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Sorba UK Company Profile

Sorba UK was established in 1977 and specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminium, stainless steel, powder coated, steel façade and glass systems. The company has a long history within the construction industry and has worked with numerous clients on large and small projects in the UK, Luxemburg, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Sorba is committed to providing flexible design solutions for aesthetic, structural and specialised project requirements.

Sorba offers an extensive range of products for exterior and interior building projects. Products include façades, cladding, curtain walling, perimeter casings, ceilings, pillar cladding, glass balustrades and a vast array of solutions for infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, airports and stations.


Sorba is a leading company which develops new construction solutions for projects by utilising sheet forming, laser cutting, punching, welding and folding processes. In addition to these specialities, Sorba can produce 3D shapes and hydromechanics formations and extrusions. The designers use the latest innovative technology in 3D software to produce models of the designs to ensure complete accuracy. Sorba can not only work with metal elements, but can also work with glass which is finished with a silkscreen, foil or patterned. The engineering department is made up of degree qualified personnel who can provide extensive support with technical construction and aesthetics. The professional team of project managers at Sorba are skilled in both technical and man management to guarantee a smooth project from start to finish. The team working on each project is led by a project manager and incorporates all relevant engineers and designers. Sorba will oversee the whole project including design, engineering, production assembly and final delivery of the product and is sympathetic to the client’s architectural and budget requirements.


Façades are used to provide protection, insulation and aesthetics to any type of building. Façades can be made from numerous types of material to suit the surrounding environment and specific building requirements. Products include:

  • Alpolic Cladding: A sustainable and versatile rainscreen cladding manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemicals which comprises two layers of metal sandwiching a fireproof core. The tension-free aluminium and plastic composite material offers a low stress finish with a high degree of flatness and is available in panels of up to 4.8m in length in a vast array of colours. Alpolic cladding is suitable for commercial, industrial and residential applications.
  • Aluminium Cladding: Aluminium is strong, stable, and lightweight and requires very little maintenance and is especially suited for rainscreen cladding. When the material is equipped with a protective anodised layer or coating it is resistant to any type of weather.
  • Stainless Steel Cladding: A chic and stylish finish can be achieved with stainless steel cladding which is highly resistant to corrosion and suited to aggressive environments such as tunnels, railway stations and airports. Numerous finishes can be achieved through grinding, brushing, bead blasting and polishing.
  • Corten Steel: A material which produces a corroding protective layer when in contact with the atmosphere and is suitable for the construction of stunning façades.
  • Steel Cladding: Sendzimir galvanised steel is less resistant to corrosion than aluminium, but can be applied to façades of buildings under certain conditions to achieve stunning results.
  • Vitreous Enamelled Steel: A superior quality product suitable for cladding applications. The finished outer glass layer offers a strong, wear-resistant surface which can incorporate various printing options ideal for logos and branding.
  • GRP Cladding: Fibreglass reinforced polyester is a long life, robust cladding system with a coloured gel top layer that requires very little maintenance. The polyester is produced in moulds and lends itself to many design options.
  • Concrete Cladding: Fibreglass reinforced concrete is a perfect and cost-effective alternative to natural stone and is available in many textures ranging from super smooth to rough. A wide range of colour options will dictate the final visual aspect.
  • Glass Cladding: An alternative to aluminium panels, glass panels are more open and transparent and can be fixed using various methods including spiders, fixing consoles or invisible fixing using structural bonding. The glass is also available with films or silk-screens.
  • Composite Wall Elements: A cost effective and efficient alternative to traditional brick or blockwork, often used with projects utilising steel construction and concrete floors. Generally built from timber/steel frame, the elements are normally fixed to the edge of the concrete floor or structure and finished with a rainscreen façade.
  • Curtain Walling: Sorba can design and build a wide range of curtain wall and glass façade systems for buildings which provide increased natural light and low level transparency.


Sorba has developed a wide range of cladding, ceiling and balustrade solutions for building interiors. Options include:

  • Perimeter Casings: A range of heating, cabling and services casing that will complement the interior of a building to ensure all outlets and grills form part of the architectural aesthetics in a vast array of subtle or striking colours.
  • Wall and Pillar Cladding: Sorba offers an extensive range of interior wall and pillar cladding solutions in a huge array of materials, styles and colours to complement any modern or traditional environment.
  • Ceilings: The ceilings can be manufactured from numerous materials and various finishes such as perforated and expanded metal panels.
  • Glass Balustrades: Some balustrade applications require glass as the structural element to produce a safe and striking result. Sorba can advise on the most appropriate system to suit any environment.


Sorba UK has designed and built a huge array of structures for airport, train station, tunnel and bridge projects. Sorba has extensive experience in all aspects of finishings for airports and train stations and can provide solutions for walls, ceilings and columns in numerous materials and finishes to suit any project type. For tunnel projects, Sorba can create road tunnels under waterways, drilled tunnels, viaducts and underpasses and will carry out an initial mock-up, testing regimes, engineering and installation. Sorba has a long history and experience in designing and building viaducts and bridges, ensuring accuracy and aesthetics.

Sorba UK prides itself on providing a huge range of practical and cost-effective solutions for a vast array of interior and exterior applications. The friendly and professional team at Sorba can provide comprehensive advice and information across the whole product range to ensure complete satisfaction and welcomes enquiries for all types of project.


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