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  • Entrance Matting
  • Entrance Matting
  • Entrance Matting
  • Entrance Matting
  • Entrance Matting
  • Entrance Matting
  • Entrance Matting
  • Entrance Matting
  • Logo Matting
  • Logo Matting
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  • Roll Matting
  • Roll Matting
  • Roll Matting
  • Roll Matting
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  • Specialist Matting
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  • Wet Area Matting
  • Wet Area Matting

Syncros Entrance Matting Systems Company Profile

Syncros Barrier Matting Systems is a leading supplier of entrance matting solutions. The company works with architects, specifiers and contractors across a wide range of sectors including retail, education and healthcare.

Clients include many prestigious customers and well known High Street names such as Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury, Next, Barclays and Wilkinsons. The company also supplies direct to the flooring and contractor trades. Syncros has installed custom entrance matting solutions to more than 80 shopping centres across the UK.

The comprehensive nationwide service covers everything from initial survey through to supply of the best matting solution, expert installation and aftercare. Matting products and accessories can also be on a supply-only basis.

By dealing with several quality manufacturers such as Milliken, Jaymart, Gradus and 3M, Syncros staff can use their extensive knowledge based on 15 years experience to select the most suitable product for an application from a huge choice. Totally bespoke solutions can be provided to meet project requirements, including surface mount matwells and bespoke shaped mats.

Syncros is the principal distributor of Milliken Obex entrance matting in the UK. The range includes Milliken Prior, Milliken Forma and Milliken Atrium and Syncros offers maintenance packages for Prior and Forma barrier matting.


Entrance Matting

Syncros Barrier Matting Systems has a comprehensive range of entrance matting suitable for fitting into matwells or for surface mounting. Ranges are stocked from the following manufacturers:

  • Milliken. The ranges include Prior, an extremely durable PVC primary barrier matting tile with an effective scraper design for indoor or outdoor use and Forma, a PVC entrance tile in closed or open construction combined with textile inserts in eight textile colours.
  • Gradus. Esplanade Plus and Topguard are both for heavy traffic areas, with the Topguard being strengthened by integral galvanised steel wires. Access is for medium traffic areas, and with no metal in its construction, can be installed where electronic tagging is used.
  • Emco. Diplomat, Plaza, Marschall and Senator are aluminium based systems with different infills, suitable for normal, heavy or extreme uses. Radial is a curved aluminium barrier matting ideal for complementing revolving doors.
  • Forbo. Tuftiguard comes in an infinite range of designs and sizes, most of which can be reversed to optimise performance. Flameguard provides a low smoke, low halogen matting system. Grid is a single sided, rigid entrance system with a choice of infills.
  • Jaymart. Alligator has rubber, ribbed cord or polypropylene brush dirt control matting inserts set with aluminium scraper sections. Buffer-Zone is suitable for areas of the heaviest traffic. Grime includes a fire resistant, low smoke emission matting system. Street has options that can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • 3M Matting. Terra is a structured vinyl matting that traps high amounts of soiling. Modular consists of interlocking vinyl tiles that allow rapid installation and complete design flexibility. Optima aluminium frame matting offers both dirt and water removal.
  • Construction Specialties. Pedigrid is a deep gauge aluminium grid system with textile insert allowing water, slush and dirt to drain into the well below. Pediluxe and Pedimat are both roll-up matting systems that can be recessed or surface mounted and are available in a range of colour or tread options.
  • Howe Green. Matlock and Metro ranges offer stylish solutions for hard-working entrance. Matlock can incorporate company logos.
  • SmartForm by Syncros. Easy to install Smart Form is one of the only Greenspec approved aluminium grid systems currently available with seven different textile infill options.
  • Rawson. A range of entrance matting suitable for all types of private and public sector buildings.

Roll Matting

For a second zone of protection after the entrance matting, Syncros has roll matting by manufacturers including Milliken, Gradus, Nuway, CS, Heckmondwike, Rawson, Howe and Coba. There is a choice of very hard wearing nylon roll matting or cost effective polypropylene roll matting. The nylon matting is extremely durable and ideal for lobbies and stairwells.

Specialist Matting

The specialist matting range from Syncros includes:

  • Milliken Looselay Mats comprising high quality dyed fibres with a rubber backing.
  • Milliken Anti-Fatigue Matting to reduce both fatigue and noise.
  • Bouncy Matta made from 97% recycled plastic, for indoor play areas.
  • Flexi Matta to cope with plastic and steel golfing spikes.
  • Tack Mat with an adhesive surface to protect against dirt and bacteria.
  • Rubber matting for various applications including anti-slip mats, drainage mats, scraper matting and rubber desk chair matting with bevelled edges.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles from Milliken, Rawson and Heckmondwike are available in bonded and tufted versions suitable for many areas.

Wet Area Matting

Wet area matting from 3M is ideal for changing rooms, around swimming pools and whirlpool baths. , Ergo Matta Leisure Mat is a rubber tile with anti-slip, drainage and anti-microbial properties.

Logo Matting

Syncros has a range of logo matting including versions that offer intricate designs and photo-like imagery. Materials include nylon pile, coir or fibre bonded, which has better DDA compliance, and rubber outdoors mats. Syncros can manufacture bespoke designer mats in virtually any shape or design.

Syncros also supplies matting accessories such as matwell frame kits and temporary floor protection.


With such a wide selection of matting products available, Syncros staff use their expertise to advise on the best product, depending on the expected level and type of traffic entering the building, the type of dirt expected to be carried in from the surrounding area, the size and shape of the area to be covered and the aesthetic requirements of the matting.

Syncros has a team of highly skilled installers who are all Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) registered. The installers undertake training with manufacturers and can offer advice and guidance on preparation, installation and maintenance for all entrance matting products. Syncros is also able to train contractors in the method of installation and maintenance of all Milliken products.

Care is taken to ensure the installation is carried out at the optimum time for the customer, and work will be carried out professionally and speedily, minimising disruption. Installations are available to book 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The fitting department will also install bespoke mats designed to a client’s specifications.

Syncros is proud of its high level of customer service. Attention to detail means projects are delivered on time and in budget with the most appropriate products, offering the best value. With large quantities held in stock, delivery is prompt.

To contact Syncros Barrier Matting Systems for more details, visit the website or use the buttons above.


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