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  • 6 arm Basket Tree in PET1 with Wooden Box Clever
  • Basket Trees
  • Basket Trees
  • Basket Trees with base
  • Stainless Steel Bespoke Planters
  • Box Clever
  • Castaway Planters
  • Vegee-Table
  • Accoya® Planters
  • Interlocking Bedding Planters
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Cigarette Disposal Bins
  • Litter Disposal
  • litter disposal
  • Doggy Doo Bins
  • Seating
  • Seating
  • Seating
  • Rotational Bollards
  • Grit / Storage Bins
  • Grit Spreader
  • Notice Boards
  • The ‘parish box’ notice board
  • Urbanscape

Plantscape Company Profile

Plantscape is based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire and is the UK’s leading supplier of hanging baskets and floral features within the UK. The easy care, self-watering planters create vibrant and bold colours to a wide range of public areas such as cities, towns, villages, shopping centres, transport stations and depots, civic buildings, office, corporate buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shows and exhibitions.

Plantscape has made a large investment in improving the offices and production headquarters and has the capability to efficiently and professionally fulfil large volume and urgent orders. The company not only works within the UK, but has close links with businesses in the USA, Romania, Austria and Ireland. Planters have been supplied to numerous high profile locations including The Houses of Parliament, institutions throughout the UK and County Councils for everyday uses and special occasions such as royal visits.

Plantscape Products and Services

Plantscape can provide clients with a completely bespoke service and has the ability to project a client’s own identity or message with customised labels, plaques, mouldings and customised colours. Names, logos and crests can be incorporated into any product via moulds in graphics, vinyl transfers and acetate etchings. For urgent orders, Rapid Response Planters are an ideal solution. There is a large collection of decorative planters which are all ready for installation. Other key services include:

  • Flexible rental agreements where Plantscape can deliver, install and collect the planters before and following an event
  • Planters can be purchased on their own, fully planted or as part of a rental service
  • Large selection of options from a basic one-off floral feature to a complete package including maintenance
  • Permanent loan service for baskets and planters
  • Year-round service includes delivery, installation and collection
  • Winter storage options in exchange for winter flowering baskets

The Plantscape product range includes:

  • Galvanised and powder coated basket trees in standard and bespoke sizes with 2, 3, 4 or 6 arms in a wide range of colours, materials and finishes
  • Basket tree bases that provide immense stability for the Eye-Full tower displays and are easy to move and maintain
  • Bespoke stainless steel or wooden planters that can incorporate seating
  • Box Clever polyurethane cladding system which fits over planters and when combined with wood, brushed steel, stainless steel or coated mild steel creates a low maintenance, attractive solution for any sized planter
  • Castaway Planters are tough and durable, ideal for large feature planting and incorporate large panels for advertising, sponsorship or logos. A vast array of sizes, colours and shapes is available
  • Christmas trees complete with solar powered battery packs which are self-sufficient. The trees are available on a rental only basis and will run for five hours each day and the service includes installation and removal
  • Vegee-table educational planters made from 100% recyclable materials 700mm square x 500mm high
  • Elevated planters including holestar planters, hanging baskets, hanging holestars, pole mounted baskets and lamp post baskets
  • Floor standing planters including colour fall, eye-full and flower towers, Manchester, obelisk and pathway planters, pedal park and planter seats
  • Horizontal containers including barrier baskets, window boxes and grow bag containers
  • Interlocking bedding planters for creative layouts
  • Promotional plaques for advertising, sponsorship and company logos that can be fixed to posts, walls and planters
  • Tree planters in square or round shapes and made from 100% recycled materials
  • Watering systems including pick-up/van, push mounted, skid mounted or towered units
  • Welcome signs that can be combined with a window box containers in custom or standard sizes
  • Wooden planters including Accoya, Oak barrel and assorted wood finishes incorporating an internal waterproof membrane and timber from sustainable sources
  • Rapid Response Planters for instant colour and fast delivery
  • PAS 68 security planters are surface mounted and manufactured from stainless steel and finished to exact specification. This planter is capable of stopping ram-raiding vehicles to a weight of 2.5 tonnes travelling at 40mph
  • Full range of brackets and accessories to compliment the product range


Plantscape also has a division known as Urbanscape which provides an extensive array of street furniture such as cigarette and litter disposal, dog waste bins, grit and storage bins, notice boards, seating and bollards. The competitively priced products are available for delivery throughout the UK for a wide range of public spaces. The product range includes:

Cigarette Disposal Bins

With smoking banned in public internal spaces, smokers have to stand outside buildings and often leave their cigarette butts on the ground. The USL Cigarette Disposal range has been designed to halt unsightly littering and ash dirt outside businesses and entrances. The units are fitted with an anti-failure lock system, making them clean and easy to empty and can be wall, post or free-standing. Options include:

  • The Embassy
  • The Player
  • The Super King
  • The Marlboro
  • Nubber
  • Freestand
  • Cigarette ban signage

Litter Disposal: Urbanscape offers a range of wall, floor and post mounted litter bins which are manufactured from moulded polyethylene or steel. The bins come in a wide range of practical modifications such as cigarette stubbing plates, ashtray drawers and anti-vandal features and can include corporate branding. Various sizes, capacities and colours are available.

Doggy Doo Bins: The Doggy Doo range of bins includes the USL-Doo 50 manufactured from polyethylene and the Metal-Doo 50 which can both be wall or post mounted with the Urbanscape Terra Lock system. The bins offer a 50 litre capacity and can include a steel liner or sack retention system.

Seating: Urbanscape offer an extensive range of benches and seats to suit almost any environment. The seating ranges are manufactured from high quality materials including wood, stainless steel and aluminium to offer a long-lasting and durable finish. Products include benches, street seating, planters with seating and picnic benches in a vast array of colours, styles and sizes.

Rotational Bollards: The rotational bollards come in three styles. The Lolli plastic bollard is ideal for speed warnings, cycle and pedestrian routes. The Lolli is fully recyclable, requires no maintenance and is available with a range of approved signage tops. The 4-Way bollard is suitable for hazardous sites, is shatterproof and contains reflective markings. The Dometop bollard is highly reflective and suitable for poorly lit areas such as accident black-spots or in traffic calming schemes.

Grit/Storage Bins and Spreaders: The grit and storage bins are manufactured from medium density polyethylene and can be placed on roadsides, car parks or company premises. The bins can incorporate an optional locking mechanism and corporate branding and include a weather-resistant self-returning lid with a convenient handle. A wide range of colours are available. Urbanscape also provide a grit spreader, an ideal solution for quick and easy gritting in public car parks, open spaces, paths and company premises.

Notice Boards: Urbanscape provides notice boards in either a wood or composite construction. The notice boards can be designed in a range of colours, sizes and styles incorporating features such as bevel detail tops, lockable doors and hinged doors.

Plantscape is committed to providing clients with a wide range of products for a vast array external spaces and applications. The company has a dedicated team which can provide comprehensive assistance with product specification and technical information. An extensive range of services is available which can be tailored around specific client requirements. Plantscape and Urbanscape have formed a widely respected reputation with many clients throughout the UK and further afield and welcome enquiries regardless of the size and complexity of a project.

For more in-depth information please contact Plantscape or Urbanscape using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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