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  • Topcon GRS-1
  • Leica Builder 300 Series
  • Leica Runner 20/24
  • Leica Flexline TS02
  • Leica Rugby 50 Laser Level
  • Topcon LC 4X Crossline Laser
  • Topcon RL - H4C Laser Level
  • Electronic Levels
  • Automatic Levels
  • D2-Disto
  • Leica Digi 550i with Bluetooth
  • Full Body Harness
  • Portable Gas Detectors
  • Safety Helmet

Sealand Survey Centre Company Profile

Sealand Survey Centre was founded in 2007 and specialises in the sale, hire, repair and calibration of surveying equipment to the construction industry. The company prides itself on its vast knowledge of the surveying industry and high levels of customer service. Sealand is undergoing rapid expansion and is on target to becoming the leading supplier of survey and site safety in the UK. Sealand is committed to providing a fast, reliable and friendly service to all customers and has the capability to assist with any self-build or large-scale contract requirement from start to finish.

The company has a store in Queensferry, near Chester and products can be ordered through the website. Sealand offers a comprehensive selection of new and reconditioned survey and site safety equipment from quality globally-recognised brands such as Leica, Topcon, Trimble, Honeywell, MSA and Drager. Products include everyday consumables, construction levels, gas detection, laser and fall arrest through to total stations and GPS systems. Servicing and calibration of survey and safety equipment can be carried out by Sealand Survey Centre.

Hire Fleet

Sealand Survey Centre has a comprehensive range of up-to-date equipment for hire on a weekly basis. Products include:

  • Levelling: Optical, digital and DSNA 10 precise digital levels, including tripod and staff.
  • Interior Lasers: Interior crossline lasers, PLS90 90 degree lasers and interior rotating wall mounted lasers.
  • Exterior Lasers: Self-levelling rotating laser levels, self-levelling dual slope laser levels, dual grade laser levels and machine mounted receivers (LMR240).
  • Pipe Lasers: Minimum 4in and 5in pipe lasers.
  • Total Stations and Theodolites: Digital theodolites and total stations.
  • Measuring: Round wheels and Leica Disto A3 and A5.
  • Gas Detection: Single and multi-gas detectors.
  • Cable Detection: Cable avoidance tools (CAT), signal generators for use with CAT, signal sondes for use with drain rods and 80m pipe tracers.
  • Escape Sets: 10 minute escape sets (hoods or masks).
  • Confined Space Kits: The kits includes a tripod, winch and harness.

Surveying Equipment

There is a wide range of surveying equipment available from Sealand Survey Centre. The extensive range of top quality products are manufactured by BW Technologies, Fromet, Leica Geosystems, Panoply, Sealand, Topcon, Trumeter and Venitex. Products include:

  • GPS: Topcon all-in-one handheld dual frequency GNSS receiver and field controller, with a high-speed processor, built-in camera, compass and barcode reading function.
  • Total Stations: Total stations are a vital tool on any construction site and the top quality instruments include Topcon, Trimble, Pentax and Leica. Total stations are electronic optical instruments used in modern surveying and incorporate an electronic theodolite and an electronic distance metre to read slope distances from the instrument to a particular point.
  • Theodolites: A theodolite is a precision instrument for measuring angles in horizontal and vertical planes. Sealand offers theodolites from Leica and Topcon.
  • Construction Lasers: A vast array of construction lasers is available from the leading manufacturers. Products include laser levels, laser receivers, pipe lasers, dual grade lasers, single grade lasers, interior lasers and laser accessories.
  • Levels: Sealand offers a wide range of Leica levels including automatic, digital and precise options and a selection of Leica accessories.
  • Survey Accessories: There is a comprehensive selection of accessories including single prisms, 360 degree prisms, prism holders, tripods, tribachs, detail poles, optical squares, prism carriers, staffs and much more.
  • Measuring Devices: The range of measuring devices includes Sealand and Trumeter road wheels, tape measures and Leica Disto laser distance measurers.
  • Consumables: The consumables product range includes road marking sprays, road nails, retro targets, survey books, road marking crayons and survey markers.

Safety and PPE

The safety and PPE range of products has been developed by world renowned manufacturers to ensure safety on construction sites. The product ranges include:

  • Service and Cable Location: The cable detection equipment range includes cable locators, generators, pipe traces, sondes and accessories.
  • Fall Arrest: Fall arrest equipment provides protection from falls and the products include body harnesses, positioning belts, fall arrest blocks, shock absorbers, tripods, karabiners, pulleys and carry bags.
  • Gas Detection: Gas detection products from BW Technologies includes portable gas detectors and calibration gases.
  • Escape Sets: 10-minute and 15-minute Drager escape sets provide assistance in difficult situations.
  • PPE and Workwear: Sealand offers a wide and varied range of Panoply PPE and workwear including trousers, overalls, jackets, gloves, footwear, head, eye and ear protection, disposable masks and respiratory masks.

Used and Ex-Demonstration Surveying Equipment

Sealand Survey Centre offers a comprehensive array of used and ex-demonstration surveying equipment. The stock levels change on a daily basis and for up-to-date offers customers should contact Sealand Survey Equipment’s sales team directly. Typical examples of available products includes GPS, total stations, lasers, levels, cable locators and used gas detection equipment. Part exchanges can be offered for some pieces of surveying equipment.

Sealand Survey Centre is committed to providing customers with a wide and varied selection of survey and site safety equipment. The company is continuously expanding the product range to ensure that the most up-to-date products are always available. The experienced and dedicated team welcomes enquiries and can provide assistance with sales, exports, repairs, hire and servicing requests.


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