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  • Laser Measurers
  • South Rotating Laser Yellow
  • Light meter
  • GSL2
  • hi-vis
  • Fisco Big T Tape Measure
  • Cases & Carry Boxes
  • Velco Divide System
  • Humidity Meters & Hygrometers
  • LED WorkBrite
  • Optical & Laser Plummets
  • Nikon AX-2S Automatic Level
  • Theodolite DT-02
  • Digital Callipers
  • Leica NA720 level
  • Bosch Rotating Lasers
  • Total Stations
  • Leica Disto ™ D8
  • Cell Meter
  • Digital Angle Measures
  • Leica Lino P3
  • Leica Rugby 50
  • BAP Precision S Series Handheld
  • Measuring Wheels
  • 30m Tape Measure
  • SAL 24X Optical Level
  • Travis Kits
  • Sound Meters
  • Gann Chemical hygrometer
  • Pipe and Wall Inspection Camera

South Survey Company Profile

South Survey offers a comprehensive selection of quality optical and electronic equipment for the construction industry. The extensive array of products encompasses a wide variety of categories including measuring, levels, inspection and detection, land surveying and setting out, software and PDAs, peripherals, safety equipment and PPE.

The company was founded in 2002 and the experienced and dedicated team have a vast knowledge and understanding of the construction industry to provide assistance in specifying the most appropriate product for a particular application. South Survey sells products from all the leading brand names including Leica, Topcon, Tramex, Protimeter, Theis, Stabila, Giant, South, Silva, Fisco, Garmin, Laserliner, Samsung, Chartwell, Graebert and many more.


South Survey recognises that each individual client has differing requirements and that there is no such thing a standard customer. The team will listen carefully to the client and take time to talk about individual requirements to ensure that the right piece of equipment is supplied. Additional services offered by the company include a range of plan printing, scanning, laminating and copying services and equipment hire. South Survey also offers a range of survey packages which enables sites and buildings to be drawn quickly and accurately.


South Survey’s extensive product range has been developed by a number of surveyors who have many years of experience on-site. Should a product required not be listed, then the team will endeavour to source it. All the products are competitively priced and available for next day delivery throughout mainland UK. The product range includes:


South Survey offers a wide range of measuring equipment which includes:

  • Crack Monitoring: A range of equipment for monitoring the movement of cracks in buildings
  • Inclinometer/Digital Angle Measures: A selection of self-contained digital inclinometers which can be used to give a direct readout of the angle
  • Tape Measures: Professional-grade and heavy-duty measuring rules and tapes for users such as architects, engineers, builders, estimators, designers and surveyors
  • Measuring Wheels: Measuring wheels used for measuring long distances and are ideal for estimating jobs, plot sizes, seed and fertiliser calculations, insurance calculations, fence estimating and utility contracting. There is a wide range of size options to choose from; for rough terrain use a larger wheel and smooth terrain use a smaller wheel
  • Environmental Monitoring Equipment: The environmental monitoring test equipment encompasses a vast spectrum of environmental considerations such as sound, temperature, humidity, air quality, airflow/wind, landfill gas monitors and light meters; all of which are compliant with the majority of Health and Safety considerations for office, workshop and field applications
  • Bosch and Leica Laser Monitors: Laser distance measuring tools which are also known as electronic tape measures, laser distance finders or digital measuring devices provide accurate measuring with laser light and the distance is displayed on an LCD screen.

Levels and Lasers

South Survey offers a wide range of levels ranging from dumpy levels and grade lasers to point beam lasers and pipe lasers to meet all requirements. Options include:

  • Optical / dumpy / auto levels
  • Point plumb, spot beam and dot lasers
  • Cross beam laser and line laser levels
  • Rotary beam lasers
  • Laser detectors from Leica, Bosch, CST-Berger and many more and a full range of laser level accessories
  • Pipe beam lasers
  • Optical and laser plummets

Inspection and Detection

South Survey provides a comprehensive selection of inspection and detection equipment which is used to carry out accurate monitoring and measuring within the construction industry. Products include:

  • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • Crack monitoring equipment
  • Moisture meters (resistance meters/pin meters and electromagnetic wave technology meters)
  • Glass analysis tools designed for surveyors and glazing professionals
  • Wall tie and stud locators
  • Inspection cameras, borescopes and endoscopes
  • Infrared cameras
  • Concrete cover meters
  • Cable detection and avoidance equipment
  • Binoculars

Land Surveying and Setting Out

South Survey supplies a vast array of land surveying and setting out equipment which includes:

  • Theodolites and Total Stations: A comprehensive selection of theodolites and total stations to meet all requirements from a basic theodolite to an all-inclusive total station
  • Surveying Software and Handhelds: Software solutions to satisfy the majority of surveying requirements
  • GPS: To satisfy the requirements of various projects, South Survey offers GNSS models with built-in or add-on compatibility to the StarFire (GSBAS) network along with products that incorporate RTK technology and WAAS/EGNOS capability. The GPS products feature long-life batteries, water/drop resistance and minimal set-up times
  • Prisms: High quality surveying prisms, surveying targets, land surveyors mini prisms, 360 degree prisms and surveyors prisms
  • Marking and Survey Points: Ground marking equipment including survey flags, paint, nails, marking crayons and marking plates.

Software and PDAs

South Survey can provide a range of software and PDAs which include:

  • Gstarsoft GstarCAD: GstarCAD provides full compatibility with AutoCAD command line, menu (MNU) and script (SCR) files, hatches, fonts and true type fonts, Complex linetypes, Multiline Text, Lightweight polyline, Draw commands, Audit & Recover as well as AutoLISP and ADS. This enables work to be started immediately using the AutoCAD files, commands and applications which are widely used and relied upon
  • MicroSurvey: MicroSurvey offers a complete software solution for surveying and mapping which is used by land surveyors, construction professionals and civil engineers to increase efficiency and productivity. Complete software packages range from standard CAD software to on-site software, data transfer and sharing and management of LIDAR data sets
  • PDAs: PDAs are the construction industry's most powerful, rugged and reliable data collectors which provide long battery life, reliability and functionality.


The extensive range of peripherals supplied by South Survey includes:

  • Manhole and meter box keys/lifters
  • Tools for architects and surveyors
  • Inspection mirrors
  • Spirit levels and compasses
  • Tripods, staffs and prism poles
  • Laptop carriers
  • Adhesives
  • Books and information guides
  • Batteries

Safety Equipment and PPE

The safety equipment and PPE range encompasses a wide range of products including:

  • Cases and carry boxes
  • Portable lighting
  • Ladders and towers
  • Signs
  • Safety equipment, clothing and personal protective equipment
  • Wipes and cleaning products
  • Torches and headlamps

South Survey is committed to offering customers a wide range of optical and electronic equipment for a vast array of project types and requirements. The dedicated and professional team welcomes enquiries and will endeavour to find an appropriate solution for any application. Products can be easily purchased on the company website and delivered globally.


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