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  • Double Module Chimney System
  • Flue Lines Chimney System
  • Firechests Fire Opening
  • Isokoat Flue Sealing System
  • Flexible Liners
  • ICS Twin Wall System
  • K Vent Gas Heating System
  • Single Wall Flue System
  • BBC Chimney Installation
  • Bespoke Chimney Design
  • Bespoke Fire Place
  • Chimney Installation Team
  • Commercial Chimney System
  • Hole In Wall Fire
  • Hospital Chimney Installation
  • Log Burners
  • Modern Fireplace
  • Traditional Log Burner

Schiedel Chimney Systems Company Profile

Schiedel Chimney Systems is the UK and Ireland’s leading chimney provider offering a comprehensive selection of products in a wide range of materials. Schiedel is a relatively new name in the UK, but is a company with a long held history and enviable reputation in Europe dating back to 1947.

Schiedel Chimney Systems are designed to cover a variety of commercial and residential applications for all types of properties. The product range includes residential steel, residential pumice, residential ceramic and commercial steel chimney systems for new build and renovation projects as well as clay flue liners, chimney pots, ridge tiles and air bricks.

Energy Efficiency

In today’s climate many homes and businesses are striving to be more energy efficient and in the latest revision of the Building Regulations, it states that all new houses must comply with stricter rules aimed at reducing energy usage and carbon emissions by a further 25%. By selecting an appropriate heating appliance and an efficient chimney or flue system enables property owners to meet the government’s targets without having to compromise on the comfortable focal point of a fire which can make a house feel like a home.

Residential Steel

Schiedel Rite-Vent is a leading provider of stainless steel flues and chimneys which can be used with residential boilers, stoves, cookers and open fires. Options include:

  • Twin Wall: The ICS twin wall insulated chimney system can be specified for gas, oil, wood and multi-fuel appliances and open hearths can be used for atmospheric, condensing and pressure appliances. Eco ICID is designed for stoves in 125mm and 150mm internal diameters. The K VENT insulated ventilating system is used for residential and small commercial oil and gas appliances. B VENT twin wall gas venting system is suitable for residential and small commercial applications with gas appliances up to 60kw input
  • Single Wall: The Prima SW is suitable for internal applications on gas and oil fired air and ceiling heaters and natural draught boilers. Other applications include steam venting and ventilation, air conditioning ducting and fume extraction
  • Flexible: Flexible flue liners are used to reline existing chimneys designed for gas, oil and multi-fuel appliances. The Wonderflex and Triplelock flues are designed for gas and kerosene appliances where the flue gas temperature does not exceed 260 degrees centigrade. Technoflex is a twin skin flexible liner designed for gas, oil and multi-fuel appliances where the temperature in the flue does not exceed 600 degrees centigrade

Residential Pumice

Schiedel Isokern products can be specified for new-build and refurbishment projects and provides a lightweight, energy efficient, easy to install and versatile chimney solution which can be installed internally or externally on masonry, timber frame and steel frame constructions. Pumice is a natural insulator and the natural properties of the pumice allow the flue gases in the chimney to quickly reach their ideal temperature, allowing the heating appliance to reach its optimum performance shortly after lighting. The product range includes:

  • DM (Double Module): The Isokern Double Module block system is a quality chimney system used throughout Europe which maintains flue gas temperatures whilst preventing heat transference to the outer casing and is available in three sizes
  • Firechests: The Isokern firechest range are supplied as flat packs and are very simply installed to create a neat and pre-formed fire opening which is ready for finishing. The Manor firechest design allows for the creation of fire openings of up to 1.25m wide
  • Flue Liners: The flue liner range encompasses over seventeen different sizes and is ideal for new-build, extensions and relining existing chimneys
  • Isokoat Flue Sealing System: An efficient and cost effective way of re-sealing a faulty chimney shaft. The Isokoat material is applied to the chimney under pressure and forced into cracks sealing them, re-pointing the joints and adding strength to the walls

Residential Ceramic

The ceramic chimney range has been designed to provide a wide range of solutions for open fires, stoves, cookers and central heating boilers. The Schiedel Swift chimney system is a ceramic chimney designed in modular units and can be simply assembled on site. The Schiedel Multi enables up to ten appliances to be connected to one chimney system. The Schiedel Avant can be used with room sealed and open appliances and has been created for low temperature and condensing appliances and is suitable for waste gas temperatures of up to 160 degrees centigrade. The prefabricated chimney has been developed to complement the Swift chimney system and can be lifted into a house rather than being assembled on site. Other ceramic products include:

  • Clay ridge tiles
  • Chimney pots
  • Flue liners
  • Air bricks
  • Lintels and firebacks

Commercial Steel

Schiedel offers a comprehensive range of solutions to suit any commercial or industrial application. The commercial team can provide full CAD design and technical support on all types of chimney, exhaust and venting system requirements. The company can design and manufacture for projects throughout the UK and Europe and arrange for on-site installation regardless of the size and complexity of a project. The full range of services encompasses site surveys, system selection for optimum cost and performance, system sizing, design and layout drawings and installation services. The product range includes:

  • ICS and ICS Plus twin wall insulated chimney systems
  • ICS 5000 multi-functional wall insulated venting systems
  • HP 5000 engineered multi-purpose prefabricated ducting systems
  • Prima Plus non-condensing single wall multi-purpose systems
  • Prima Plus condensing single wall multi-purpose system
  • Technoflex stainless steel flexible flues for existing chimneys

Typical applications include:

  • Chimney Systems: Flue systems, natural draught, fan assisted/positive pressure, fan dilution, condensing, modular header and CLV systems
  • Exhaust Systems: Generators, turbines and CHP
  • Other Venting Systems: Process plants, bakery ovens, smoke extraction, passive ventilation, fire rated service duct and cable duct and rubbish chutes

Schiedel Chimney Systems is committed to creating a wide range of solutions for chimneys in a huge array of design and material options. The experienced and dedicated teams welcome enquiries and can provide in-depth advice and information across the whole product range for architects, renovators and self-builders. Schiedel has joined forces with Hetas to offer a wide range of Hetas approved training courses at the newly opened training centre in Washington, Tyne and Wear. Schiedel Chimney Systems has gained ISO 9001:2000 quality Assurance accreditation.


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