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Solarlux Systems Company Profile

Established in 1983, Solarlux has been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture and design of folding facades, balcony glazing, canopies and sliding walls. From conception to completion the company is dedicated to providing an unrivalled level of service to both commercial and private clients. Solarlux are specialists in glazing solutions for large requirements such as for stadiums, offices and hotels but also are committed to providing solutions for individual homes across the globe.

Solarlux has developed a range of products which are then tailored to each requirement. The company employs a highly knowledgeable team of technical designers and advisors to ensure each project is completed to the absolute satisfaction of every client.

Folding Facades

Solarlux folding facades provide light and space and connect the inside of a room to the outside. All facades are bespoke manufactured to specification and are made in aluminium, wood or a combination of both. Ideal for balconies, patios, room dividers, swimming pools or commercial applications the folding facades are available with or without insulation and the Streamline product offers edge to edge glass panes for a complete glass panel appearance.

Glass Canopy and Carports

For maximum light and connection to the outside a glass canopy can provide a contemporary and elegant addition to a building. With elegant slide and turn glass panels space is maximised and the single pitch roofs can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of configurations. To protect vehicles from the elements Solarlux offer a ridged roof car port in sizes up to 6.5 metres in depth and 6 metres in width. Created with slim profiles the carport offers space either for one or two cars.

Sliding Walls

Solarlux sliding walls offer a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors without the need for a threshold as the individual panels slide into an out of sight parking station. Ideal for commercial applications such as business or retail entrances or internal room dividers the sliding walls provide an innovative way to maximise space.

Balcony Glazing

To add both space and warmth to a building, Solarlux offer exceptional balcony glazing solutions which not only allow open and closed spaces but also provide reduced noise levels and acts as a heat buffer. Available either with slide and turn, slide and swivel or turn and tilt systems Solarlux balcony glazing can be heat insulated or non heat insulated.

Pool Glazing

For both domestic and commercial settings, Solarlux pool glazing solutions are available in aluminium, wood or a combination of both. With outstanding energy efficiency attributes the sender profiles still have extremely high heat insulation. These folding facades provide an excellent solution for allowing natural light into the space and offer a flexible system which can be tailored to small or large openings.

Stadium glazing

For large projects such as sports stadiums, where heat, sound and light are essential attributes, Solarlux offer a wide variety of glazing solutions incorporating the flexibility of opening and closing window facades or sliding walls. All units can also be supplied with penetration proof glass and have enhanced insulation properties.

Solarlux is a global manufacturer and supplier of innovative and versatile glazing solutions for all types of application. The company is dedicated to providing a tailored individual service from the conception to completion of every project. For more information or to view images or technical information please visit the website or contact the company using the enquiry buttons above.


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