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Simonswerk UK Company Profile

SIMONSWERK this year reaches the company's 125 year anniversary in the hinge manufacturing industry and has the capability to supply the UK’s architectural ironmongery and builders hardware industries with more than 4,000 products.

This award-winning company offers excellent levels of customer service and is committed to providing the ideal solution for a huge array of door and window hinge projects across the residential, commercial and leisure sectors. The website productselector facility enables architects and specifiers to select the correct hinge for the right application.


The hinges come in a range of options to suit specific requirements. The brass hinges are fabricated from extruded sections to exact standards and are accurately machined to achieve close tolerances and are fitted with different bearings for demanding applications. Brass offers excellent anti-bacterial qualities and some hinges can carry doors weighing up to 160kg and can be suitable for fire doors. Aluminium hinges are fabricated from extruded sections and fitted with stainless steel or nylon washers for lightweight applications. Adjustable hinges can be adjusted in-situ and alter height, side gaps and compression to achieve the perfect gap. Stainless steel hinges are ideal for harsh environments where corrosion resistance is important. Steel hinges are made by rolling the metal to form the knuckle of the hinge and require a finish to protect the material from corrosion. Nylon hinges are specified for external and internal lightweight doors and windows.

The extensive product range is specified for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Interior Doors: Simonswerk door hinges are designed to complement home décor whilst combining functionality and attention to detail. The profiles of the hinges and the range of surface finishes available allows for an almost unlimited selection of design options.
  • Entrance Doors: Simonswerk entrance door hinges offer flexibility and easily adapt to different profile geometries. Depending on the version selected, they can be adjusted two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally. The hinges also provide fire and smoke protection and are ideal for emergency escape and rescue routes.
  • Windows: Window hinges must provide security and protection and Simonswerk's hinges meet the required security standards. The high quality window hinges adapt to different profile geometries easily, in a flexible manner.
  • Metal Door Frames: Many of Simonswerk's hinges are suitable for use with metal door frames.
  • Conservatory Doors: As with windows, conservatories must be made to offer security and protection. Simonswerk's hinge ranges are suitable for such applications, with differing levels of specification depending upon the customer requirements.

The Hinge ranges include:

  • TECTUS: TECTUS® the award winning 3D adjustable fully concealed hinge system is ideal for interior, heavy duty and exterior timber, steel and aluminium door frames. Options include the Tectus A8 - for glass or laminate door designs with door fascias and claddings up to 8mm; Tectus 'Energy' - integrating permanent power transfer; fire rated Tectus FR - which incorporates the intumescent material within the hinge body: Tectus TE 645 3D - which will carry door weights up to 300kg and the new Tectus FVZ offset version which allows for recessed frame facings up to 14mm with standard 4mm on the door side. This offset version for timber, steel and aluminium frames has a load capacity up to 100kg and as with all TECTUS hinges has three dimensional adjustments for perfect door alignment, presents flush fitting clean line design without visible frame, is maintenance free and has an opening angle up to 180°.
  • TRITECH: The latest product from the renowned range of SIMONSWERK brass hinges incorporates the latest design features and offers a future proof 'fit and forget' product, with a 25 year performance guarantee. This solid brass hinge has high performance maintenance free concealed bearings, giving a weight carrying capacity of 160Kg - Grade 14. All TRITECH hinges are available with CE marked and 60 or 30 minute fire rated options, 7 designer finials and size range of 100 x 75, 100 x 88, & 100 x 100mm. The comprehensive range of finishes now includes a corrosion resistant PVD finish ideal for entry hardware where doors have to withstand the many varied effects of weather.
  • Ultimate/Columbus: The Ultimate 2D and Columbus 3D hinges enable simple door adjustment within the frame using a screwdriver or Allen key. The low cost, maintenance-free hinges are ideal for flush fitting composite doors and are available in various finish options.
  • Variant VX: SIMONSWERK has announced developments to its VARIANT VX hinge system range. The new VX 7532/35 3D high performance heavy duty hinges will cope safely and reliably with load capacities up to 400 kg achieved with a co-ordinated triple combination of hinge + receiver + cover plate. Also within this new series is the VARIANT Care option, specifically designed for public sector buildings where frame dimensions need to allow real clearance widths for doors to swing clear at a 90 degree angle. At the request of architects and planners SIMONSWERK has also produced the VARIANT Finger Protection hinge system providing reliable safety from hand injury at the adjacent edge of the door frame.
  • Baka: Baka adjustable hinge systems are designed specifically for timber entrance doors. The certified and quality marked hinges satisfy the requirements for modern technology and aesthetics. 2D and 3D versions are available and feature maintenance free bearings and a security pin option for extra burglar resistance.
  • Siku: Siku hinges have been developed to provide burglar resistance and thermal protection for PVCu entrance doors. This hinge offers high pull-out strength and load capabilities, as well as 3D adjustability. The hinge is placed in view and offers an elegant and attractive aesthetic for door loads of up to 120kg.
  • Butt and Ball Race: The butt and ball race range of brass hinges can be specified for virtually any application and includes unwashered, double stainless steel washered, double phosphor bronze, projection, stainless steel CE marked ball race, ball race finial, conductor and anti-ligature brass butt, aluminium and nylon butt and aluminium bi-folding and composite door butt hinges.

Hardware Collection

Simonswerk also provides a wide and varied range of hardware in a broad selection of materials to suit any domestic, commercial or leisure requirement. Many of the products are available with a choice of standard and special finishes. The product range includes:

  • Brass and aluminium door stops in designer and commercial styles
  • Stainless steel floor stops and hold open devices for timber and concrete floors
  • Letter plates including aluminium sleeved, fire and smoke resistant, residential and commercial options
  • Solid brass and stainless steel flush bolts.

Simonswerk UK is committed to designing and manufacturing high quality hinge solutions for a broad range of applications in the window, door and conservatory market sectors, while considering environmental issues. With continuous research and development and the utilisation of innovative manufacturing techniques, the experienced team ensures that customer satisfaction and reliability are paramount at all times. Simonswerk’s products have gained a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 for guaranteed quality and performance.


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