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SAS (Europe) Company Profile

SAS (Europe) Ltd is a leading supplier of superior quality internal and external plaster, render, rainscreen and insulation systems. SAS Europe is a family-run business which is located near Dartmoor, Devon and is fully committed to both its staff and its customers.

SAS Europe offers complete systems which are developed using the very best materials and are accredited by the BBA, the NHBC and UKTFA and carry the CE Mark. The company works in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Management Systems throughout the manufacturing sites and provides superior levels of support to clients, from the initial enquiry to the finished product.


SAS Europe offers a range of tailored services designed around individual requirements including consultation services from design to application. Technical support is provided throughout every stage of development which incorporates library and bespoke CAD drawings, thermal calculations, colour-matching and on-site support. The company can offer recommended contractors who are trained to the highest standards and training courses are available for the application of SAS Europe’s products at the specialist ProRend Construction Training College.

The product range includes:

ProRend Premier Render Systems

ProRend is a selection of external render finishes and basecoats which are suitable for application onto a wide array of substrates. ProRend is available in a range of colours and textures to suit any exterior project. Options include:

  • ProRend Colour: ProRend Colour is a premium factory-batched proprietary silicone monocouche render which provides a perfect mineral finish for masonry-type substrates such as unpainted existing render, new sand and cement, lightweight blockwork, pre-cast concrete and brickwork. ProRend Colour is an aesthetically pleasing mica which contains a through-colour render and has an attractive 2mm fine-scraped finish.
  • ProRend Colourtex: ProRend Colourtex is a proprietary silicone resin thin-coat render system for lightweight blockwork, unpainted render, new sand and cement, brickwork, pre-cast concrete, render carrier board and insulation including expanded polystyrene, mineral fibre and insulated concrete form. Available in a wide range of NCS and RAL colours, this aesthetically pleasing render is available in two textured finishes, 1.5mm uniform and 3mm grained. This highly flexible finish can accommodate small substrate movement and is easy to apply and repair.
  • ProRend Mineraltex: Mineraltex is a thin-coat render which is ideal for most masonry-type substrates and has a 2mm uniform finish. This render is ideal for large developments and is low maintenance, fast to apply and easy to repair.
  • ProRend Basecoats: ProRend basecoats are factory batched proprietary renders based on Portland cement. Each basecoat is supplied as a dry mortar and the range includes Float, Rapid, Prep and Lite.

ProWall Rainscreen Cladding

ProWall is a rainscreen cladding system which provides an external envelope system in a range of aesthetically pleasing finishes, which includes the ProRend Colourtex render and dry brick cladding system. Rainscreen cladding is fitted to create a clear cavity from the main substructure, enabling the building to breathe and provide protection from the elements. Available in Render and Brick systems, ProWall is Approved Document Part B Fire Safety compliant, has a lifespan of up to 60 years and is ideal for residential, commercial, education, healthcare buildings and new builds, refurbishments and extensions. A huge array of uniform, grained and brick finishes are available for application over timber and steel framed buildings.

ProRend External Insulation Finishing Systems

ProRend External Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) is a total render solution for new-build and renovation projects. EIFS is compliant with Building Regulations Part L, Conservation of Fuel and Power to achieve current thermal conductivity requirements for walls, is designed to provide the warmest interiors and is an aesthetically pleasing façade for buildings. ProRend EIFS is a watertight façade suitable for use with concrete, masonry, timber frame, steel frame and existing render substrates.

ProBead Professional PVCu Render and Plaster Beads

ProBead Professional PVCu Render and Plaster Beading are manufactured from 100% reground PVC and available in a wide range of standard and bespoke through-colours. ProBead profiles are BBA certified and are available in 34 internal and external profile options. ProBead profiles are non-corrosive, easy to cut, lightweight and non-flammable. The ProBead range includes angle/corner bead, bellcast/drip bead, stop bead, movement/expansion bead, ashlar detail bead, ProBead+/meshed wing bead and drywall bead.

ProMesh Reinforcing Mesh

ProMesh is specified for the reinforcement of render or plaster, especially around openings or areas of weakness. ProMesh is a flexible lattice manufactured from woven glass-fibre, providing exceptional strength when embedded into wet basecoat render or plaster. ProMesh can be also used for stabilising surfaces, covering and assisting in preventing cracking and is available in five grade options.

StrikoTherm External Wall Insulation

StrikoTherm external wall insulation provides high thermal efficiency and a long-lasting, robust finish. By combining expanded polystyrene and mineral fibre insulation boards, the system achieves a watertight and breathable, energy saving finish which is compliant with applicable fire regulations. StrikoTherm has BBA certification for up to 30 years design life, incorporating wind loadings, fire resistance, impact resistance and condensation characteristics. StikoTherm is OFGEM approved and can be used in conjunction with CESP/CERT/ECO/Green Deal schemes. Ideal substrates for StrikoTherm include masonry, timber, concrete and existing render and is made up of an adhesive basecoat, insulation, mesh basecoat, reinforcing mesh and decorative render in finishes including acrylic and silicone thincoat, floated, painted and mineral thin coat textures.

SAS Europe is committed to supplying the finest quality systems and solutions for the plastering industry. The experienced and dedicated team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth advice and information across the whole product range. The company delivers solutions for a wide and varied range of applications and is continuously researching and developing the range of products available to satisfy the ever-changing demands of the industry. Detailed product specification can be found on the company website.

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