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  • Proflex Brush Grade
  • Trustcoat Plastic Membrane
  • Floorguard Hi-Build
  • Dura Quartz
  • Flo Crete F.I.X.
  • Injectabond
  • Instant Line 3000
  • Robex Grip Kits
  • 60 Second Epoxy

Robex Company Profile

Robex is a world leader in the manufacture of repair and maintenance products for a wide variety of applications including water proofing, anti slip coatings, concrete repair, safety and road products. The company has an experienced team of engineers to provide technical advice to ensure the right product is used for each requirement.

Robex also offers contracting and onsite support services so that products are applied correctly and the company can manufacture bespoke products for specific requirements.

Roofing Solutions

Robex offers brush grade, trowel grade and spray grade adhesion for repairs and maintenance to gaps and cracks in on roofs. The Proflex system is a flexible, high performance product for coating or roof protection and can be applied in all weathers.


Robex offers Trustcoat Waterproof Plus which is a highly durable barrier against water which can either be applied by a brush or spray. It can be used on all surfaces such as brick, concrete, stone and limestone. Trustcoat is a high performance plastic membrane which can act as a roof or wall coating and has exceptional water resistance.

Floor Protection & Coating

Toughseal, Floorclad and Floorguard Hi-Build all provide high wear and tear solutions for industrial and commercial floors. These heavy duty floor protection products include chemical resistance, food safe when cured, abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion.

Dura Quartz Systems

For all concrete repairs Dura Quartz is the market leading solution. Available in standard, rapid dry which cures in 3 to 4 hours and sub zero which will cure at temperatures as low as -40 degrees. These products can be used for all concrete structures, high wear and tear walkways and street furniture.

Crete FIX Repair System

For floor repairs in public or commercial locations Crete Fix has a cure time of 20 minutes and offers a self levelling floor compound. In high wear areas footfall can recommence in 2 hours.

Anchoring, Sealing and Asphalt Repairs

Injectabond, Joint Sealant and Robex ISR provide excellent solutions for securing plant and bolts, sealing cracks and joints and quick and easy repair for tarmac or asphalt.

Safety Flooring

Where extended grip or anti slip flooring is needed Robex supply a range of products to ensure accidents are prevented in areas such as laboratories, swimming pools, food production or pedestrian areas.

Additional Products

Robex offer metal system repair kits and underwater epoxy repair products, along with road marking paints, pipe repair systems which can hold either temporarily or permanently. For wood repair the company supplies foam, wood form and woodbond adhesive.

Robex has been manufacturing and supplying products for over 25 years and has developed a widely respected reputation for excellence in all repair and maintenance solutions. Robex offers a technical help team and online brochure for both small and large requirements. For more information please visit the website or contact the company using the buttons above.


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