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  • Glass Paving
  • Glass Paving
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  • Rubber Flooring
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  • Rubber Tiles
  • Stone Carpet Flooring
  • Stone Carpet Flooring
  • Tree Bark & Rubber Chippings
  • Tree Bark & Rubber Chippings
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  • Glass Paving
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Rubber Tiles
  • Stone Carpet Flooring
  • Stone Carpet Flooring

Surebond Surfaces Company Profile

Surebond Surfaces specialises in the supply and installation of epoxy and polyurethane resin based flooring and paving surfaces. The company has over twenty five years of industry experience and uses a wide range of environmentally friendly products to produce stunning, functional and safe surfaces for a vast array of applications.

Epoxy and resin based flooring is made using mainly recycled items such as aggregates, glass bottles and car tyres and the company’s policy is to use as many recycled or reengineered products as possible to help in reducing its environmental footprint. Surebond Surfaces predominantly installs resin bound and bonded paving, stone carpet, wet pour play areas, liquid plastic and rubber wall surfaces and epoxy resin flooring.


The dedicated and experienced team at Surebond oversees each individual project, which starts with free advice, on-site meetings and surveys to assess the exact needs and requirements. Once the survey has been done a detailed list of recommendations will be presented together with a quotation. For each project carried out, the team will produce Method Statements and Risk Assessments to ensure protection for the workforce, the people they are working for and the general public from any Health and Safety or environmental issues.

Surebond Surfaces has formed a highly respected reputation within the industry and uses only the very best quality raw materials available, all of which are backed up with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on most installations.


Surebond Surfaces offers a wide and varied range of surface options which cover three main categories; flooring, paving and EPDM rubber. Options available include:

Rubber Flooring and Paving Surfaces

Surebond rubber surfaces have been developed to create safe areas for children, the elderly and animals. The rubberised surfaces can be used to create unique and distinctive designs, reduce accidents from falling and for acoustic noise reduction. Rubber flooring options include rubber tiles, EPDM rubber screeds, sheet rubber, liquid rubberised flooring, playground rubber, swimming pool surrounds, decorative surfaces, equestrian products, rubber wall panels and rubber Tarmac.

Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane Flooring

Epoxy resin flooring and polyurethane flooring is ideal for applications where super strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance and hygiene is required in locations such as factories, garages, shops, homes, car parks and many more. Options include:

  • Sealers and dust proofing systems
  • Water based and high build coatings
  • Self-smoothing floor surfaces
  • Epoxy and polyurethane coatings and screeds
  • Cementitious polymer modified screeds
  • Decorative quartz and flake flooring
  • Anti-slip and non-slip flooring
  • Chemical resistant flooring, bunds and tanks

Stone Carpet

Stone Carpet is a newly developed product based on Surebond’s resin bound paving range. As the name suggests, Stone Carpet replicates the look of a stone carpet and can be laid in an attractive neutral stone finish or in bold and vibrant colour combinations. Stone Carpet is ideal for areas where a carpet is not practical such as reception areas, swimming pool surrounds, nightclubs, balconies, conservatories, shops and cafes. Stone Carpet is durable, easy to maintain, can incorporate logos, will not fade and has a life expectancy of over 20 years.

Resin Bonded Stone/Gravel Surfacing

Resin bonded stone and gravel is a perfect solution for parks, driveways, paved areas, paths, car parks, roads and balconies. This extremely durable product offers the look of a stone surface, but the stone is bonded to a tarmac or concrete substrate which cannot be affected by weeds growing through the surface. A wide range of colour options and stone sizes are available to complement any project.

Resin Bound Paving

Resin bound paving produces a decorative smooth textured stone finish for public footpaths, parks, driveways, swimming pool surrounds and public building entrances where logos and patterns can be incorporated. Stone, gravel or glass can be mixed with UV resistant polyurethane aliphatic resin to create stunning designs. Benefits of this system include the capability to be laid at varying thicknesses, slip resistant finish, the porous surface allows water to drain through and it is extremely durable. Other products include resin bound tree pits that satisfy SUDS requirements, resin bound balcony surfaces and resin bound recycled glass paving in a vast range of colour and design options.

Wet Pour Rubber Play Surfaces

The high performance wet pour system is laid by mixing graded black or coloured EPDM rubber granules with highly sophisticated resins to form a trowel applied wet pour surface. The thickness of the wet pour surface is governed by the critical fall heights of each individual play area. The surface is installed by the Surebond installation team throughout the UK who can create small play zones to complete playground areas. With a wide range of colours available the wet pour surface can incorporate various designs, shapes, lines, logos and patterns that will stimulate minds and add fun to any new play area. Safety rubber surfacing is also widely specified for use in schools, nurseries, parks and elderly care homes.

Tree Bark and Chipping Recycled Rubber Surfacing

Surebond has developed a recycled rubber surface which provides an effect of tree bark or chippings. The rubber is coloured and mixed with a binder resin and laid 40-50mm thick and is suitable for landscaped play areas, footpaths and tree pits. The rubber bark chippings allow water to drain through the surface and therefore does not produce puddles after rainfall. Other products available include loose fill or bound rubber mulch and artificial grass.

Surebond Surfaces is committed to providing private and commercial clients with a wide and varied range of surfacing products that will make any area more attractive, functional and safe. The stunning array of products and colour options provide solutions for every type of modern or traditional, rural or urban location. The experienced and dedicated team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth advice and assistance in specifying the most appropriate product for a particular application.


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