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Partition Graphics Company Profile

Partition Graphics has been established since 1998 and provides graphics and film solutions for glass. The product range includes manifestation, safety protection film, solar control, privacy, security and view control films, corporate identification and associated signage from any type of material.

Partition Graphics has established a highly respected reputation over the years for superior quality, reliability, attention to detail and highly competitive prices. The company has a large client base throughout the UK and Europe and is a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation and AIS.

The products and services available include:


Glazing in public areas such as offices, hotels, restaurants, healthcare buildings, schools and shops must be made safe, in line with current legislation, to make it more conspicuous. Glass manifestation can be used to promote a business and display company logos, products and services as well as safety reinforcement features to protect the public and workforce from broken glass. Partition Graphics will discuss ideas with the client and develop a design using colourless etched or sandblasted effect vinyl’s that will transform any plain expanse of glass. A full range of effective and flexible solutions can be created at a fraction of the cost of permanently etched glass which can include simple graphics, wording, corporate logos and stunning artistic designs. The design possibilities are virtually endless.

Digital Prints

For a unique and stunning effect on glass doors, windows, partitions and walls, Partition Graphics can use any logo, picture or graphic in digital format and print it onto the glass to display artwork, adverts, corporate logos and products. Digital printing onto glass creates a dramatic and eye-catching feature in any environment such as shops, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, company entrances and within offices and can be made to any size.

Safety Film

Glass is well known to be a weak part of a building and can be susceptible to damage from vandals, burglars, terrorists, storms or accidental damage. Partition Graphics provides a wide range of safety and security films which have been developed and tested to BS 6206 Class A, B and C. Windows which have been fitted with Partition Graphics range of safety and security films and when subjected to a violent explosion, attack or accidental breakage may well crack or shatter, but will remain within the film coating, protecting individuals from injury from broken glass.

Solar Film

Buildings and occupants can suffer from the effects of heat and glare from the sun’s rays. This can make a building hot and difficult to work in as computers can reflect the light and the workforce can become uncomfortable. Partition Graphics has developed a range of solar film which reduces glare and heat gain whilst allowing natural light to enter the building. It is widely known that a more comfortable working environment increases productivity, efficiency and well-being. Solar film can be installed on windows, doors, glass walls and glass roofs.

Reception Signage

Partition Graphics has many years of industry experience in creating signage solutions for reception areas. Reception areas must be welcoming, interesting, aesthetically pleasing and provide identity for the company; reception signage can also be used to direct visitors to the appropriate area. The signage can be produced in any material and installed onto any surface required. The design team will discuss ideas and create a unique and interesting solution for any entrance area.

DDA Regulations

Partition Graphics offers solutions for public areas and workplaces to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). The company is committed to the implementation of this policy and will endeavour to ensure that all company divisions are fully compliant where necessary.

Partition Graphics prides itself on offering a professional and personal service for all clients regardless of the size and complexity of a project. The experienced and skilled team of designers welcomes enquiries and will create an appropriate solution for any environment. For further information on the products and services offered please contact Partition Graphics.


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