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  • PICSPAVE - Brick Herringbone
  • PICSPAVE - Blue Peter Garden
  • PICSEAL - Block Paving Steps Half Sealed
  • PICSEAL - Block Paving Steps Half Sealed
  • PICSCOAT - Before
  • PICSCOAT - After

PICS Company Profile

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Supplies (PICS) was founded in 1989 and specialises in providing a comprehensive range of products and services to support paving industry contractors. Over the past two decades, PICS has established an enviable reputation for the development and manufacture of an exceptional collection of products and systems for patterned imprinted concrete, Tarmac, block paving, concrete, walls and resin bonded stone.

PICS is based in Berkshire and has a team of dedicated and experienced staff who have the knowledge and expertise to provide an extraordinary service and professional technical support to all customers. The company has invested heavily in creating a manufacturing plant on the South Coast of England, enabling it to secure its market leading position as the UK’s premier supplier to the paving industry.


PICS not only provides a stunning array of industry leading materials and tools, but also offers paving contractors a range of services including:

  • Next day delivery - guaranteed
  • Training courses
  • Mat hire
  • Extensive product gallery
  • New business opportunities
  • Marketing support
  • Website templates.

Paving Applications and Systems

For customers who work in the paving industry, it is essential that the products and tools used on-site will be effective, easy to use and reliable. PICS can provide a range of products and services that will offer support and assistance when needed. Training courses are available which cover theory, practical on-site application and sales and marketing tips. The range of applications and products include:

  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete - PICSPAVE: PICSPAVE is a superior level of paving which is available in a huge array of designs and colour combinations. PICSPAVE is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial projects and is renowned for creating spectacular results. PICS carries a wide range of specialist ancillaries and tools and supplies over 30% of the colour surface hardener, release agent and sealers used throughout the UK annually. The company also has access to an almost limitless range of imprinting mats for purchase or hire.
  • Tarmac and Asphalt - PICSCOAT: PICSCOAT is PICS' own brand of heavy-duty Tarmac restoration and asphalt refurbishment products. The products are ideal for surfaces which have become worn, faded and unkempt; transforming them back to their former glory with one application. The benefit of using PICSCOAT includes: cost effective alternative to replacing a whole surface, protects against normal wear and tear, enables easy removal of oil and fuel leaks, restricts the growth of weed, algae and moss growth, prevents cracking and binds loose stones and increases the lifespan of the original surface.
  • Block Paving - PICSEAL and PERMASEAL: PICSEAL and PERMASEAL deal with the issues of staining, weed growth and instability in the joining sand. Block paving can be restored to its former glory with an application of the solvent based sealer PICSEAL. PICSEAL enhances natural block paving colours, brightens paving, resists oil and stain penetration, inhibits weed growth and is easy to apply. PERMASEAL is a water-based sealer and is suitable for specific situations such as supermarket car parks and pedestrian walkways. PERMASEAL has elastometric properties and provides stronger binding of jointing sand. For applications which are extremely demanding, such as petrol station forecourts and HGV loading bays, PERMASEAL PU offers superior chemical resistance and flexibility.
  • Concrete - PICS COLOUR TOP, PICSTAIN and PICSTINT: For internal and external concrete applications, PICS offers a range of products to enhance new and existing concrete surfaces. Plain concrete can be coloured and patterned using PICS' range of manufactured materials to create stunning, artistic finishes in colours and designs which are limited only by imagination. PICS COLOUR TOP is a combination of natural pigments and quartz hardeners which create permanent deep colours within highly trafficked areas. COLOUR TOP is perfect for all types of hard landscaping and can be applied by sponging, rag rolling, brushing or trowelling. PICSTAIN will dramatically change the appearance of concrete paving, providing a permanent aged look. For the best result, it is recommended that PICSTAIN is used with COLOUR TOP. PICSTINT is a coloured concrete mix, which is coloured throughout and is suitable for conventional paving and walls, as well as coloured mortar, floor screeds and pre-cast products.
  • Walls - WALLCRETE: WALLCRETE is an advanced lightweight render which has been developed to reproduce the natural products used in walling and construction. This economical and long-lasting system is similar to imprinted concrete and provides stunning results. WALLCRETE has been used for applications such as internal and external walls, external cladding, boundary walls, sheds and outbuildings, fire surrounds, coping stones, cornerstones, archways, fish ponds and even dog kennels.
  • Resin Bonded Stone - PICSBOND: PICSBOND is a two-part flexible binder which creates an aesthetically pleasing, non-slip surface dressing for roads, car parks, ramps and pedestrian areas. PICSBOND is combined with natural aggregates and can be applied to new or existing concrete, wood and steel, producing stunning results in large environments and offering unlimited design opportunities.

Other Products

PICS wide range of products are either designed and produced at the state of the art manufacturing facility or sourced from specialist international suppliers and all offer quality and reliability at all times. The range also includes:

  • PICS Low Solid Sealer
  • PICS High Solid Sealer
  • PICS Rhino Grip
  • PICSPAVE RA Release Agent
  • Specialist application tools including trowels, edgers, hand tools, magnesium floats, screeding and tamping tools, WALLCRETE textured skins, imprinting mats, preparation tools and rakes and brooms
  • Marketing accessories to assist in the sale and promotion of all PICS products.

Mat Hire

PICS has over 250 sets of imprinting mats available for hire. The ranges cover 87 different designs, enabling installers to offer a huge array of pattern options to their clients. PICS can arrange collection and delivery of the mats. The designs can all be viewed on the company website.

PICS is committed to providing the paving industry with a comprehensive range of high quality products and services. The dedicated and friendly team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth advice and information across the whole range of products and services provided. Detailed product information can be found on the company website.


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