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Resin Building Products Company Profile

Resin Building Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of resin based building products such as epoxy and MMA resin based coatings, sealers, screeds, mortars and adhesives. The company is based in Armthorpe, Doncaster and is committed to producing a comprehensive range of products which are specified for industrial and decorative flooring applications, slip and skid resistant systems, chemical resistant systems and concrete repair protection.

The product range includes:


TTURA is an aesthetically pleasing, versatile and durable award-winning material which comprises 85% recycled glass. TTURA is made up of waste from the building and automotive sectors and is mixed with a solvent-free resin, making TTURA more eco-friendly. TTURA is very easily laid as a screed and provides a seamless finish, eliminating the need for separate expansion joints. This material can also be cast as tiles or in sheet form, incorporating designs, logos or text as an integral element. Subsequent alterations to the resin finish are virtually unnoticeable and permanent. The resin colours are available in any RAL or British Standard colour which enables design flexibility and the ability to match any corporate identity.

  • TTURA Flooring: TTURA is ideal for interior and exterior flooring applications and can be finished with a simple trowelled finish or to a highly polished finish. The floor is highly resistant to UV rays and chemicals such as oils, petrol, diesel, alcohol, urine, dilute acids and alkalis.
  • TTURA Furniture and Work Surfaces: TTURA is suitable for applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, commercial bars and furniture. TTURA can be made into a luxury solid surface material which is resistant to stains and scratches and is very low maintenance.

Hygienic Coatings

For environments which require hygienic surfaces that are capable of meeting rigorous cleaning requirements, Resin Building Products offers a comprehensive selection of resin systems for floors and walls. The solvent-free, water-based epoxy resin systems provide a cost-effective and durable solution. The resin coatings are generally roller applied and can be combined with various aggregates to provide any level of slip-resistance.

  • Self-Smoothing Epoxy Systems: Self-smoothing epoxy systems are 3mm thick and offer superior cleaning characteristics. Coloured flakes can be introduced to provide a more decorative finish with added slip resistance.
  • Chemical Resistant Systems: There are chemical resistant systems which are available for use in environments which are subject to acid, alkali and general chemical attack.
  • MMA Resin Systems: MMA resin systems offer a varied range of solutions and provide a rapid return to service, as well as superior durability and cleanability. The systems include smooth, broadcast or trowel quartz systems, as well as coloured flake hygienic floors which can be installed and used within two hours of completion, even at sub-zero temperatures.

Industrial Flooring

Specifying the correct floor surface within an industrial setting is essential when minimising down-time and lost production. The resin-based dustproofers are a cost-effective treatment for dusty and crumbly surfaces. The coating systems provide slip and chemical resistance which are durable and attractive. For harsh environments, trowel applied epoxy screeds can provide improved impact and abrasion resistance.

  • Epoxy DPM System: The surface applied epoxy DPM system enables existing floors to be refurbished with confidence and fast-track applications on new floors.
  • Epoxy and MMA Repair Materials: Epoxy and MMA based repair materials are ideal for repairs to concrete floors and joint edges.

Decorative Flooring

Resin Building Products manufactures a range of resin systems that incorporate industrial qualities which can be specified to create a functional surface. The Epoxy and MMA based resin systems can be incorporated with coloured aggregates and flakes to create strong, durable and attractive floors. For fast-track projects within shops or bars, there is a range of solutions that will minimise downtime and offer stunning and seamless bespoke floors in very short timescales. The TTURA range provides designers and architects with the option of combining floors with paving, furniture cladding and seating.

Skid and Slip-Resistant Systems

Floors in public areas as well as workplaces must meet strict standards for slip and skid resistance. Resin Building Products has developed a range of epoxy and MMA resin based coatings and screeds which are combined with selected aggregates to provide a vast array of solutions for such environments. The company also manufactures systems for footbridge decking and areas subject to vehicular traffic where slip and skid resistance is vital. The surfaces have all been developed to be hygienic, easily cleaned, functional and chemical resistant.

Chemical Resistant Systems

A chemically-resistant system must be capable of providing the end user with confidence that when a chemical breach occurs, the resin lining enables the spillage to be safely cleared. Resbuild Ultra is a range of chemically-resistant epoxy systems specifically developed for chemical environments. The highly cross-linked epoxy coatings and resin rich screeds are ideal solutions to flooring and bund lining applications in extremely aggressive environments. Resbuild MMA systems can also be specified for chemical environments and offer a fast return to service solution.

Concrete Repair

Resin Building Products has the capability to tailor a repair system to individual requirements. The company can provide a complete range of resin-based repair systems including crack injection resins to colour-matched epoxy mortar for stone repairs. The products are suitable for repairing anything from a 100-year-old stone cottage to a busy distribution centre floor.

  • Resbuild Anti-Carb: The electomeric anti-carbonation coating provides a decorative and cost-effective solution to protect concrete structures from damaging chlorides, carbon dioxide and other acid gases.

Resin Building Products is committed to providing a broad range of industry sectors with a comprehensive selection of resin-based coatings, sealers, screeds, mortars and adhesives. The dedicated and knowledgeable team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth information and guidance on specifying the most appropriate product for a particular application, eliminating over-specification, without compromising safety.


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