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Space Airconditioning Company Profile

Space Airconditioning plc, is the UK’s largest independent Daikin distributor with over 32 years of experience. Registered with ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 environmental standard, supplies’ an extensive range of Daikin’s air conditioning and heat pump systems nationally.

Awarding winning for providing comprehensive support service through the project life span, these include system design, free schematic drawings, commissioning, warranty, sophisticated logistic system, engineering and service back-up, training facilities and genuine Daikin spare parts.

Space Air stocks the extensive range of products within the UK, therefore can offer rapid and efficient delivery. They also manufacture bespoke accessories and hold genuine Daikin spare parts. Space Air has designed and supplied Daikin equipment for hotels and businesses throughout the UK.

Space Air consider themselves as the link between the manufacturer and all allied services: architects, specifies, M&E consultants, main and sub contractors, facility managers and end users because they do everything to help you get the solution which will suit your building requirements, and your budget.

R22 Replacement

HCFC R-22 refrigerant is the most widely used air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration equipment in the world, however it is classified as an ozone-depleting substance and is the subject of a phase-out program under the European Community (EC) Regulation no. 2037/2000. It will become illegal to use HCFC R-22, virgin or reclaimed, in any AC, heat pump or refrigeration equipment for service or maintenance purpose.

Daikin have created the VRV-Q, one of the most energy efficient, reliable, flexible and sophisticated systems to replace the HCFC R-22 that can use the existing pipe-work and some types of indoor fan coil units to be re-used, subject to survey findings. This enables minimal disruption and is cost effective.

Space Air has a dedicated technical R-22 support service to help replace the R-22 systems. The replacement consulting team will:

  • Explain the current legislation and implications for the old equipment.
  • Prepare and distribute comprehensive information literature.
  • Take the basic details.
  • Research any existing records of the original equipment.
  • Conduct a full site survey if required.
  • Determine the original and current comfort cooling/heating needs of the building.
  • Prepare a replacement proposal outlining the available options.
  • Offer advice and assistance with any incentive schemes; grant support, interest free loans or finance.
  • Provide details of approved Daikin Installer/maintenance companies from our own database of over 450 approved dealers if required.
  • Process all R22 replacement orders.
  • Monitor the progress of all R22 replacement projects.
  • Commission replacement systems if required.
  • Receive, record and address any after-sales queries.

Space Air’s product range includes:

Daikin VRV Systems

Daikin VRV (Variant Refrigerant Volume) systems are the leaders in energy efficient, reliable, flexible and sophisticated systems on the market fo large and small buildings. . VRV systems provide energy efficient climate control systems for small to large-sized offices, hotels and other commercial buildings. The systems include:

VRVQ - R-22 Direct Replacement

  • VRV-TS - Total Solution: A year round climate control "total solution" for simultaneous heating/cooling which is capable of connecting to ventilation, indoor hydrobox and DHW storage cylinders
  • Heat Recovery and HP VRV: A system which provides simultaneous heating and cooling or heating only
  • Watercooled VRV: Heating provided from a water loop or sourced ground water.
  • VRV IV: The latest model in the VRV range which is setting the standards for seasonal efficiency in buildings, indoor comfort for end users and installation simplicity for installers.

Daikin Split and Sky Air

Daikin Split and Sky Air systems come in a wide range of options to suit most applications. The units are supplied as a single application, twin triple and double twin options. The multi-split systems can be connected to a maximum of seven indoor units using a single outdoor unit. Systems include:

  • Wall Mounted Indoor Units: Daikin Emura 2.5-5kW and Wall Mounted Unit range 2-10kW
  • Flexi-Type: Flexi-Type indoor units 2.5-5kW
  • Floor Standing Units: FVXS floor standing units 2.5-5kW and FVQ-B floor standing units 25-50kW
  • Nexura Floor Standing Unit: The Nexura uses heat pump technology and features a radiant heat front panel 25-50kW
  • Ceiling Mounted Cassettes: Round flow ceiling mounted cassettes 35-140kW and 4-Way blow ceiling mounted cassettes 25-60kW
  • Concealed Ceiling: Large concealed ceiling units 125-250kW, Slim concealed ceiling unit ranges 25-125kW, Ceiling Suspended units 35-140kW and 4-way blow ceiling units 71-125kW
  • Outdoor Units: Heat pump pair application range 20-71kW, heat pump multi-model application ranges 40-90kW, heat pump for residential applications 100-140kW, RZQG-L heat pumps 71-140kW, Comfort inverter 71-140kW, Super inverter 200-250kW and CMSQ-A multi system 200-250kW.

Applied Systems

Applied systems provide heating, cooling, heat recovery, hot water and ventilation for medium to large applications such as hotels, retail outlets and hospitals. The Daikin applied systems range from 5kW - 2000kW. The systems include:

  • Air cooled
  • Water cooled
  • Condenserless
  • Centrifugal
  • Air handling


Daikin control systems include the smallest room air conditioning controllers through to highly sophisticated, computerised, total building services management networks. The controllers feature simple operation, instant response and accurate and precise regulation. Options available include individual control, centralised control, network solutions and chiller control.

The iTM (Intelligent Touch Manager) controller is the latest in building management control designed to help installers, engineers, building managers and end users to get the best out of their air conditioning system. It offers a simple and easy way of commissioning, managing and maintaining systems to maximise energy efficiency, while sustaining high levels of comfort for occupants.


Space Airconditioning plc can create fresh air ventilation systems for any type of building, from schools, hotels and hospitals to residential properties. The commercial and industrial range of Daikin air-handling units are energy efficient and provide tailored solutions for any building, due to the modular design. The residential range provides affordable energy efficient fresh air ventilation, which removes dirty indoor air and introduces fresh outdoor air into a room.

Daikin Altherma Systems

The Daikin Altherma air source air-to-water heat pump system is the alternative to fossil fuel central heating systems and is designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications and is used to replace conventional fossil fuel boilers and provides 3-5 times more energy efficient heating and hot water. Systems available include:

  • Split 5-16kW - highly recommended at the Nation Heat Pump Awards 2013
  • Mono 6-16kW
  • Flex 23-45kW

Space Air Solutions won product innovation of the year- Ancillary Product for their Daikin Altherma Accessory Kit, which was designed and manufactured by Space Air in-house.

Spare Parts

With over 32 years as a distributor for Daikin, Space Air is suitably equipped to provide an effective and efficient service for any Daikin spare part requirements. Over 500 in-house designed and manufactured accessory items are available to perfectly complement the Daikin equipment ranges.

Space Air prides itself on being Europe’s premier independent distributor of Daikin air conditioning and heat pump equipment. The company offers effective and energy efficient systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications throughout the UK. The friendly and knowledgeable team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth advice and information across the whole product range. Detailed product information can be found on the company website.

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