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SDS Company Profile

SDS Ltd is a company that specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of stormwater drainage systems and hard landscaping products. SDS has an extensive understanding of surface water management, providing revolutionary and cost effective solutions to specifiers, architects, civil engineers, contractors and property developers.

The company provides a complete turnkey service for surface water management, stormwater retention and attenuation, sustainable drainage systems and rainwater harvesting. Systems can also be re-used, transforming a problem into a re-usable asset. The company has worked with many UK and European leading contractors and is becoming the world's premier supplier of stormwater drainage solutions.


The consultancy team works closely with the client to develop and design an effective solution. Utilising advanced technology, CAD designs, quality engineering and expertise, the team can offer specialist design reviews and consultancy for geoenvironmental systems, sustainable drainage and stormwater requirements.

The product range includes:

GEOlight Stormwater Attenuation

GEOlight is a lightweight honeycombed modular structure manufactured from recycled PVC. This versatile preformed system offers a cost effective rapid installation, providing underground stormwater storage. GEOlight reduces the amount of flooding in the event of a storm, protecting the surrounding aquatic environment and can be easily integrated into projects for halting pollution to urban wastewater. GEOlight offers a high compressive strength of 1000KN/m2, a high void ratio of >95%, a low resistance to water flow and requires minimal pipework, stone and on-site hours.

GEOlight Stormwater Infiltration

GEOlight modular soakaways are suitable for any size of development ranging from a single house to an extensive commercial or industrial development. GEOlight soakaways have been developed to store surface water run-off and allow it to be gradually by absorbed into the ground over time. SDS also provides high quality polymer channel drainage products that offer an integrated solution for stormwater drainage.

Flow Control Units

The SDS Vortex flow control unit is designed for use with drainage systems for the effective management of stormwater. Every unit is individually configured to suit a specific site and fits easily into the drainage infrastructure. Manufactured from stainless steel plate, the flow units do not rely on external power supplies or moving parts and are resistant to scour, degradation and chemical attack. The flow characteristics of the Vortex flow control guarantees optimum use of upstream storage, greatly reducing the risk of blockage.


SDS offers a range of specially developed GEOmembranes that are suitable for use as part of the stormwater management solutions. GEOmembranes available include PVC, polypropylene, LDPE and HDPE.


SDS has a complete range of GEOtextiles and GEOgrids which are designed for reinforcement, separation and filtration applications as part of the GEOlight brand.

Hard Landscaping

The SDS in-house engineering and design team can offer a range of superior quality paving and kerb products that are manufactured to BS EN 1338:2003 standards. SDS can also provide short-run specials, bespoke hard landscaping products that are designed to individual specification and assist in alterations to existing specifications.

SDS prides itself on offering clients a complete turnkey solution, from the initial enquiry through to installation, aftercare and maintenance. With many years experience and a dedicated team of engineers and designers, SDS has established a widely respected reputation and is a leading choice for many major contractors.

For more detailed product information please contact SDS using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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