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  • 200kW Indirect Diesel Fired Heater Hire
  • 3kW Fan Heater Hire
  • 150kW Indirect Diesel Fired Heater Hire
  • 500kW Packaged Boiler
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  • 2000kW Packaged Boiler
  • 36kW Electric Mobile Boiler

Rapid Energy Company Profile

Specialising in temporary boiler solutions, Rapid Energy operates nationwide, 24/7/365. Gas Safe, OFTEC and CHAS accredited, Rapid Energy has built an impressive reputation in a very short space of time. Providing a full turnkey boiler hire solution to M&E contractors, FM’s, Project Managers and Building Consultants, the team at Rapid Energy have delivered solutions on a wide variety of projects and facilities, including: District Heating Networks, Anaerobic Digestion Plants, Construction Projects, Leisure Centres, Hotels, Care Homes, Schools, Local Authorities, Hospitals and many more.

Temporary Boiler Fleet

Packaged Boilers

Our fleet of packaged boilers start at the 100kW capacity, rising to the largest boiler in our fleet, the 2000kW (2MW) packaged boiler. Our boilers are designed, specified and manufactured in house. Each boiler is equipped with industry respected components that comprise of Viessman boilers, Riello burners, Grundfos pumps and Priva BMS for remote monitoring and management. Our packaged boilers are available for hire in multiple fuel types: Gas, IHO and HVO.

Mobile Electric Boilers

Our electric boiler range starts with our single phase 15kW boiler. Higher capacity ranges include the three phase connections on 22kW, 36kW and 40kW. These boilers are used mainly in the construction sector for drying screed, mitigating water leaks and providing instant heat for construction workers to continue work.

Click here to view our full range of temporary boilers.

Temporary Heater Fleet

Indirect Diesel Fired(IDF)Heaters

Our IDF heater range starts with our Single Phase, 70kW IDF Heater. Higher capacity ranges include the 110kW, 150kW and the largest IDF Heater in our range, the 200kW IDF Heater. Our entire range of Indirect Diesel Fired Heaters contain high efficiency heat exchangers (91%). In addition, each heater comes equipped with overheat protection and thermostat controls as standard.

Portable Electric Heaters

Rapid Energy provides a robust range of electric fan heaters, available for same day delivery, nationwide. Our electric heater range starts with a 3kW capacity, rising to the 42kW electric heater. Suitable for most Industrial and Commercial Applications, including: Dockyards and ship building, Power stations, Factories & Warehouses, Mining, Construction, Forges, Processing plants, Events & Marquees, Schools, Military Installations, Exhibition halls, Hospitals and Temporary Buildings.

Click here to view our full range of temporary heaters.

Disaster Recovery and Contingency Plans

Rapid Energy provides their clients with Heating and Hot Water Contingency plans. Three options have been created to suit various scenarios and requirements. But effectively, all three plans have been created to mitigate heating and hot water downtime to a facility or building. Whilst Rapid Energy provides an emergency temporary heating service, it’s not guaranteed that we can deliver within 24hrs.

Rapid Energy’s contingency plans have been designed to add that extra layer of reassurance to clients. Surveying takes place to establish where a temporary boiler needs to be landed, installed and commissioned. This saves valuable time and instantly speeds up the process of regaining heating and hot water to a building or facility.

To see our full range of heating and hot water disaster recovery plans click here.

New Products

Rapid Energy - Your premier choice for efficient screed drying: Looking for the perfect screed drying tool? Choose 3-36 Electric mobile boiler from Rapid Energy:

4 customizable screed drying programs.

Easily download performance data for reporting.

Versatile power options - supports both single and three-phase supply.

This modern marvel boasts a user-friendly 4.3" touch screen interface.

Create and save up to 4 unique drying programs, each with durations of up to 60 days.

Access your drying results effortlessly by downloading them via USB to craft your own bespoke screed drying report.

The 3-36kW MED model requires just one plug-in. It seamlessly adapts to 6 power sources (3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 36 kW) with a failsafe system that automatically detects the power input.

No matter what power source you encounter at your next construction site, the 3-36kW MEB has you covered.

Safety is paramount during extended, unsupervised operation and for precise temperature control during screed drying. The 3-36kW MEB leaves no room for compromise.

With a range of safety features, including an interruption protocol, it ensures your screed dries optimally and provides peace of mind as you move on to your next construction project.

This machine isn't just intelligent and precise; it's built to endure the harshest working conditions, complete with a sturdy safety bar on the front to shield it from impacts.


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