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  • Sprint 3000
  • Sprint 3000 L
  • Sprint 3000 R
  • Sprint 600
  • Sprint 300
  • Sprint 300 Plus
  • Sprint 300 L
  • Sprint 392
  • Overhead-opening insulated doors
  • PCS roller doors
  • Roller shutters
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Dock leveller
  • Dock leveller model TS
  • Dock Shelters
  • Inflatable Dock Shelters
  • Foam Dock Pads
  • Dock Loading Pods
  • Precast Loading bays
  • Precast Loading bays
  • Sack truck ramp
  • Event ramp
  • Trough ramps - Type ABS
  • Wheelchair entrance ramp
  • Bridge Plate
  • Pit Covers
  • Small bridge plate
  • Drawbridge levellers

Sara Loading Bay Specialists Company Profile

Sara Loading Bay Specialists was established in 1983 and is a total package supplier which offers Sprint doors, loading bay equipment, industrial doors, aluminium ramps, drawbridge levellers and scissor lifts. The company maintains a stable market position and is highly respected throughout the UK.

As a total package supplier, Sara LBS provides a comprehensive range of quality products and equipment, as well as extensive technical information. The ranges of solutions benefit end users, specifiers and main contractors.


Sara LBS has a team of experienced and trained sales personnel who can carry out site and design meetings and there is a demonstration theatre located within the Head Office in Watford. The company has depots located in Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Hemel Hempstead where installation, maintenance and service work is carried out. Fully trained engineers operate from mobile workshops which carry tools, equipment and spare parts. A 24-hour call-out service and competitively priced maintenance contracts are available.

Sara LBS has launched a leasing scheme which enables clients to spread the cost of product purchases over three or five years. The company can also provide cost-saving analysis to assist purchasing decisions when supplied with information on existing running costs, usage of doorways and environmental conditions.

The product range includes:

  • Sprint 3000 Doors: The Sprint 3000 is a low maintenance roller door which features a curtain of aluminium profiles and provides good security. Key features include an MCC Vector control system for smooth operation with an opening speed of up to 2.5m/s, greater personnel safety when used with a Sara non-contact safety beam, a Bowden lever allows for emergency opening and a curtain tensioning system provides a smooth and steady movement. Aluminium profiles can be easily replaced if damaged and there are vision panels incorporated into the door. The door is available in widths of 1200 - 7000mm and heights of 2500 - 5000mm. The Sprint 3000 R is available for restricted spaces.
  • Sprint 3000 L Doors: The Sprint 3000L is a lightweight roller door made up of alternating aluminium and clear PVC profiles for excellent visibility. The door features MCC Vector control and can be programmed to meet specific requirements, self-testing safety contact edge, Bowden lever for emergency opening, wind resistance to EN 12424 Class 3, door line stationary photocell. The doors are available in widths of 800 - 500mm and heights of 2500 - 5000mm. A dual height option is also available.
  • Sprint 600 Doors: The Sprint 600 roller door is a modular design which offers a variety of features to meet most high-speed door requirements. The features can be custom configured for various applications. Key features include MCC Vector control, self-testing safety contact edge and knock-out facility for impact protection, wind resistance to EN 12424 Class 3 for Sprint 600 Ultra and Class 1 for 600 Base. The doors can incorporate high visibility transparent PVC, RollTex and vision panels and are available in widths of 1500 - 6000mm and heights of 2000 - 6000mm with an operating speed of up to 3.2m/s.
  • Sprint 392 and 355 Doors: Sprint 392 and 355 doors are fast-acting roller doors offering excellent visibility through a transparent curtain and are ideal for frequent traffic areas. Key features include ACS 50 contractor control system, self-testing safety contact edge and knock-out facility and wind resistance to EN 12424 Class 2. Sprint 392 is available with openings of 2000 - 6000mm wide and 2000 - 6000mm high and Sprint 355 is available with openings of 1000 - 4000mm wide and 15000mm - 4200mm high. Dual height options are available.
  • Sprint 300 Plus Doors: The Sprint 300 Plus is a roller door with a transparent curtain and is a space-saving design which is appropriate for areas with restricted headroom and where there is an air pressure difference, such as a clean room. Key features include an ACS 50 contractor control system, self-testing, wind resistance to EN 12424 Class 1. Materials available include high visibility transparent PVC, RollTex or NomaTex and vision panels. Opening sizes range from 1000 - 4000mm wide and 1000 - 4200mm high.
  • Sprint 300, 300 MP and 300 L Doors: The Sprint 300 range includes the 300, a roller door with a transparent curtain as standard and is ideal for hygienic environments, the 300 MP has been designed to protect personnel from hazardous machinery and industrial processes such as automatic welding systems, cutting machines, paint spraying, conveyors and high bay storage systems and has a high-speed door with short cycle times and the 300 L which is a compact door which is economical and quick to install.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sara's overhead opening insulated doors offer a high level of weather sealing and are available with standard, high, low or vertical lift track options. Design options include single or multiple double glazed acrylic vision panels, a pass door within the main door and fully glazed panoramic doors for full vision and improved light.

