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Rawington Company Profile

Rawington is a leading supplier and installer of superior quality timber and composite windows, doors, conservatories and curtain walling systems. Every component including glass, ironmongery, sealants, coatings, aluminium and timber are sourced from well-known and respected European manufacturers who guarantee exceptional quality on all products.

The timber and composite windows are manufactured using high-tech woodworking machinery by Michael Weining AG and Reinold Hess (Germany). The whole process is automated using state-of-the-art CAD systems. Rawington is a FENSA registered company and all products are compliant with British Building Control requirements and standards. Rawington’s products are highly engineered and factory finished, requiring only installation by the specialist installation team.


Rawington offers a comprehensive range of services to specifiers from the initial enquiry through to installation and aftersales. There is a team of sales representatives who are available to provide cost effective quotations, product specifications, advice and technical assistance. Following receipt of an enquiry, a written quotation will be compiled including a specification, priced bill pages and terms of delivery. When appointed, the contracts department will take over the management of the scheme to establish particular requirements and to ensure that the contract is professionally managed. Installations are carried out professionally by the expert team of Rawington fitters and additional product warranties and insurances are available, which include:

  • 30 years against rot and fungal decay
  • 7 years against manufacturing and ironmongery defects
  • 5 years against paint defects
  • 10 years against glass defects.

Timber Windows

Rawington offers a range of exceptional quality timber window systems which includes:

  • Nordwin Double and Triple Glazed Windows: The Nordwin timber windows are available in engineered pine, sipo (hardwood) or oak and all are painted in accordance with the RAL colour palette and varnished in accordance with the TEKNOS (Finland) colour palette. The outward opening double glazed windows offer a U-Value of 1.41 W/m2k and are argon filled and feature a LOW E coating as standard. The triple glazed windows offer a U-Value of 1.21 W/m2k, are argon filled and finished as standard with a LOW E coating. Also available are inward and outward opening single leaf, French and low threshold doors.
  • Cora Economic Windows: Cora Economic windows are a cost-effective all-round system with a protective aluminium sash cover which protects the wood underneath the horizontal sash. This neat and simple design is suitable for all standard window designs and types of openings, as well as slanted windows and round arches. The glass is taken up completely within the wooden groove and provides superior insulation values of 1.5W/m2k, making them an ideal choice for low-energy homes. The system highlights include a laminated timber frame, sash cover with thermal separator, casement with milled glass bead, ventilated rear construction, large revolving water chambers and outstanding thermal performance.

Composite Windows

Composite windows are manufactured in timber and incorporate an aluminium outer layer on the exterior part of the frame. The aluminium coating provides superior protection from the elements and ensures longevity. The aluminium is finished in accordance with the RAL colour palette or it is adonised to create a dark grey colour. The range includes:

  • Nordwin Windows: This system is available in a range of designs including side hung, top guided/top sliding and top hung. This double glazed system provides a U-Value of 1.41W/m2k and is also available in single leaf, French and low threshold inward and outward opening doors. Nordwin double glazed composite windows are a cost-effective solution for new-build, refurbishment and renovation projects.
  • Nordwin System 4000 Double and Triple Glazed Windows: The Nordwin System 4000 is fastened directly to the wooden part of the frame and not on plastic holders and features a proven fastening technology to ensure easy assembly. The double and triple glazed systems offer a range of U-Values depending upon the type of wood (engineered pine, engineered oak, engineered mahogany or engineered Siberian larch) and glazing. A wide range of tilt and turn shapes are available with this system, as well as lift and slide doors, tilt and slide doors, sliding bi-fold doors, French type and single leaf doors.
  • Braga Wood Aluminium System: The Braga wood aluminium system is a flush surface system which offers a modern appearance with clear architectural accents. This versatile double or triple glazed system provides a wide range of solutions for demanding architecture and can accommodate all standard window designs and types of openings. Braga windows are available in engineered pine, engineered oak, engineered mahogany or engineered Siberian larch with various U-Values suitable for low-energy homes. Lift and slide, French and single leaf doors are also available.
  • Mira Therm: The Mira Therm wood-aluminium system uses a flush construction and is ideal for facades in contemporary elegant designs. This system provides versatile solutions for demanding architecture and the diverse range of profiles leaves no design unfulfilled. Key features of the system include super thermal performance, high air-tightness, ideal for passive houses, highly insulated sash and frame, deep milled glass bead, laminated timber frame, ventilated rear construction, large revolving water chambers and a slanted window option. When used in combination with a Triplex sound control glass pane a U-Value of 0.7W/m2k can be achieved.

