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Taplanes Company Profile

Taplanes Ltd is the longest-established designer and manufacturer of hygienic leak-proof prefabricated shower cubicles and bathroom pods in the UK. The quality of Taplanes’ products and service has earned the company a portfolio of blue chip companies in sectors including education, healthcare, leisure and the military.

The company’s founders have extensive knowledge of polypropylene and plastic welding techniques, having previously worked with chemical tanks, and use this expertise to ensure the company’s Yorkshire facility produces modular shower solutions that are 100% watertight and continuously evolving to keep up with the latest needs of the industry.

All Taplanes’ products have proven reliability and durability, with expected lifespan in excess of 30 years. A 25-year guarantee is offered. The slab polypropylene used has walls 9mm-12mm thick providing a rigid structure that does not require any support from moisture-sensitive materials such as wood or metal. Another major contributor to Taplanes’ success is a patented non-return joint that provides a flush, interlocking watertight seal eliminating the need for vulnerable rubber-based materials. The smooth surface is easy to clean and the material is inert, making it ideal for healthcare organisations. Polypropylene is fully recyclable.

The pre-formed shower enclosures provide reliable and stylish solutions to bathroom needs in new build and refurbishment projects, with many advantages over traditional construction methods. These include:

  • The heavy duty polypropylene used repels bacterial growth, boosting hygiene
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Extremely robust and long lasting
  • Most cubicles and all the pods are sectional, enabling units to be manoeuvred into awkward locations with ease
  • Solutions include products suitable for users with limited mobility.

Units come in three colours and can be tailored to suit a variety of exterior finishes. Expert Taplanes engineers are happy to provide free advice on project requirements including design input if required, detailed CAD drawings and demonstrations.


All Taplanes units are designed for quick and easy installation. They are mostly pre-drilled for sanitaryware and some items can be factory fitted to save time on site. Products are strong enough to be dismantled and re-used in another location, without affecting the guarantee. With a choice of one-piece or sectional shower cubicles and bathroom pods in various shapes, there is a solution for all kinds of applications and budgets. A fully bespoke service is also available.

Shower Cubicles

All shower cubicles are available with shower fitments to suit and numerous optional features can be incorporated. Designs include:

  • Alpha - a one-piece design in a choice of medium sizes with curtain, pivot or bi-fold door
  • Beta - a free standing one-piece cubicle for where space is at a premium, available in a choice of small sizes with curtain or door
  • Caledonian - a luxurious, curved one-piece cubicle designed principally for new build hotels. Includes a built-in seat
  • Delta - designed for refurbishment projects, this one-piece cubicle has extra flanges to enable it to fit into existing alcoves without any unsightly gaps. Available in several medium sizes.
  • Disabled - a low floor model in one-piece or sectional design, in bespoke sizes with curtain and choice of accessories such as grab rails
  • Hookham - featuring a stylish curved fixed screen, this elegant walk-in shower cubicle in various sizes is a popular choice for replacing baths in refurbishment projects
  • Keele Oaks - an open and airy square sectional two sided cubicle with two plastic rear sides and two glass sides, one with a bi-fold or pivot door. In a choice of sizes
  • Keele Quad - a quadrant sectional cubicle with two plastic rear sides and a curved glass front featuring either one pivot or two sliding doors
  • Omega - an economical sectional square cubicle in a small or medium size with curtain, pivot or bi-fold door
  • Prankard - a sectional cubicle with corner entry door for easy access in a compact area
  • Prima - a bespoke sectional cubicle for where specific dimensions are essential
  • Prima and Deck - sectional bespoke cubicle with externally connected drying area, ideal for older properties where water outside the cubicle would be major concern
  • Prima Strathclyde - a larger version, horizontal section cubicle with a return edge on the doorway side
  • Sigma - bespoke one-piece cubicle popular with developers
  • Wudu - a one-piece facility with seat, designed to facilitate the Islamic pre-prayer ritual of Wudu.

Ensuite Pods

The en suite pods are configured for toilet, hand wash basin and shower within one private, watertight unit. All are sectional and easily installed in all kinds of site, offering a long-term solution for any project. They are particularly suitable for updating student accommodation. Shower fitments, lighting, sanitaryware and extraction can be specified to suit.

Models are available in a choice of sizes in various shapes and configurations:

  • Ailsa - extremely versatile option encompassing all essential facilities as well as creating a service void for maintenance
  • Airedale - sectional design with low floor designed to drop into a scree, making it ideal for healthcare facilities
  • Arran - robust design to create ensuite accommodation in new or refurb projects
  • Bristol - one size with left or right hand options
  • Low level entry - large pod with wide doorway
  • Iona - containing a showering area complete with shower door, plus wash hand basin and toilet with built in vanity unit
  • Jura and Orkney - two more shapes to suit refurbishment or new build projects
  • Linfield - robust pod in choice of sizes and handing options
  • Lismore - a larger pod designed with hotels and guest houses in mind
  • Uppingham - a small pod in one size only.

Mini Pods

Mini Pods combine a shower and changing/drying area within a single private cubicle and are often used within communal bathrooms including at hostels and for the Prison Service. The Mini Pod is a sectional design and is available in bespoke sizes with front or side entry and shower fitments, extraction and lighting to suit. There is a choice of front entry or side entry standard Mini Pod model or the Larkhill Mini Pod, with larger drying area offering seating and shelving options.

All Taplanes product designs can be tailored to suit customer requirements, with a technically sound solution incorporating attention to detail. The company provides a complete service which incorporates site surveys, AutoCad design, manufacturing expertise and experience and comprehensive installation instructions. Examples of completed installations across a range of sectors can be viewed on the Taplanes website.

Taplanes of Harrogate prides itself on its expertise in plastics engineering and believes in continual improvement and innovation. It was the first UK shower cubicle manufacturer to gain BS EN 9001:2000 accreditation. The friendly and knowledgeable customer care team is available to provide detailed information and product advice.

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