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Senior Architectural Systems Company Profile

Senior Architectural Systems is a leading provider to commercial and residential construction markets of high performance aluminium and hybrid glazing systems for architectural facades. The company has three service centres located in Doncaster, Newport and Livingston and supplies customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Products include curtain walling, ground floor treatment, windows, entrance doors, secondary windows and roof glazing for both new build and refurbishment projects. The company’s products are designed and tested to meet the highest standards of weather protection, exceed CWCT test standards, and are used in a variety of situations including commercial, office, education, health, leisure, retail and residential.


Senior Architectural Systems has developed a wide portfolio of products to suit all types of projects, from simple commercial door installations through to complete multi-level buildings. The product range is available in various sizes and includes:

Curtain Walling

Curtain wall systems are designed to accept window and door inserts and are suitable for new build and refurbishments. Five ranges are available:

  • SCW low rise system: constructed in a channel and plate style for fast assembly. Can accommodate glazing up to 28mm.
  • SCW+ low rise system: similar to the SCW system, but achieves greater weather and thermal performance and can carry glazing up to 36mm.
  • SMR800 medium rise system: a stick system that can achieve high weather and thermal performance. The mullions and transoms are of hollow box construction and the system is capable of carrying glazing up to 36mm.
  • SMRF frameless casement: can accommodate glazing up to 28mm.
  • Hybrid: a medium rise system, the mullions and transoms are of solid timber construction to the interior of the building, but feature an aluminium finish externally. This system is capable of carrying glazing up to 36mm.

Ground Floor Treatment

Ground floor treatments are manufactured in aluminium, and high usage doors can be incorporated into the system. There are two options available:

  • The SFG commercial flush glazed system: suitable for single and double glazing up to 24mm. Reinforcing sections are available to allow for greater spans.
  • The SD commercial door system: suitable for heavy use in single and double doors, including double action pivot doors, fire exits, folding sliding and sliding garage doors. Automated gearing can be added to the doors.

Window Systems

A range of high performance window systems and window hardware is available, including cockspur handles, friction stays, folding cam openers, tilt and turn, over-swing, pivots and espagnolette locking for extra security. The window systems include:

  • STW window wall: a low rise window and window wall system. Thermally broken and available in a basic profile.
  • SPW300 51mm thermally broken window: options include casements, tilt and turns, top swing reversible and pivoting windows and it is available in single or dual colour finish.
  • SPW60 75mm thermally broken system: includes casements, tilts and turns and top swing reversible. It is available in single and dual colour finish.
  • The Hybrid: an 83mm system comprising of casements, tilt and turns and reversible flush casement. Features a timber internal frame and aluminium external frame.

Entrance Door System

Senior Architectural Systems has developed and tested its entrance doors for use in commercial and retail environments including airport terminals, educational buildings, hospitals and retails outlets. A range of door hardware is available including butt hinges, letter plates and multi-point locking. There are two ranges:

  • SPW300 entrance door: compatible with SPW30 window systems. Options include single, double, outward and inward openings. This system is 51mm and thermally broken using polyamide strips.
  • SPW600 entrance door: compatible with SPW600 window systems, is 75mm and is thermally broken, which offers a better thermal insulation than the SPW300.

Secondary Window Systems

  • The SSG systems are aluminium secondary windows that are fitted to existing primary windows. Once in place, the windows offer excellent thermal and acoustic benefits equal to that of double glazing.

Roof Glazing

  • SPG patent glazing system: ideal for use on external applications and canopies, using profiles of 50 and 60mm widths. Features a small up-stand on primary profiles to give structural support.
  • S27 patent glazing system: also ideal for canopies and external applications. Using 40 and 45mm width profiles and various down-stand extensions on primary profiles to offer structural performance.

Senior Architectural Systems is committed to providing exceptional high quality products and a personal service to its customers, ensuring a fast and efficient solution no matter how large or small a project. The company is continuously researching and developing new products, and a team of highly knowledgeable staff is on hand to offer product advice and technical support.

Senior Architectural Systems is also dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment by minimising waste and energy consumption, and through continued improvement in the recycling of scrap materials.

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