PCS Roller Doors

PCS internal and external roller doors have a continuous steel curtain with a special profile which can provide improved security and strength when compared to a conventional roller shutter. Key features include a roller barrel with helical torsion counterbalance spring, standard side shoot bolt locking and special steel brackets, suitable for all structures.

Roller Shutters

A range of heavy duty security roller shutters which are available in a thermal insulated version with optional vision panels and a 4-hour fire resisting version.

Scissor Lifts

Sara’s range of scissor lift tables is designed for a wide range of applications for load transfer across various levels. The company has the experience to create the best solution for individual requirements. Standard capacities are up to 8 tonnes with a lift stroke up to 1600mm. All models exceed the requirements for BS EN 1570:1999. Key features include safety trip edges, deadman control, solid steel frame and scissor arms, platform tops in smooth or non-skid Durbar steel, all steel components are finished with an industrial strength paint finish and a remote power pack and cover is available. Typical applications include vehicle loading, car parking, work stations, supermarket loading bays and conveyor platforms.

Dock Leveller HL/P and HL/S

The HL electro-hydraulic dock levellers have a heavy duty steel construction incorporating a sub frame for mounting on a pit base. The levellers are tested and manufactured to comply with BS EN 1398 with a full operational load capacity ranging from 3,000 to 10,000kg per single axle load. Heavier duty capacities are available. The HL/S version offers the extra benefit of a suspended frame construction.

Dock Leveller TS

The TS electro-hydraulic dock leveller has an all-steel construction and a unique suspended type sub-frame which is supported within the top rebate of the pit. The dock leveller features a fully adjustable, hydraulically operated telescopic lip, is designed to BS EN 1398 standards and has a full operational load capacity of 3,000 to 11,000kg per single axle load.

Dock Loading Pods

Sara’s dock loading pods are also known as loading houses and create a complete loading bay enclosure which can be installed directly into the face of a building. The dock leveller is external and therefore no warehouse space is lost. Dock loading pods are suitable for industrial, warehouse and storage applications where temperature control or hygiene is important.

Precast Loading Bays

Precast loading bays are designed for fast-track construction programmes and are particularly relevant where there are loading bays on two sides of the building. The bays are cast in steel or timber moulds in various finishes and can incorporate non-slip finishes, threaded sockets for connection to ancillary steelwork, access points for cables and cut-outs as required.

Associated Loading Bay Products

Sara offers a wide range of additional products for loading bays including:

  • Dock shelters which can be mounted at dock or ground level
  • Inflatable dock shelters
  • Foam dock pads seals for food and cold store industries
  • VS dock buffer systems
  • Wheel guides
  • Bollards
  • Internal dock lights
  • Steel support brackets
  • Traffic lights


Sara offers a comprehensive range of ramps options including:

  • Sack truck ramps with 350 - 500kg capacity
  • Event ramps with 350 - 400kg capacity
  • Van ramps with 400 - 1000kg capacity
  • Trough ramps with 350 - 700kg capacity
  • Pedestrian ramps with 310 - 2390kg capacity
  • Plant ramps 500 - 11,180kg capacity
  • Plant and low loader ramps 7,000 - 80,000kg capacity
  • Maintenance ramps, tail lift ramps and tailboard ramps
  • Aluminium or steel drawbridge levellers for overcoming differences in levels
  • Bridge plates including sack truck, small, heavy duty, container, dock and platform

Sara Loading Bay Specialists prides itself on offering a complete turnkey solution for clients located throughout the UK. The company has gained a highly respected reputation for superior quality products, good service and competitive prices. The professional and experienced team welcomes enquiries and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the products and services provided. Team members have the capability to offer the perfect solution for any loading bay application.


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