Sash Windows

Rawington has the capability to supply a wide range of traditional English sliding sash windows that are virtually indistinguishable from original sash windows. Timber is the best material for these windows as it offers character, warmth, comfort, durability and heat retention. The windows are available in oak, pine, mahogany and larch. Rawington uses triple-layer wood which is sourced from FSC approved suppliers. The three layers prevent the frame from twisting and increase the lifespan of the window. The windows are extremely secure and feature lockable catches, internal glazing, robust construction and Rola ‘S’ lock. This style of window is ideal for conservation areas and listed buildings and come in a wide range of finish options. Styles available include:

  • Straight Slider: A traditional vertical straight sliding window with sashes that are operated by spiral balances. This window offers superior weatherproofing and sound insulation.
  • Standard Mock: A top opening mock sash window which sits above a fixed pane. The sash is hung on solid brass hinges and operates on a traditional casement stay.
  • Superior Mock: A top opening mock window which sits above a fixed pane. The bottom section has a dummy sash and the top opens outwards on stainless steel friction stays and is secured by a brass locking casement fastener.
  • Slide and Tilt: The slide and tilt window is the same as a vertical straight slider, but incorporates a tilt-in facility which makes cleaning the window easier. This model is manufactured with spiral balances operating within an aluminium channel.
  • Vari Vent: Vari Vent has been developed by Rawington and is a premium sash window which looks like a vertical straight slider, but features an outward opening top sash and a bottom sash which slides and tilts inwards. When fully closed, the window sashes are secured by a brass locking casement fastener.

Composite Conservatories and Curtain Walling

The mullion transom glazing system Lara GF is manufactured by Gutmann AG and is a curtain walling system for large area and multi-level glass surfaces divided up into many sections. Lara GF is also ideal for conservatories, glass roofs and classic winter gardens. This highly insulating system is perfect for passive houses when used in combination with the passive house certified Mira-Therm 08 window system. Key features of the system include:

  • Available in pine, oak and mahogany
  • Double, triple or acoustic glazing
  • Maximum tightness, even with multiple divided sections
  • Glass thicknesses of 9-50mm
  • Ideal for combination with wood-aluminium insertion windows and doors from Mira, System 4000 and Braga systems
  • Available in a special architectural bronze finish for sophisticated applications
  • Complete design flexibility.


Rawington offers a wide range of external door solutions to suit a vast array of architectural styles. Options include:

  • Rawilux Exterior Doors: Rawilux doors are ideal for homes and other buildings and they are water and weather proof and equipped with a non-freezing sash. The door sash is manufactured from folded steel profiles and external protective 2mm thick steel plate. The metal edge of the sash is covered with humidity-proof veneer and internally the door features a double insulation spacer and 30mm thick edgings to isolate the passage of cold weather. Rawilux is decorated with an even or milled decorating water-proof plywood sheet which can be painted in any RAL colour or in a natural wood shade of mahogany, wild ash, oak, hazel, chestnut or lemon tree.
  • Tilt and Slide Doors: Large tilt and slide doors provide air, light and ease of movement. With large heavy, sliding doors, it is essential to have easy operation and movement. The Siegenia-Aubi hardware has been optimised with a view to large parallel slide and tilt doors. Sash weights of up to 200kg can be simply operated with one hand. With a simple 90 degree movement, the sash will easily tilt into position. A further downward twisting movement brings the sash back into position to slide it to the side. Sashes are available in 2000mm widths and 2360mm heights.
  • Lift and Slide Doors: With ironmongery from Siegenia-Aubi, the lift and slide doors create a pleasant atmosphere in any room. When closed, the hardware seals the whole of the locking side. At the turn of the handle, an efficient ventilation gap can be easily achieved whilst maintaining security.
  • Bi-Fold Sliding Doors: Bi-fold sliding doors create a wide open access point in homes and businesses. The doors fold back and allow the outside into the space, making one large area. Openings can be created up to 6.3m wide with sash widths of 330 to 900mm. A thermally broken threshold for low threshold design meets DIN 18030. There is a wide and varied range of configuration options available depending upon the space and application including top or bottom rail, inward or outward opening.


The glazing used in Rawington’s systems is supplied by Press-Glas, Europe’s leading manufacturer. The glass conforms to ISO9001 and is CE marked. Options include:

  • Low emission glass Top-Glass Eco and Eco Plus
  • Glazed units with warm edge
  • Solar control glass
  • Safety and security glass
  • Acoustic glazed units
  • Fire-resistant glass
  • Glazed units with ornamental glass.

Rawington prides itself on offering clients the very best in products and services throughout England and Wales. The well-established customer services team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth information and advice across the whole product range. Rawington is a FENSA registered company and all manufacturers’ guarantees are backed with a GGFi insurance backed guarantee. All products are compliant with British Building Control requirements and standards.


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