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Stannah Lifts Company Profile

Stannah is a wholly-owned independent family company that was first established in 1867. Well-known for their worldwide stairlifts, Stannah are so much more. The company is the UK's largest independent lift manufacturer. Stannah designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its own passenger lifts and platform lifts. In addition it supplies, installs and services escalators and moving walkways, goods lifts service lifts and large passenger lifts. Finally Stannah provide extensive lift refurbishment services, build bespoke lifts and service and repair most lifts from all manufacturers via a network of branches and over 300 engineers right across the UK.

Stannah has expanded its product range over time and has established a widely respected reputation for providing lift solutions for internal and external applications within low to medium rise buildings. Passenger lifts range from six to thirty three person capacities, through to service and goods lifts capable of lifting up to 3000kg.

All Stannah products are manufactured in the UK and quality assured to ISO 9001. The company offers excellent customer service, with reliable and efficient deliveries and after sales service. Stannah understands the requirements for providing disabled access to public buildings and has a range of DDA and Part M compliant solutions.

The product range includes:

Passenger Lifts

Stannah has a range of lift car sizes, styles and finishes within the Maxilift and Xtralift ranges which have been designed with flexibility in mind, to suit a variety of applications and requirements. These options are combined with a choice of drive operations and structure supported models. Options include:


The Maxilift passenger lift range has capacities of between 6-16 persons and is suitable for a wide variety of applications. They can be finished in a range of styles and colours, allowing customers the flexibility to coordinate the lift to the surrounding environment.

The main features of the Maxilift range are:

  • Lift car sizes of 6 person/450kg, 8 person/630kg, 10 person/800kg, 13 person/1000kg square and stretcher and 16 person/1200kg
  • Matt, satin, glazed, any colourway and polished finishes
  • Suitable for wheelchair users with large, clear buttons, speech synthesiser and acoustic coupler
  • FX structure supported lifts can be installed virtually anywhere, including through floors or adjacent to a mezzanine floor
  • Maxilift M basic model, MX a wider range of finishes and MXL luxury finish
  • Extras include ceiling options, mirrors, illuminated buttons and handrails


The Xtralift has been developed for use in busy environments with high capacities and heavy usage and has six models with standard capacities of 17-33 persons. A wide range of finishes are available within the range and features include:

  • Lift car sizes of 17 person/1250kg square and stretcher, 21 person/1600kg square and stretcher, 26 person/2000kg and 33 person 2500kg
  • Compliant with EN81-1, CE marked and The Lift Directive 95/16/EC
  • Gearless traction drive (oil and vibration free)
  • Modular construction for easy installation

Bespoke Lifts

Stannah provides bespoke designed lifts for larger capacities or special environments and applications such as scenic lifts, industrial lifts or historical building lifts with matching period interiors. Every lift is supported by a project manager who can create a unique lift for specific applications.

Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are available in vertical or incline variations and are suitable for occasional use. The lifts are DDA and Part M compliant. The range of options includes:


The Midilift vertical platform lifts improve access within new and existing buildings. There are three platform sizes available, with up to three side entrances, they are supplied with their own structure supported enclosure in steel or glass panels. A range of finishes and extras such as intercoms, key operated controls, fire rated landing doors and gate options are available. The range includes:

  • Midilift SL constant pressure controlled for travel of up to 5 metres
  • Midilift XL Plus partially enclosed cabin, incorporating automatic controls, traction drive and travel of up to 12 metres
  • Midilift DL offers travel up to 12 metres and is suited to external applications


The Stairiser range offers access for wheelchair users over curved or straight stairways and is available for internal and external applications. Designed for occasional usage, the Stairiser offers a safe and secure transfer. Options include:

  • Stairiser SX for straight single flights of stairs, folds flat when not in use
  • Stairiser CR runs on a curved rail and can be used for multiple landings or spiral stairs


Sometimes known as step lifts, low rise platform lifts provide vertical travel up to 2m and are ideal for public buildings in all sectors. Stannah has two versions in a variety of platform sizes, giving customers choice and flexibility. Both can be used indoors and outdoors and require minimal building works, making installation speedy. Single phase power consumption means low running costs.

  • Lowriser features an integral folding ramp and is designed for distances of up to 1m. Bellows are positioned under the platform for safety and also guard against litter.
  • Lowriser 2 has a fully enclosed platform with adjacent entry and can be used for distances of up to 2m.


This wall mounted vertical platform lift is very space efficient. Needing only a small footprint and with low pit and headroom requirements, the Piccolo is ideal for numerous commercial uses and even private homes. The automatic sliding doors ensure ease of entrance and exit for 1-4 people and there is a choice of single entry or through car arrangements.

Various finishes or branding options are available to harmonise with decor or building design and installation time is less than with a conventional passenger lift.

Goods and Service Lifts

Stannah has developed a range of service and goods lifts for a wide variety of working environments. All lifts have been tested to meet rigorous standards and EU standard EN 81-3 Machinery Safety Regulations, and assist building owners in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act. Different ranges offer a wide choice of sizes, colours and finishes.


The Stannah Goodsmaster range of goods lifts is all about making light work of moving large loads.

There are three versions:

  • Goodsmaster Classic: Goods-only version in 13 models for loads of from 500kg to 3000kg. Choice of hinged or concertina doors. Car and entrances finished in grey baked enamel and cars have a heavy duty vinyl floor covering. For travel over a distance of 15m with up to five stops.
  • Goodsmaster Plus: For situations where goods need one or two attendants to travel with them, the Goodsmaster Plus has all the benefits of the Classic version with added safety features for passengers. Available for loads from 500kg to 1400kg.
  • Goodsmaster CD: For goods and up to two attendants, the Goodsmaster CD range offers a load capacity of up to 2000kg with low pit and headroom requirements. The CD Plus, with passenger safety features, can accommodate up to two attendants. The modular lift design with a choice of car sizes is ideal for various building types where space is at a premium.


Ideal for moving goods over a small change in level, the Stannah Levelmaster is quick and easy to install, within its own self-supporting structure, and can carry up to 2000kg. There is a wide range of sizes for the enclosed platform, which features half height sides and is finished in durable stainless steel or other RAL finishes. The Levelmaster has low pit requirements and there is no need for a separate motor room as the lift is supplied with a motor control cabinet which can be located where the customer chooses.

Other service and goods lift choices are:

  • Microlift in four 50kg and two 100kg options with various car sizes, ideal for the movement of small loads.
  • Trolleylift in two 250kg and two 300kg options are suitable for large loads that are transported on trolleys or trucks and widely used in hotels, pubs and retail outlets.

Escalators and Moving Walkways

The company offers a range of escalators and walkways allow for easy movement of people within retail outlets, airports, railways and large complexes.

  • A2 Escalators: These escalators are suitable for interior and exterior applications and are available in A2S slim-line, A2C standard and A2T heavy duty options, featuring glass or stainless steel panel balustrade and various handrail systems.
  • ST Moving Walkways: Walkways are available in horizontal and inclined options and manufactured in a range of materials and finishes to suit a wide variety of applications, the walkways feature glass panel balustrade and extra slim handrails.

Servicing and Repairs

Stannah has a national network of service engineers that are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to carry out regular maintenance, repairs, refurbishment and servicing of lifts, stairlifts, escalators and moving walkways.

Stannah prides itself on offering a wide and diverse range of high quality products and services which can be seen in thousands of locations throughout the UK. A knowledgeable and friendly customer service team can discuss all aspects of product design, technical information, installation and aftercare.

For more detailed information please contact Stannah Lifts using the buttons above or visit the company website.

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