nomawood is a UV resistant, colour-fast, waterproof, rotproof and warp-resistant patio surface that offers superb aesthetics and functionality. Nomawood is available in various options including Steppe, Alaska, Easyfix, Sahara and Provence and has been developed to offer durability, ease of installation and beauty. This synthetic building material requires no maintenance and offers warmth and comfort to exterior decking and patio areas.
  • Nomastone interior and exterior fa├žade panelling offers the look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.


With the increase in global warming, CO2 emissions and the greenhouse effect, the environment is now a key priority in building design and insulation. NMC provides a vast array of insulation solutions which can assist buildings in reducing the requirement for heating and cooling. The pipe and duct insulation and insulating panels are predominantly manufactured from thermoplastic polyethylene, rubber and polyurethane foams. Products include:

  • Climaflex polyethylene closed cell foam pipe insulation for plumbing, sewage and heating systems
  • Insul insulation sheets, panels and tubes for refrigeration, air-conditioning, solar and high temperature applications
  • The Noma range of insulation products offers noise, cold and warmth insulation for walls, floors and plumbing and heating applications

Sport and Leisure

NMC offers a diverse range of products for the sport and leisure industry that provide endless hours of fun whilst keeping the user safe and protected. Products include: Ski, fun and swim noodles, Kickboards for children and swim instruction, Swimbelts, Water training aids, Leisure cushions, Sitting pads, Fitness and camping mats, Rehabilitation matting, Yoga and gymnastics matting, Cushions for seating


The Nomapack range of packaging profiles provides endless solutions for protecting anything. Customised solutions can be provided for items that require an exact fit. Packaging solutions can be used for automotive, construction, interior design and by end users. NMC offers standard packaging for protection within cartons, special packaging for bulky, fragile and sensitive objects, protective packaging for products within production and transport protection for automobiles. Nomapack is widely used for doors and gates, windows, glass and solar panels, civil engineering, building site, furniture, removals and heating and bathroom packaging applications.

Industry Components

For companies that require specialist solutions, NMC offers a comprehensive range of products such as shaped profiles for upholstery and soundproofing for vehicles through to thermal insulation in windows and doors. The R & D team will work closely with the client to develop a perfect solution.

NMC is fully committed to providing clients with a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke high quality products which are designed and manufactured to a superior standard. The outstanding product range encompasses an enormous range of applications and industry sectors and incorporates innovative technical properties and design features. NMC has a team of customer service agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week who can provide advice and support on products, installations, repairs or simply to arrange a consultation. NMC prides itself on its reputation and has clients located throughout the world.


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