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Steni UK (Anti Slip Products) Company Profile

Steni UK is based in Wrexham, North Wales and is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of a superior performance slip-resistant material for floors, stairs and decking applications. Antislip floor panels provide safer access to a wide range of private and public areas including schools, colleges, leisure centres, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, food production areas, oil and gas refineries, bridges, platforms, construction sites, healthcare facilities, travel depots, marinas and many more.


Antislip is a slip-resistant flooring which is a composite of glass fibre polyester resin and crushed stone. The fine aggregate stone chippings are embedded into the fluid surface and cured to achieve maximum adhesion. The surface is then bonded with a clear resin which provides a durable, flexible and long-lasting anti-slip surface. Antislip can be installed onto timber, metal, open mesh or concrete on new and existing ramps, steps, walkways, staircases, bridges and decking within numerous settings. Key features and benefits of Antislip include:

  • Highly strong and durable
  • Satisfies DDA requirements
  • Can be used immediately after installation and provides instant safety improvements
  • Simple to install, clean and maintain
  • Large sheet sizes are available
  • Fully weatherproof and rot proof and can be installed in all weathers
  • Factory finished to maintain quality
  • Can be used for interior and exterior applications
  • Available fire rated to satisfy Class 0 of the Building Regulations
  • Available in black, yellow, brown, white, red, blue and green
  • Tested by RAPRA Technology on the TRRL Pendulum tester in wet and dry conditions
  • Antislip achieved 101 in dry conditions and 65 in wet conditions. Any score above 65 is classed as excellent and Antislip is classified as having 'Low Potential for Slip'
  • Accredited to ISO 9001


Antislip is used for many applications and is specifically available in step covers, nosing, decking strips and sheets.

  • Antislip Step Cover

Antislip Step Cover is a preformed slip-resistant cover for steps and stairs. The step covers are suitable for installation on heavily trafficked stairs and are provided with highlighted nosing and leading edge. The covers are available in depths up to 1200mm, widths of 3000mm, in any height up to 300mm and with 90 degree angle nosing as standard or with a round nose if required.

  • Antislip Nosing

Antislip Nosing is used on steps to improve site safety. The brightly coloured yellow slip-resistant surface offers a long-term solution and is quick and easy to install. The nosing can be supplied with a minimum panel thickness of 4mm, with a maximum depth of up to 85mm, widths of up to 3000mm and a height of up to 55mm.

  • Antislip Decking Strip

Antislip Decking Strip is used to immediately improve the slip-resistance of new and old timber decking. The decking strip can be inserted into the timber decking to retain the look of the wood and is suitable for verandas, walkways, pontoons and bridges. The minimum panel thickness is 4mm and the maximum strip length is up to 3000mm and the maximum width is 120mm.

  • Antislip Sheet

Antislip Sheet is an extremely strong and robust slip-resistant sheet manufactured from FRP composite material. Antislip Sheet is extremely easy to install and is perfect for installation onto walkways, ramps, platforms and bridges. The minimum panel thickness available is 4mm and the maximum sheet length is 1200mm and the maximum width is 3000mm.

Steni UK prides itself on designing and manufacturing an exceptional quality safety product which is used by many private, commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK. The products can be purchased directly with Steni or through numerous third party retailers who can also provide installation services if required. The friendly and professional sales team is available to provide comprehensive product information, advice and technical specifications. Samples of all the products are available upon request.


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