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Polarwall Company Profile

Polarwall is one of the largest Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) providers within the United Kingdom. ICF superstructures, for new build residential and commercial developments, are capable of being specified for carbon neutral buildings due to their high levels of energy efficiency.

Polarwall has designed insulating concrete formworks for housing developments, bespoke residential houses, sheltered homes, social housing, flats, apartments, basements, wine cellars, home cinemas, basement car parks, commercial structures and swimming pools.

Built upon a strong foundation of a committed and professional management team, the Polarwall group has combined both technical and business expertise to create a highly motivated company, driven by superior service and product excellence.

Polarwall ICF Benefits

Polarwall insulating concrete formwork is manufactured using environmentally sustainable concrete which contains up to 40% waste material from power stations as a cement replacement. Polarwall uses high density extruded polystyrene, which offers superior thermal benefits and a robustness that can withstand the pressures of the concrete inside the formwork. A plastic framework manufactured from 100% recycled PVC is used to hold the insulation in place. The benefits of ICF include:

  • Insulation, resulting in reduced energy costs
  • Air tightness and ventilation levels that exceed current building regulations
  • Enhanced energy ratings for new build properties compared to traditionally built buildings
  • Acoustic wall soundproofing
  • Stronger than traditional block-work constructions for greater load capabilities
  • 50% faster build time compared to traditional block constructions
  • Environmentally friendly due to energy efficiency, long lasting properties and use of recycled aggregates in manufacture
  • Reduced maintenance throughout the products lifespan

The Product Range

To select the correct Polarwall product for a development, there are two group combinations to choose from; structure and thermal insulation.

The Structure

Each product is defined by the width of the concrete core. All building designs must be approved by a structural engineer.

  • 155mm: For the majority of above ground constructions
  • 206mm: For party walls
  • 251mm: Suitable for basements and cellars
  • 302mm: For high structural integrity

Thermal Insulation

There is a range of thermal insulation options which are given U-values and are calculated from the BRE U-value calculator. These exclude internal and external finishings.

  • Standard: Used in basements and underground buildings when high quality insulation is needed. Used with low energy heating systems, the buildings carbon footprint can be reduced. U-value=0.27
  • X25: Used in conjunction with similar building materials to offer a superior thermal performance. U-value=0.22
  • X50: A premium thermal insulation that offer excellent home energy efficiency. U-value=0.18
  • X100: For use where total passive heating is proposed and used in unison with similar roofing systems and energy efficient windows and doors, eliminating the need for heating appliances from the home. U-value=0.14


Polarwall offers a range of flexible tailored packages that provide complete technical support, access to approved contractors, training and an architectural and engineering design service which fully complies with Building Regulations. Polarwall operates a BRE technical and quality certification scheme, ensuring a high quality service and product excellence. An experienced sales team can offer comprehensive advice and recommendations on the most appropriate solution for any application.

For more detailed information please contact Polarwall using the buttons above or visit the company website.