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The Insta Group Company Profile

InstaGroup was established in 1980 and specialises in the provision of high performance, energy efficiency products and specialist construction insulation products. The company has seen a rapid growth in sales as public awareness about the need to conserve heat and energy for the protection of the environment and its resources, has greatly increased in recent years.

The wide range of eco-friendly products includes InstaFibre loft and cavity wall insulation, InstaCoustic acoustic insulation and specialist sports floors and InstaTherm external wall insulation for park homes. InstaGroup has formed a highly respected reputation with homes and businesses, creating effective and affordable insulation solutions throughout the UK.

InstaGroup can provide homeowners with a free, no-obligation insulation survey by a specialist surveyor. The surveyor will provide comprehensive advice and information on how an individual property can benefit from home insulation. Home owners and tenants can also qualify for significant grants under the government’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Target Scheme (CERT).


The majority of home insulation solutions are quick and easy to install in most properties and instant savings can be made on household bills. Homes can also improve their energy efficiency rating. The product range includes:


InstaFibre is a range of insulation solutions for domestic and commercial clients. InstaFibre has over 80 BBA approved local installers throughout the UK and has worked for over 30 years with local authorities, energy businesses, charities and homeowners. InstaFibre loft, cavity and solid wall insulation products are produced from high performance recycled materials and all are approved by the BBA.

InstaFibre Cavity Wall Insulation

Around 35% of heat is lost through walls in an average un-insulated property. Cavity wall insulation is mineral fibre wool which is injected into the gap/cavity between the inner and outer walls of the house. This stops heat through the walls and decreases the amount of heating required. The Cavity Wall Insulation Guarantee Scheme guarantees all work for 25 years. The cavity wall insulation is available in four options including InstaFibre Yellow Wool or White Wool which is produced from silica sand and treated with an inert water repellent, InstaFibre Rockwool which provides superior thermal performance and InstaBead expanded polystyrene bead material injected into a cavity and bonded with adhesive.

InstaFibre Loft Insulation

Up to 26% of heat can be wasted through a roof if loft insulation is not installed. Loft insulation is a blanket of mineral fibre made from recycled glass and is installed between and over the joists. The insulation should be around 10 inches deep to achieve the best results. InstaFibre Loft Quilt is available in 60, 80, 100, 150, 170 and 200mm thicknesses, in widths to suit most spaces and is simply rolled between the joists. InstaFibre Blown Loft Wool is installed using a pneumatic blowing machine and is ideal for areas such as ceiling voids, under boards and in awkward corners in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.


InstaCoustic is a range of high performance acoustic floor, wall and ceiling insulation products specifically designed for the construction industry. The range also incorporates a collection of specialist floors for the sports and leisure industry. All systems are all independently tested and have been developed in compliance with current Building Regulations. The products are backed up with a dedicated design team, innovative systems, extensive technical services and project management, covering design through to installation. Detailed technical and specification support and advice on Pre-Completion Testing and compliance with Robust Details can also be provided. Products include:

  • Floating floor systems
  • Combination floor and ceiling systems
  • Wall systems
  • Ceiling systems
  • Isolation strips
  • Sports flooring systems

Park Homes

InstaGroup has developed an innovative and affordable insulation solution for park homes. Fitted to the exterior walls of the homes, the layered insulation system can reduce heating bills by 50%, improve weather resistance, maintains a comfortable interior temperature, can increase property value, improve appearance and energy efficiency. The boards are finished with a roughcast coating in any colour of choice. The main element of the 15mm panel system is an advanced insulation material known as Aerogel which creates a breathable membrane. In addition to the wall insulation and to ensure the system operates to the highest possible effectiveness, technicians can assess the loft and floors to find an appropriate insulation solution.

InstaGroup provides a wide range of insulation products and services for domestic commercial and industrial businesses throughout the UK. As pioneers within the industry, the company prides itself on assisting individuals to save money and reduce their carbon footprint via cost effective and simple solutions. The dedicated sales team welcomes enquiries and will guide the client through all the specification, design and installation processes. The product range is continuously being researched and developed in response to the ever changing demands of the industry. InstaGroup works with the UK’s major energy supply companies and offers a wide range of grants for householders.


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