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  • Aqua Slot Drain
  • Super Gulley Installation
  • AMI Base Installed on Smart Motorway
  • Elliptical Attenuation
  • Elliptical Pipes
  • Headwall Two Outlets
  • Flow Control Chamber
  • Perfect Watertight Manhole System
  • Circular Pipes
  • Bonna Pressure Pipe
  • Railway Sleepers
  • Cable Troughs
  • Light Rail Twin Block Sleepers
  • Pipe Lifter

Stanton Precast Company Profile

Stanton Precast is part of the Consolis Group, Europe’s largest precast concrete producer, and is widely recognised as a leading UK manufacturer of precast concrete pipes and manholes as part of a comprehensive range of Drainage Systems, Pressure Systems, Railway Products and Specialist Precast solutions.

The company manufactures for the water, highways, rail, housing, telecom and power sectors of the construction industry.

Stanton Precast has an excellent reputation for innovation which provides customers with sustainable ‘off site’ solutions that deliver both the financial and quality benefits of factory production.

Whether supplying a small local project or a fast moving multi-million pound project with complex delivery arrangements or challenging design and manufacturing demands, Stanton Bonna have the professional and practical expertise required. This is supported by an impeccable reputation for high standards in product quality and customer service.

Drainage Systems

The range covers traditional and innovative products made for drainage, sewerage, attenuation tanks and sewer renovation. With a wide variety of solutions these drainage systems include:

  • Attenuation Tanks
  • Box Culverts, Compact Culverts, AquaCulverts
  • Catchpits
  • Circular Pipes, Junctions and Bends
  • Dry Weather Flow Channels
  • Elliptical Pipes
  • GRP Pipes and Liners
  • Precast Concrete Headwalls
  • Standard Manholes and Slabs
  • Watertight Manhole System
  • Side Entry Manholes
  • Road Gullies
  • Jacking Pipes
  • Slot Drains, Aqua-Slot

Don't forget to ask about our Award Winning offloading and handling systems to ensure safer, quicker installations.

Highways Systems

Innovative, integrated offsite solutions provide rapid installation saving time and money on road projects.

Working with established Highways contractors and suppliers, Stanton Precast’s range of specialist solutions provide LEANer ways to work

  • Highways Catchpits
  • Highways Communication Cover Slab
  • Smart Motorway Solutions
  • Concrete Bases
  • Trapezoidal Channels
  • Noise Barriers
  • Embankment Access Stairs
  • Cable Troughs and Service Ducts

Pressure Systems

Stanton Precast pressure pipes are designed specifically to meet the needs of each project and typical applications include:

  • Sea outfalls
  • Power station cooling water pipework
  • Sewage pumping mains and treatment works
  • Industrial plant pipework

Installation techniques for Stanton Bonna pressure pipes include open cut, trenchless, float and lower, bottom pull or span pipe.

Railway Products

Concrete Railway Sleepers from SBC Rail (Stanton Precast) have a rich history and a proven reputation in the rail industry. Projects include many high profile high speed rail projects, city tramways and mainline systems. Products include:

  • Vibration Mitigation Sleepers and Bearers
  • Ballasted Track Sleepers
  • Slab Track Products
  • Ancillary Track Materials
  • Perforated Drainage Troughs
  • Noise Barriers
  • Embankment Access Stairs
  • Cable Troughs and Service Ducts

Specialist Precast

Customers are more frequently seeking bespoke offsite solutions to help ensure consistent quality on site and to reduce health and safety risks. Consequently, Stanton Precast increasingly produce items to customer specification or design one-offs to solve a unique site challenge.

We also have access to a wide portfolio of market tested products from our overseas partners so you can be sure they are supported by expert teams and competitively prices.

Products include:

  • Bridge Beams
  • Cable Troughs and Service Ducts
  • Public Toilets
  • Tunnel Segments
  • XPREStank™

Stanton Precast has created an online resource with a wide range of specifications alongside case studies and latest product news. For further information go to their website at

The company has achieved a range of impressive accreditations including:

- Environmental Management System to BS EN ISO 14001

- Quality Assurance Scheme to BS EN ISO 9001

- RISQS Community Certificate

- Achilles UVDB Certificate

- 2018 British Precast Best Practice Awards The Super Gully received a Finalist Award for being nominated in the Innovation Category. 2017 British Precast Best Practice Awards Christopher Taylor from Stanton Precast won the award for Outstanding Contribution to Health & Safety plus Stanton Bonna’s Pipe Pusher and Gully Hook were finalists in the Health and Safety Category. See Stanton Precast’s website for details of other awards won.

- Products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant British and European standards and Kitemarked and/or CE Marked accordingly.

Stanton Precast is a member of the British Precast Drainage Association (BPDA), the Pipe Jacking Association (PJA), British Precast and the Future Water Association. Plus Stanton Precast is a proud member of the British Precast Charter Scheme which sets industry targets for Health and Safety and Sustainability.






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