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The Nuaire Group Company Profile

The Nuaire Group has been designing, manufacturing and installing innovative, high quality, energy efficient ventilation products since 1963, for homes and businesses throughout the UK and abroad. Manufactured at the company's headquarters in South Wales, the award winning product range includes conventional and bespoke ventilation solutions, heat recovery systems and next generation renewable energy solutions.

Nuaire has also developed a wide range of fan control sensors, speed controls, integrated software and solar technology to tackle the need for reducing carbon emissions. All products have been designed to optimise air quality and energy consumption within homes and buildings and the company offers a complete design and installation service.

Residential Products

Good ventilation removes stale, polluted air and introduces clean, quality air, promoting health and well-being.

Nuaire can provide solutions for small and large scale projects and products include:

Heat Recovery

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems provide fresh air and improved climate control, whilst also saving energy by reducing the heating or cooling requirements. As building energy efficiency is improved, buildings are made more air tight and they are less well ventilated. The system operates 24/7 and runs at low noise levels. Nuaire has a wide range of systems available for single rooms to complete houses. Systems include MRXBOX95, and MRXBOX90 , IpXbox AC, DC and DC-2, CookerXbox, Ecoheater and Opus Xbox.

Multi Point, Bathroom and Kitchen Extract

Multi point extract MEV systems require a single discharge grille for a whole apartment, with smaller, easy to install ducts. The system offers simultaneous, low level extraction from kitchens, bathrooms, WC's and utility rooms and discharges it outside via a single duct and grille. Genie bathroom and kitchen extractor fans are used in conjunction with windows and trickle vents and incorporate controls such as pullcords, humidistats, occupancy sensors and light switch control.

Positive Input Ventilation

This system works by supplying tempered filtered air into a building using heat from within a roof. The units are installed into a loft, operate at an incredibly low noise level and replace poor quality air with good quality air with no condensation or damp. Around twenty times a day, all stale air is omitted via leakage points in a home and replaced. Unused heat within the roof is used by the ventilation unit to provide a significant net energy gain to the house. Systems include the Drimaster, Flatmaster and Ecoheatex.

Commercial Products

Nuaire has developed a large range of ventilation products for the commercial sector that incorporate health and air quality, energy efficiency, noise, fire safety and ease of maintenance and installation.

Products can be designed and installed to clients individual specification and include:

  • XBOXER and Ecosmart Boxer air handling units
  • Opus Xbox and Xboxer Twinfan, Thermal Wheel and Run Around Coil heat recovery units
  • Ecostrat De-stratification units
  • Opus 40, 60 and 95 supply and extract twin fans
  • Axus standard axial fans
  • Smoke ventilation products for emergency use in buildings and car parks and certified to BS standards
  • Terminator, Mark ten and XS Roof fans in axial, mixed flow and centrifugal impeller options with silencers, suitable for all roof profiles and colour coordinated to exact requirement
  • The Ecosmart control links the fan to a correctly matched frequency inverter and electronic speed control to minimise energy use and has a range of plug-in matched condition sensors

Renewable Energy Products

The Nuaire Sunwarm range is a range of environmentally friendly range of solar energy products that reduce carbon emissions, energy bills and fossil fuel usage. Sunwarm products use energy from the sun throughout the year to produce 50-60% of annual domestic air heating, hot water and ventilation requirements.

Products include:

  • Sunwarm Tile is a low energy positive input ventilation unit that utilises solar energy collected within roof tiles for air heating
  • Sunwarm Air is a low energy positive input ventilation unit that collects solar energy via a roof mounted solar air collector for air heating
  • Sunwarm Water is suitable for commercial and domestic water heating and uses energy from the sun and converts it to hot water


Nuaire provides a range of ventilation, heating and cooling equipment from other leading manufacturers and has a dedicated technical support team for these products. Products include short cased axials, Atex axials and de-stratification.

Nuaire offers a complementary, no obligation advice and quotation service to assist clients in selecting the system which is suitable for a particular project. With nearly fifty years experience, Nuaire offers the widest and most comprehensive range of ventilation products in the UK and is committed to the research and development of more energy efficient, environmentally friendly equipment.

For more detailed information and product advice please contact The Nuaire Group using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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