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Stormguard Floodplan Company Profile

Floodplan is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of cost effective flood barrier systems for doors and entrances and covers for air bricks. The company has earned a highly respected reputation with both customers and insurance companies for creating flood barrier systems that will protect homes from floodwater and provide complete peace of mind.

Flooding is becoming a way of life for many parts of the UK today and is predicted to increase year on year. For homes which are at risk, they can find it difficult to get appropriate and affordable insurance, as the insurers believe there is too much risk. Flooding inside a property can cause serious damage and expensive repairs can take many months to rectify; Floodplan has developed a unique bespoke system for doors and entrances that will provide the ultimate protection.

Floodplan Barriers

Floodplan’s slot-in barrier systems are individually manufactured to fit each specific installation. The team will also check around the home to establish other possible sources of flood water ingress. Floodplan barriers are extremely lightweight and easy to install and can be placed into position within 30 seconds. Weighing the same as a couple of bags of sugar, the barriers can be simply fitted by anyone, even individuals with infirmities. Flood barriers can be fitted to front and rear doors, double width doors, patio doors and even cellar doors.

Floodplan has carried out installations across the UK in domestic and commercial properties and prides itself on achieving 100% customer satisfaction. The flood barriers are generally cheaper than factory produced items and simply slot into place across the opening when there is a flood risk. Also available are air brick covers. Air bricks are often sited low down on a property and flood water can easily penetrate the property via these points. Floodplan’s air brick covers still enable airflow into the property, but provide complete protection from flood water. The flood barriers and air brick covers are guaranteed for 5 years.

Homeprotect Insurance

With more than 5 million properties in the UK at risk of flooding, insurance companies are becoming more reluctant to insure these buildings. For customers who have experienced a previous flood in their property, they can appreciate the difficulties in finding reasonably priced home insurance. Homeprotect can provide a competitive home insurance quotation. Floodplan can carry out a professional flood survey to provide an insurance company with all the information they require. If a flood defence system which has been recommended by the flood surveyor is installed, then the home is deemed to be at a reduced risk from flooding. Homeprotect insurance can provide excellent value home insurance.

Floodplan is committed to providing reliable and effective flood protection systems for homes and businesses throughout the UK. The friendly and experienced team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth information and quotations over the telephone. Floodplan prides itself on being endorsed by a London-based insurance company and offers a 5 year guarantee across the product range.


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