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STEICO Company Profile

STEICO UK was established in 2006 and specialises in the manufacture and supply of environmentally friendly natural insulation and construction products for floors, walls, roofs and facades. STEICO is a leading European company providing ecological wood fibre insulation products and a range of construction products and systems. The innovative and unique product range has gained a highly respected reputation for quality and reliability with timber merchants, builders, timber frame manufacturers, industrial clients, ecological supply specialists, home owners, self-builders and DIY enthusiasts.

The STEICO range of products is widely specified where there is a requirement to achieve the code for sustainable building levels and environmental legislation on refurbishment and new build properties. STEICO UK supplies products throughout the UK via a national network of dealers which is backed up by prompt deliveries direct from the company’s own production facilities across Europe.

The key benefits of STEICO products include:

  • Insulating materials made from natural wood fibres including timber and hemp
  • Hemp is an efficient building product which utilises solar energy more efficiently and rapidly grows, making a valuable contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect
  • Insulation from the cold
  • Heat protection in the summer
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Healthy living environment
  • Water vapour open products which allows vapours to permeate through the structure to prevent internal mould and damp whilst stopping external damp entering the building
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Sustainable and certified by the FSC and PEFC
  • Fire protection due to a natural additive, ammonium phosphate which forms a carbonisation layer on the surface of the insulation to provide 90 minutes of fire protection
  • Engineered wood products that offer superior durability
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable


STEICOcanalflex: STEICOcanalflex flexible insulation batts are manufactured from hemp and are suitable for roof, wall and ceiling structures. STEICOcanalflex offers excellent heat and sound insulation properties, is easy to install and is water vapour open.

STEICOdek P5: STEICOdek P5 is a high quality load bearing particleboard floor decking which is moisture resistant and suitable for domestic and light commercial applications. STEICOdek is tongue and grooved for easy installation; comes in 18 or 22mm thicknesses, in a standard size of 2400 x 600mm and is European E1 standard for low formaldehyde.

STEICOflex: STEICOflex is a flexible insulation board which is semi rigid for easy installation. STEICOflex offers excellent insulation throughout the summer and winter months, reduces thermal bridges and is climate regulating for a healthy indoor atmosphere. STEICOflex is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses and is an extremely versatile product.

STEICOfloor: STEICOfloor is manufactured from wood fibres and is an acoustic floor insulation system for both airborne and impact sounds. STEICOfloor allows mechanical fixing of the deck to the battens and offers excellent insulation and enhanced vapour transfer properties.

STEICOformwork: STEICOformwork is a robust support for concrete shuttering on floors, roofs and walls. STEICOformwork is available in lengths of up to 16 metres, is lightweight, high-strength 9-ply, cross laminated LVL web material and certified to DIN EN 13377.

STEICOwall: STEICOwall l-joist wall studs for timber frame constructions reduce cold bridging through the structure, are available pre-insulated, are dimensionally stable, offer high load bearing capacity and are easy to install with standard tools.

STEICOglulam: STEICOglulam is a system component of the STEICO construction building system. The structural engineered elements made from timber are used for joists, beams, rim boards and numerous other exacting applications. Other specifications are available to order.

STEICOjoist: STEICOjoist is suitable for use as floor joists, roof rafters and wall studs in timber frame and masonry construction. STEICOjoist is lightweight, offers a high load bearing capacity and is easy to cut and install.

STEICOprotect: STEICOprotect is an external thermal insulation compound system manufactured from natural wood fibre which provides additional insulation on external facades. STEICOprotect dramatically reduces cold bridging through the structure and removes the need for ventilated cavities. The boards are tongue and grooved to four sides and come in 40, 60 and 80mm thicknesses.

STEICOprotectdek: STEICOprotectdek is a structural particleboard floor decking that incorporates a waterproof surface protection. This is suitable for floors that are temporarily exposed to the elements and can be used with STEICOjoist for light commercial and domestic applications.

STEICOspecial: STEICOspecial is a rigid insulation board for external applications on walls and roofs, providing insulation, a windproof layer and secondary weather protection. STEICOspecial offers high levels of summer heat protection, provides additional insulation above rafter level and can be fitted directly to the rafters.

STEICOsprucedek and STEICOsprucefloor: STEICOsprucedek is a tongue and grooved Finnish spruce plywood flooring for light commercial and domestic flooring applications. Both offer a good surface face veneer and can be installed using the Fast Fix system. STEICOsprucedek features a peel off protected surface for added protection from the weather and site spills.

STEICOtherm: STEICOtherm is a rigid insulation board which offers a high compressive strength suitable for sub-screed applications.

STEICOultralam: STEICOultralam is produced from several layers of 3mm thick graded spruce and pine veneers and is a high strength plank suitable for beams, rafters, columns, purlins, wall plates, lintels, girders, collars and structural boards. STEICOultralam offers reduced shrinkage and swelling and can be easily cut using traditional woodworking tools. There is a wide range of thicknesses and depths available within this range.

STEICOunderfloor: STEICOunderfloor is a parquet and laminate flooring underlay that is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. STEICOunderfloor offers superior insulation properties, can accommodate up to 3mm of floor unevenness and a high compressive strength of up to 20 tonnes per square metre.

STEICOuniversal: STEICOuniversal is a natural resin sarking and sheathing board that offers high compression strength, excellent thermal and insulation properties; tongue and groove profiles, effective protection against wind, dust, moisture and sound and can be exposed for up to four weeks as a temporary protection.

STEICOweatherdek: STEICOweatherdek is a structural particleboard floor decking that incorporates a peel off waterproof surface protection, suitable for temporary exposure to the elements. STEICOdek is suitable for light commercial and domestic applications and is available in a standard size 2400 x 600mm in 18 or 22mm thicknesses and can be used with STEICOjoist. STEICOweatherdek is BBA approved and can be installed with the Fast Fix system.

STEICO UK is committed to designing and manufacturing a wide range of insulation and construction products for the trade and domestic market sectors. The company prides itself on offering an ecologically friendly product range that is sustainable and recyclable. STEICO has built up an enviable reputation for the provision of industry leading insulation products and construction systems.


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