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Safetytread Company Profile

Safetytread is a leading manufacturer of superior quality non-slip mats, treads, stair nosing’s and inserts. Safetytread products are at the forefront of design and innovation and are the leading choice of specifiers and installers alike. The well-designed ranges of products are manufactured using aesthetically pleasing materials and offer a life expectancy of around 15-20 years.

The product range is manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium and non-slip material carborundum. Carborundum is the second hardest mineral in the world and this is mixed with a sand colour of choice and a curable resin to produce an exceptionally hardwearing, non-slip surface that exceeds the requirements of the H&SE and can be used in wet and oily conditions. The treads offer superior slip resistance for internal and external staircases and are bespoke designed to fit exact dimensions of the stair tread.


By installing safety treads and stair nosing’s to steps allows the user a better judgement of the step height as well as its depth. Both of these aspects are vital in preventing trips and slips. The carborundum infill’s are available in 22 standard colour options, the abraded PVC is available in 9 standard colours and alternative RAL colours are available by special request. Abrasive tapes are available in daffodil, jet black, glow in the dark and hazard marker options and definer riser strips are available in saffron.

The product range includes:

  • Allite: Allite is a heavy duty safety tread which features a highlighter strip on the nosing face and a 7mm thick profile that can be used as a full tread landing cover. The treads can be filled with carborundum or PVC and any profile can be reduced on the going if preferred. Profile reduction is achieved by one or more of the infill rows and/or the bevel if it is present. In addition to this, the drop of the nosing can also be reduced or totally removed to form a flat plate. There is a wide range of sizes available from 46mm wide to 222mm and mats in 285mm to 358mm wide. The Allite range includes standard 19 profile options.
  • Definer: The Definer range is a collection of carborundum filled stair nosing's which are manufactured in full compliance with DDA requirements for the visually impaired. The brightly coloured stair nosing's are available in sizes ranging from 5 or 7mm thick and in lengths of 40 to 128mm wide and feature brightly coloured riser strips.
  • Altread: Altread are slip resistant insert strips for stairs that can be filled with carborundum or PVC in sizes ranging from 10mm wide x 7mm deep to 50mm wide x 12.5mm deep. Altread is suitable for interior and exterior uses and is fully tested using the pendulum method. Manufactured in 22 colour options, Altread is suitable for use with concrete, terrazzo and timber stairs and is E403 DDA compliant. Carborundum filled aluminium strips are also available within this range in sizes ranging from 9.5mm wide x 9.5mm deep to 50mm wide x 12.5mm deep.
  • Titazel: Titazel is an anti-slip two-part epoxy resin based resurfacer which includes abrasive grits. Titazel can be used for interior and exterior applications and is available in kit form and covers approximately 1sq metre. There are six colour options to choose from and Titazel can be used on wheelchair ramps, walkways, gantries, landings, emergency service vehicles, marine decking and plant and machinery and commercial and agricultural vehicles. Heavily trafficked areas will require regular re-coating.
  • Chromite: Chromite is a coarse anti-slip adhesive made up of a composite of complex silicates which is black in colour. Chromite is applied by incorporating it into the final screed or by sprinkling on top of epoxy resin or wet concrete and is used on concrete, metal or timber.
  • Marine Tread: Marine Tread is a range of aluminium non-skid double nosing's and mats that are filled with either carborundum or PVC.

Safetytread is committed to providing a wide range of safety products to satisfy numerous interior and exterior applications. The company is continuously researching and developing the product range to satisfy the ever changing industry requirements. The friendly and professional team at Safetytread can provide in-depth information, bespoke design and advice across the whole product range including installation and warranty details.


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