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Source One Environmental Company Profile

Source One Environmental, formerly known as Fernco Environmental, supplies a range of advanced water management and infrastructure repair technologies.

The name change took place to align the company with its US sister company, also owned by the Fernco Group. The change creates a strong, global brand.

Jon Crean, Managing Director, summarises: "The team in the UK are working hard to deliver innovation and move into new industries, new markets and new countries. There are a variety of challenges which the industry needs to address such as sustainability, environmental awareness and meeting the demands of new legislation. Source One Environmental aims to provide the tools the industry needs to succeed."

Source One Environmental operates from the same building as Flexseal in the UK.

The product range includes:

The Pipe Doctor – No-dig patch repair system

A cost effective and easy-to-use solution for the permanent and watertight repair of damaged pipes, without the need for excavation work.

The Pipe Doctor, the only WRc Approved patch repair system in the marketplace (certificate number PT/318/0311), is a high performance no dig pipe repair solution that provides a quick and easy to use method of repairing damaged drainage and sewerage pipe systems. The system can be used for the repair of pipes of 70-560mm diameter. The Pipe Doctor Radius System is also available for the repair of 90° bends of 100mm and 150mm diameter pipes.

The Pipe Doctor is installed internally and eradicates the need for costly, disruptive and time consuming excavation work, therefore enabling both vehicle and pedestrian traffic to move freely without realising drainage and sewer work is being carried out underground.

The Pipe Doctor No-dig Lateral Repair

The Pipe Doctor Lateral Repair System is the latest innovation to the market-leading Pipe Doctor range.

The Lateral Repair system is a no-dig point-repair system for defective lateral connections. It provides a cost effective, permanent solution on both domestic and commercial applications.

  • Repair DN100-DN700 main pipe & DN100-DN225 lateral pipe
  • A quick, cost effective repair
  • Reduces infiltration
  • Efficient manual installation method up to 30m
  • Suitable for 30-90 degrees lateral connections
  • Easily installed through swept bends
  • Installation by factory trained licensed installers only.

Structural Rehabilitation

Source One Environmental has a range of structural rehabilitation products for a wide range of substrates. Products include:

  • Ultracoat: A hardwearing, smooth and waterproof 100% solids epoxy coating system with superior chemical resistance.
  • Sealguard: An extremely powerful polyurethane product that is injected into flowing water to halt infiltration immediately. This system is ideal for manholes, meter pits, culverts, bunds and any concrete structure.
  • Hyperflex: Suitable for more widespread lower flow rate infiltration, this closed cell hydrophobic grout will not shrink and is used for cracked concrete, voids in walls, floors and ceilings, manholes, concrete dams, car park decks and many other applications.
  • X-Seal: A single component hydrophobic sealant which bonds and seals concrete, metal, plastic, wood and pre-cast connections by expanding and filling voids and sealing all substrates.

Kryton Concrete Waterproofing Products

A range of systems for permanent concrete waterproofing and repair - new construction and existing construction:

  • New Construction: Turn your entire concrete mass into a fully tanked structure with Kryton's Concrete Waterproofing Admixture and integrated Krystol Waterstop System for joints.
  • Joint Waterproofing: The Krystol Waterstop System works where other waterstops routinely fail. Kryton is the only integral waterproofing solution that has a fully integrated waterstop system.
  • Concrete Crack Repair: The Krystol Crack Repair System is a permanent solution for repairing leaking cracks, holes and joints for either the positive or negative side is perfect for when you only want to repair cracks once.
  • Concrete Restoration: The 'Hydrostop Restore and Protect' range from Kryton extends the life of ageing concrete infrastructure and avoids the need for replacement or costly repairs.

K-Prema - No-Dig Internal Pipe Seal

The K-Prema is an internal sealing system for the rehabilitation, repair, maintenance and installation of pipelines that have a diameter ranging from 500 to 4000mm.

Manufactured to suit a range of drinking and sewage water, oil and air applications, the K-Prema Internal Sealing System can be utilised on an array of pipe materials including concrete, steel, cast iron, PE, glassfibre and other materials.

The system provides an efficient method of sealing pipes that are damaged due to corrosion, displaced joints, tree roots and ground movement.

The sleeve is manufactured from EPDM rubber and the clamping bands are produced from a high grade steel.

The Internal Sealing System has an internal pressure of 20 bar and an external pressure range of between 0.5-1 bar.

Backwater Protection

Backwater protection systems protect properties from the damaging effects of floodwater from a mains sewer entering a property through drains, baths, washing machines, toilets and sinks. This kind of damage is extremely expensive and disruptive and is easily avoided by installing Kessel’s backwater valves and pumps.

Grease Separators

Grease separators are designed to keep oils and greases of organic origin out of washwater. All kitchens in commercial hot food premises are required under Part H of the Building Regulations to install a grease separator compliant with BS EN 1825. The Fernco range of grease separators are manufactured from polyurethane and are lightweight, compact and corrosion free. The systems can be installed above or below ground and are guaranteed for 20 years.

GreaseBreaker – Grease Trap

Manage fats, oils and grease in your kitchen, not down your drain.

Installation of an effective grease trap means you can ensure compliance with legislation, help maintain good hygiene and concentrate on running your business.

Source One Environmental supplies a range of grease traps designed with quality, reliability and ease of maintenance as priorities.

In partnership with various organisations, the range has been fully tested for use in small to medium size catering establishments. After several years working in an increasingly demanding industry, our technical team have applied their experience to manufacture a unique and highly capable system.

Rainwater Harvesting

The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water per day and the government wants to reduce this to 80 litres by 2030. Source One Environmental can supply a complete rainwater harvesting system. Contact the company for more information!


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