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Sika Company Profile

Sika Construction specialises in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of materials for projects from the basement to the roof. As a leading global supplier, Sika ensures all products are manufactured to the highest standard and are compliant with the environmental standard EN ISO 14001. Sika also offers a range of services including technical advice, product training and in-situ guidance.

The company has clients located throughout the world which includes manufacturers, specifiers, contractors and other specialised industry personnel. Our areas of expertise includes; concrete repair and protection, waterproofing, joint sealing, elastic bonding, sealants, car park decking systems, flooring resins, roofing membranes and concrete flooring.

The product range includes:

Concrete Repair and Protection

Sika offers an extensive range of highly effective, superior quality repair and protection solutions for concrete. Concrete surfaces can be restored to original quality with mortar solutions, coatings, corrosion inhibitors and galvanic anodes.

  • Mortars and Coatings: Concrete repair mortars can be coloured or translucent and are simple and easy to apply. Once applied, the all-over protection system will halt any deterioration and water impregnation. Elastic systems permanently seal movement cracks, guaranteeing total protection.
  • Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor: Sika Ferrogard 903 is a surface applied corrosion inhibitor used for treating concrete and protecting rebars located in high risk carbonated or chloride contaminated zones. By penetrating the concrete, Ferrogard creates a protective layer around steel reinforcement.
  • Galvanic Anodes: Galvanic anodes offer localised corrosion protection to effectively prolong the life-span of concrete patch repairs for 10-20 years. Products within the range include SikaTop, Sika MonoTop, SikaGard, Sika FerroGard and Sika Galvashield.


Sika has a comprehensive range of waterproofing systems that are suitable for almost any structure and application. Every solution is backed-up with a trained and experienced technical team offering specification advice and support. Applications include basements, swimming pools, cellars, underground car parks, retaining walls, lift pits, water tanks, reservoirs and ponds. The product range includes:

  • Sika 1 Pre-bagged waterproofing System reacts with water and expands into a jelly-like substance. The system comprises of mortars, screeds and renders, and utilises an admixture to provide a watertight seal.
  • Sika Cavity Drainage System is a water management system that lines the inside of the structure and allows any water to penetrate the substrate before being directed into a drainage system.

These products are certified by the BBA and fully tested. A range of water stopping injection systems and damp-proof slurries are also available.

Joint Sealing

Sika offer a wide range of joint sealing solutions for virtually any structure and application, the range includes:

  • Sikaflex PU and PU-Hybrid sealants for floor and facade joints for strong and durable movement and correction joints.
  • Sikasil silicone sealants for glass, metallic and PVC joints in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Sikacryl is a paintable acrylic sealant for interior joints and cracks.
  • Sika BlackSeal is a bituminous sealant for connection joints on chimneys, skylights and gutters and for sealing cracks and holes in roof felts.
  • SikaMembran-system is a facade sealant and waterproofing membrane protector with optimised vapour diffusion levels for high requirements.

Elastic Bonding

Sika is the leading provider of 1-part polyurethane based sealants and elastic adhesives worldwide. The products are fast acting and easy to apply and includes:

  • SikaBond PU adhesive for multi-purpose bonding, including wood flooring.
  • Sika AcouBond offers a near silent movement for wooden flooring.
  • SikaTack Panel System is an invisible bond for facades, heavy cladding and indoor covering.

Car Park Protection

There is a wide range of car park decking systems which are dependant upon the type of construction, structural element and combination of expected exposures. Every combination of deck exposure can be met and is specifically designed to customer requirement assessments. The systems include:

  • Top deck systems
  • Intermediate deck systems
  • Ground floor systems
  • Ramp systems
  • Systems for green, damp concrete or as a surface applied damp proof membrane
  • Details for joints, covings, gully connection and pipes

Flooring Resin

Sika offer Sikafloor epoxy and polyurethane systems, PU mortars of the PurCem range and PMMA resins from the Pronto range. Applied as a liquid, these systems offer the benefits of a conventional soft vinyl flooring system, but incorporate comfort and sound reduction. The flooring is easy to install, is seamless and repairable. Markets that have benefited from this system include the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, commercial, schools, hospitals and warehousing industries. Sika offers a complimentary site survey for floor resin systems.

Concrete Flooring

Sika has developed a range of products to restore existing concrete floors and enhance the performance of new concrete floors. Products include:

  • Liquid hardeners
  • Dryshakes and curing/sealing compounds
  • Cementitious floor levellers


The Sika-Trocal Roofing Division of Sika offers a wide range of roofing membranes for the new-build and refurbishment markets. The company offers high levels of training and quality installation and has established a specialised licensed contractor, specifier and client base. SikaTrocal offers specification generation, site support, guarantees and quality construction.

Sika Construction prides itself on offering a wide and varied range of specialist construction materials. The extensive product range is backed-up by expert technical information, full product training and on-site guidance. Complimentary site surveys are available upon request.

For more in-depth product information please contact Sika Construction using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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