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Ramsay Ladders Company Profile

Ramsay Ladders is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of ladders throughout the UK and provides ladders for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Based in Forfar, Scotland, Ramsay Ladders provides a range of products for any purpose, which are manufactured to a high standard using innovative design. Good service paramount to the success of the company it provides a fast, efficient service, incorporating a ‘priority order’ system for any products which are not in stock when ordered. Ramsay Ladders is dedicated to prioritising safety in the workplace and provide information on Working at Height regulations on the website.


Ramsay Ladders offers an impressive list of main product types comprising every type of ladder from single extension ladders to wooden platform steps. Most of the ladders are made from seamless hollow aluminium, but there are also steel and wooden options available. All products carry the British Kite mark for excellence and can be manufactured to a customer’s specific requirements.

Single section and Double extension ladders

The corners of these aluminium ladders are radiused for extra strength and fitted with rubber plugs at the bottom to prevent slipping. Rungs of 24 or 30mm are available with a standard rise of 250mm. These ladders can be manufactured specifically to suit customers’ needs. Rope operation can be fitted on the double extension ladders; this requirement must be specified when placing the order.

Window cleaning, fruit picking and roof ladders

In addition to the standard features of a ladder, window cleaning and fruit picking ladders taper at the top and have splayed ends for extra safety. The former also has a white rubber block fitted at the top for maximum support. The roof ladder is manufactured from steel and is fitted with runner wheels and rubber-covered supports on the underside.

Additional Products

Ramsay Ladders also provides folding ladders, which include folding trestles, surveyors’ ladders and folding platform steps. They also provide loft ladders, ladders and fittings for the National Grid, collapsible goal frames and gangway ladders for ships. The 1.6m high minidec is also available for domestic and commercial use.

Ramsay Ladders is committed to promoting safety in the use of their ladders, both in the work place and in the home. More information about risk assessments, health and safety and tips on how to stay safe while working at a height, can be found on the website. The company is particularly proud of its efficient customer service and orders can be made either by phone or via email.

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