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RHL Direct Company Profile

RHL was established in 1995 and specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of extractor fans and controls for kitchens and bathrooms. With more than 20 years experience within the ventilation industry the company has developed a range of fans for the commercial and domestic markets that are highly effective, aesthetically pleasing and offer quiet operation.

The product range includes kitchen and bathroom extractor fans, humidity controllers, window fans and vandal proof street lamps. Extraction fans are an easy and effective way of maintaining good ventilation and improving air quality within a property. Poor ventilation can result in condensation, mould, bacteria, unpleasant odours, fumes and dust mites which can lead to poor health.

RHL has provided ventilation equipment to many local authorities, housing associations, commercial businesses and private domestic properties throughout the UK.

Key Features of RHL's Ventilation Systems

RHL's kitchen and bathroom fans incorporate the some of following key features:

  • Autostat IV Automatic control unit offers exact control of extraction without homeowner intervention
  • The fans operate in a highly efficient manner and cost around 6p a week
  • Innovative design and manufacture of the fans ensures extremely quiet operation
  • The kitchen fans incorporate fully washable, stainless steel grease filters
  • Compliant with current Building Regulations


The RHL range of fans is available to purchase directly on the company website or over the telephone. All products come with a two-year, no-quibble replacement warranty against failure.

The product range includes:

Bathroom Fans

Bathrooms very quickly become humid and damp due to the wet environment. Bacteria can rapidly breed and condensation can damage walls and window frames. The energy-efficient bathroom fan range has been developed to eradicate these issues and includes:


Suitable for domestic bathroom internal walls that have no opening windows, the compact Mole fan will remove humid and stale air via a 12v motor and remote transformer, with timer over-run.

Wolf B and Wolf B Twin

The Wolf B and B Twin bathroom fans are fully automatic and respond to excessive moisture levels and incorporate AUTOSTAT humidity controller monitors. An LED indicator displays what mode the fan is in and can be manually operated using a pull cord. The Wolf B fans can be window or wall installed and for more demanding environments it is recommended to use the Wolf B Twin fan.

Dryvent B Humidity Control Fan

Dryvent B offers a continual extraction of air at low speed for demanding condensation control requirements. Incorporating an integral AUTOSTAT humidity controller, the unit will operate at a higher speed should humidity levels rise.


SF12 is a 12 volt bathroom exhaust fan which is suitable for automatic humidity control, incorporating AUTOSTAT and is available as a wall kit, window kit and double glazed window panel (an insulating, clear UPVC panel). A twin 12V fan, Genesis offers a higher powered extraction for more demanding conditions.

Kitchen Fans

Kitchens can become hot and smelly environments, causing condensation, humidity, damp, mould and odours. Good ventilation is essential and a clean and healthy kitchen. The product range includes:

Wolf K and Wolf K Twin

As a fully automatic fan, the Wolf system operates at dual speed utilising a 5 watt motor. These fans can be easily installed onto walls, windows or ducts and has an onboard microprocessor that effectively controls humidity levels.


The AS2 exhaust fan has a removable stainless steel grease filter and is automatically controlled via an AUTOSTAT humidity controller. This unit operates with an almost silent 20 watt energy efficient two speed fan and is suitable for window or wall fixing.

Husky 100A Single Room Fans

The Husky single room ventilation fan incorporates brushless DC motors and a vibration and sound absorbing chassis which houses an AUTOSTAT humidity controller and transformer.

Two-Room Fans

For multiple configurations and effective ventilation, the Otter, Badger, Beaver and Seal fans provide the ideal solution.


The Otter is a single room bathroom fan with a timed over-run feature and incorporates twin inline Magley fans for an excellent flow rate and pressure characteristics.


Badger is a bathroom and WC two-room fan with timed over-run and advanced Magley technology.


Beaver is a twin two-room pressure fan, incorporating a stand-by fan, AUTOSTAT smart humidity controller and remote transformer.


Seal is a kitchen and bathroom two-room fan with AUTOSTAT humidity control and is mounted on a dividing wall.

Inline Fans

The Mixvent Inline 100T bathroom and 150T kitchen fans are commercial strength extractor fans for ducting systems and conditions of high airflow resistance. These robust fans are manufactured from reinforced plastic and operate at very low noise levels.

AUTOSTAT IV Humidity Controllers

AUTOSTAT IV is available in 12V and 240V versions and is an intelligent microprocessor driven controller for domestic fans.

Polar Heat Recovery Fan

The Polar heat recovery fan features an aluminium heat exchanger core which transfers heat from out-going air to pre-heat fresh incoming air. This is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of saving money and maintaining comfortable humidity levels.


RHL can provide specialist installation of the ventilation equipment and extractor fans using high quality diamond drilling. Installations can be carried out on single properties or blocks of flats with specialist ducting requirements. All work is surveyed and carried out to IEE regulations.

RHL prides itself on manufacturing a range of ventilation products that have been researched and designed to offer maximum energy efficiency and reliability. Comprehensive product support and technical information can be found on the website or via the friendly customer service team.

For more detailed information please contact RHL using the buttons above or visit the company website.

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