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  • Concrete Repair
  • Diamond Drilling
  • Sprayed Concrete
  • Stone Restoration & Conservation Services
  • Stone Conservation & Restoration
  • Stone Conservation & Restoration
  • Masonry Reinforcement
  • Underpinning
  • Novabrik
  • Timber Treatment & Restoration
  • Bird Deterrent Systems
  • Structural Stabilisation

St Astier Company Profile

St Astier is as leading consulting contractor for local authorities, housing associations, construction industry professionals, commercial organisations and home owners in the North of England. We specialise in structural repairs, large scale social housing works, the conservation and restoration of buildings and structures of historic importance, and repairs to road bridges and other civils type concrete structures.

A selection of our disciplines are listed below.

Concrete Repair & Coatings

We can provide a full range of concrete repair solutions for social housing, commercial, civil and heavy industry clients. Our concrete repair strategies are based on thorough diagnosis and years of practical experience. St Astier are able to carry out full on-site surveys and specialist concrete testing before our skilled teams of in-house operatives begin work.

Not only can we repair most elements of a structure but we can enhance the appearance and performance by the use of anti-carbonation or elastomeric coatings, waterproof and flexi-coatings as well as anti-slip products.

St Astier offers related concrete repair services aimed squarely at civil and industrial clients, these include pressure grouting, the application of specialist coatings for walls, floors and joints along with the installation of screeds and linings for the containment of aggressive chemicals. We also provide a quick response service for diamond drilling and cutting.

Stone Conservation & Restoration

We use traditional craft and sympathetic materials to sustain the value and usefulness of structures that are architecturally important or have historical interest. St Astier specialises in the repair and conservation of listed buildings, scheduled ancient monuments and masonry ruins.

You can find us working on some of the North’s most prized heritage structures. As well as these high profile works we offer a wide range of stone conservation and restoration services for owners of listed buildings – these include stone replacement, specialist stone repairs, historic lime repointing and sensitive stone cleaning.

Masonry Reinforcement & Grouting

The failure of masonry is often the result of several contributing factors and repairs carried out without a full understanding of the building or its materials can lead to further compound failures in the structure.

Following a full survey diagnosis, St Astier use an array of proven masonry reinforcement systems to overcome failures and reintroduce vertical and lateral restraint. Our reinforcement services offer concealed stabilisation with significant disruption-free benefits. Coupled with masonry grouting operations we have the capacity to address structural defects in a holistic manner.

Helical Pile Underpinning

We provide fast, clean and non-invasive solutions for structures suffering from subsidence or settlement. As approved underpinning contractors we make use of specialist helical pile and masonry reinforcement systems to deliver guarantee backed schemes to stabilise and restore the integrity of structures.

Mini piling using helical technology is a clean, rapid and cost effective alternative to the trauma and upheaval associated with traditional mass-fill underpinning or heavy duty piles.

Our underpinning services are ideal for commercial structures and social housing repair, retaining wall stabilisation and other soil pinning operations. We are also an approved Platypus Anchor installer.

Timber Treatment & Restoration

St Astier provide a number of specialist timber repair and preservation options that balance restored or increased load bearing capacity with minimum disturbance and least visible methods of repair. From replacement with spliced timber to composite resin repair including stainless steel reinforcement, we can reinstate the integrity of structural timber whilst maintaining a virtually unchanged appearance. Colours, grains and even woodworm holes can be formed in resin-timber repairs.

St Astier also provides services to eradicate timber infestation.

Novabrik Systems

St Astier is one of the first UK contractors to adopt Novabrik’s mortarless brick system. We have used it extensively to radically enhance the appearance of non-traditional housing stock. Novabrik is a robust, highly durable and virtually maintenance-free rain screen solution that is ideal for both residential housing and commercial property.

We also offer a virtual transformation service, enabling clients to envisage the full range of Novabrik colours and detailing alternatives when applied to their own unique properties.

Insulated Render Systems

We can apply Insulated Render systems in both new construction and in the refurbishment of existing buildings to achieve a modern, robust and environmentally friendly façade. With particular emphasis on social housing and the Decent Homes standard, St Astier have utilised a range of insulated renders to dramatically enhance the appearance and sustainability of non-traditional housing.

Waterproofing Systems

Using applied renders, cementitious coatings, PU resins and cavity drainage systems, we can unlock the potential of business premises and homes and enhance the physical resources that are available to clients by creating dry spaces in cellars and basements.

Our close collaboration with clients means that we can create purpose-designed spaces that are suited to their needs and satisfy all of their individual requirements.

Bird Deterrent Systems

We provide specifically designed humane and effective bird deterrent systems for pigeon removal and the ongoing protection of structures against roosting birds. We design each bird deterrent system to suit the bird type and population, taking into account any conservation issues that may restrict which applications can be used.


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