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    SWS (GB) Company Profile

    SWS Structural Waterproofing Systems is based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and specialises in the provision of high performance waterproofing membranes, structural waterproofing and green roof systems. The company is a UK agent for the Pluvitec range of waterproofing materials and offers a comprehensive service from design to installation. Pluvitec is the latest innovation in the field of waterproofing combined with insulation as a continuous roofing system.

    SWS provide a free specification service and a site survey to establish the most appropriate system for a particular application. The survey will take into account the project type such as new build, overlay or refurbishment, type of deck, number of storeys, building type (domestic, commercial or industrial), humidity level and warranty requirement.

    The product range includes:

    Pluvitec Plura Thermo Adhesive

    Pluvitec is a prefabricated membrane with differentiated waterproofing masses, designed for use on heat-sensitive insulation boards or flammable substrate such as wooden decks. Pluvitec is ideal for domestic and industrial applications with flat, pitched or vaulted roofs and terraces. Plura Thermo Adhesive is a membrane which combines both APP and SBS which ensures durability, UV protection, improved adhesive qualities and low temperature flexibility. Plura Thermo Adhesive has a reduced application time as both the vapour barrier and insulation are applied with a one torch application which significantly reduces costs and project lengths. The system is available in 20 or 25 year options.

    Quantum Roof Systems

    The SWS Quantum system is a high performance built-up membrane roofing system. Quantum is made up of a 3mm high quality vapour barrier, which features a continuous aluminium foil to provide a vapour barrier base layer on warm roof applications, SWS insulation typically 100mm PUR board, Ipertec Forato 745gm venting layer and SWS Tech 5000 G200 underlay. This system is backed up with an independently insured warranty, including design and liability and is supported by SWS technical staff and installed by a national network of carefully selected approved contractors.

    Polymer Bitumen

    Polymer-bitumen is a term applied to a construction material for the waterproofing of roofs. Polymer-bitumen membrane is known for its combination with new types of reinforcement, like glass-fibre and polyester non-woven fabric. The bituminous mix guarantees waterproofing and resistance to wear, whilst the reinforcement provides excellent mechanical properties and distributes loads. The bituminous materials are available in a range of finishes including dry talc, natural mineral and polypropylene film. The Gold Shield and Silver Shield roof systems consist of a basic venting layer compatible with APP and SBS membranes and allow vapour to travel freely below the waterproofing, avoiding pressure build up areas. The systems are torch applied with mineral cap sheet.

    Structural Waterproofing

    Pluvitec Plura R TNT structural waterproofing membrane is a high performance bituminous based material which provides a quality assured solution for any application. Plura R TNT is available in 3mm and 4mm thicknesses and as a thermo adhesive option and is extremely versatile and durable, as well as self-protecting. The membrane can tolerate light foot traffic and follow-up construction operations. Plura R TNT is suitable for basement waterproofing, podium deck waterproofing, bridge decks, car parks, foundations and slabs and terraces.

    Green Roofing

    Green roof systems are becoming increasingly popular in the UK in terms of flat roof waterproofing. There are two basic types of green roofing; the most popular is the sedum mat or grass roof, known as extensive roofing which is generally used in industrial situations and in areas where no access to the roof is required. The second type of green roofing is the roof garden, known as an intensive roof. This is a flat roof overlaid with appropriate growing materials such as plants, trees and shrubs. Intensive roofs can incorporate paving, benches, water features and accommodate landscape requirements and are similar to that of a normal garden. Green roof systems offer a wide range of benefits including extra insulation, reduced energy bills, improved roof life expectancy, habitat for wildlife, environmentally friendly, attractive, sound insulating and improved fire resistance.

    SWS can offer comprehensive design advice and information on the green roof specification, structural loading, access arrangements, safety considerations and environmental impact.

    SWS Structural Waterproofing is committed to offering the very best waterproofing and roofing solutions for a wide and varied range of applications. The professional and dedicated sales, design and technical teams welcome enquiries and will endeavour to find an appropriate solution for any project size or requirement. SWS has a list of approved contractors available, enabling clients to be confident that their system will be installed professionally and each installation is issued with an insurance-backed warranty following an inspection by the technical department. SWS is a member of the Construction CPD Certification Service.


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