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Sandtex Trade Company Profile

There may be several brands in the construction industry boasting a 50 year pedigree, but few claim to serve the very same purpose today as they did when they first appeared in the market. Sandtex Trade® however has stayed true to its origins, and continues to serve the same industry needs in very much the same way as it did in 1961, ie protecting and decorating the nation’s external substrates using a system approach.

Originally for sale from the Cement Marketing Company Limited (later to become Blue Circle Industries) in 1961, Sandtex Trade Matt and Sandtex Trade Textured were the two decorative finishes available in the system.

Over the decades Sandtex Trade has gone from strength to strength and the product portfolio has benefitted from extensive investment in research and development, and features state of the art coatings technology. That’s why you will find BBA accreditations and anti-carbonation certificates, which ensure our formulations include the most durable, weather resistant and lightfast products money can buy.

The Sandtex Trade system now consists of products that encompass wood, metal and even uPVC as well as stone, brick, pebbledash and render, and of course concrete which is where it all began.


Sandtex Trade products have been formulated for use by qualified and experienced tradesmen who rely on quality to maintain their reputations and livelihoods. Every product has been thoroughly researched and developed to ensure the highest quality and longevity, with the lowest spatter and efficient spreading characteristics.

Pre-Treatment and Preparation

Exterior surfaces must have a stable foundation before finishing products can be applied. Sandtex Trade has a range of pre-treatment and preparation products to create a faultless foundation.

The range includes:

  • Ready Mixed Filler is ideal for small crack repairs
  • Exterior Easiplast is a polymer modified cement based repair mortar that is used for minor repairs and as a masonry filler
  • Membrane Primer is a weatherproof basecoat for new plywood, but can also be used with Sandtex Trade Polyester Membrane to bridge movement cracks on flat rendered surfaces
  • Polyester Membrane is to be used in conjunction with Membrane Primer to bridge movement cracks
  • Fungicide destroys algae and mould growth on exterior undecorated and previously decorated surfaces
  • Quick Drying Stabilising Solution Water Borne is used on most masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards and is a highly penetrative colourless stabiliser for the treatment of chalking, weathered and porous surfaces
  • Stabilising Solution Solvent Borne is a highly penetrative, colourless stabiliser for weathered, chalking and porous surfaces

Primers, Undercoats and Finishes

There is a wide range of products for a perfect, high quality finish.

The range includes:

  • Sandtex 365 All Weather Masonry is a high performance Pliolite masonry paint for use in all weather conditions and is rainproof in 20 minutes
  • Sandtex X-treme X-Posure Smooth Masonry paint with anti-carbonation concrete protection , ideal for coastal, urban and industrial areas
  • High Cover Smooth is a durable and dirt resistant protective and decorative finish
  • Fine Textured Matt is a high quality finely textured masonry paint offering excellent opacity.
  • High Build is a flexible, decorative and protective coating that gives a medium to heavy textured finish, ideal for covering fine cracks and renovating uneven surfaces
  • Classic Stone Gloss is suited to most exterior surfaces and is perfect for highlighting architectural features
  • Flexible Primer Undercoat is for use on wood providing resistance to cracking and flaking
  • Rust Inhibiting Primer undercoat is suited for use on non ferrous metals to offer long term corrosion protection
  • Flexigloss X-tra is a high performance exterior gloss with 10 years of approved BBA protection
  • Eggshell Extra provides a contemporary finish for wood and mental


Surfaces that are correctly maintained undoubtedly have a longer life. Sandtex Trade Trade has developed a range of products that assist in the aftercare of exterior coatings.

The range includes:

  • Dirt Repellent with Indicator is a rapid drying protective coating that minimises dirt retention on masonry coatings and features a coloured indicator which fades under UV light
  • PVC-U Restorer is a heavy duty non-scratch cleaner that restores PVC-U surfaces
  • PVC-U Cleaner is a biodegradable, colourless formulation for effective PVC-U cleaning

Sandtex Trade products are widely available throughout the UK via trade stockists. The company is committed to developing products to the highest of standards with excellent opacity, spreading rates and unique formulations, making Sandtex Trade the leading choice for professionals.

Sandtex Trade prides itself on providing customers with the most up to date innovative products that have been developed for their superior performance and long term appearance retention qualities. Comprehensive product advice and information is available on the website and via the customer helpline.

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