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The Pegler Yorkshire Group Company Profile

In January 2009 two companies Pegler and Yorkshire Fittings merged together to form The Pegler Yorkshire Group which is one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of taps, valves, plumbing fittings and heating products.

With over two hundred years of shared history, the two organisations have established a strong foundation and reputation for their own Pegler and Yorkshire brands and supplying leading product brands including Terrior, Performa, Endex, Kuterlite, Meibes, Prestex, XPress and Tectite.


A wide a diverse product range is available for many heating and plumbing applications. Products include valves, taps, thermostats, couplings, reducers, elbows, tees, connectors, bends adaptors, floor plates, flanges, stop ends and nipples.

The range includes:

Terrier Heating Solutions

  • Domestic, decorative and commercial radiator valves including push fit and thermostatic angle and straight pattern
  • Terrier circulating pumps in 5 and 6 metre head options
  • Heating controls including 2 and 3 way valves, control packs, programmers and thermostats
  • Differential pressure valves

Yorkshire Pegler Solder Ring Solutions

  • General in sizes 6mm to 67mm
  • Wedge Ring in sizes 76mm to 108mm
  • Heating minibore manifolds in 22 and 28mm sizes with 8 and 10mm outlets
  • Waste fittings in 28 to 54mm sizes
  • Valves for domestic and commercial applications
  • Pipe clips, stems and brackets from 6 to 108mm
  • Chrome plated fittings
  • GHD fittings for high performance applications in 6 to 54mm sizes

Tectite Push-Fit Solutions

  • Qualpex high integrity cross-linked polyethylene barrier pipe
  • Sprint push fittings for copper tube and plastic pipe in sizes 10 to 28mm
  • Tectite Classic demountable push fit fittings in 10 to 28mm sizes
  • Tectite Pro high duty demountable push fit fittings for copper tube in 15 to 54mm sizes
  • Tectite 316 is a stainless steel push fit fitting and 316 System tube in 15 to 54mm
  • Advance is a range of galvanised carbon steel push fit fittings and tube in 15 to 54mm
  • Valves for use with copper tube and plastic pipe

XPress Press-Fit Solutions

  • Copper and copper alloy fittings for use with copper tube in 15 to 108mm
  • Stainless steel fittings and 316 system tube in 15 to 108mm
  • Carbon steel and system tube in 15 to 108mm
  • Gas copper, copper alloy and stainless steel fittings for gas pipework in 15 to 54mm
  • Solar copper or DZR brass fittings for solar heating applications in sizes 15 to 54mm
  • Multi nickel plated brass alloy fittings for use with XPress Multi Tube in 14 to 63mm
  • Accessories, tools and jaws

Endex Endfeed Solutions

  • General endfeed fittings in 6 to 54mm
  • Endbraze large fittings from 67 to 219mm
  • Degreased and individually bagged fittings for medical gas lines
  • Waste fittings from 35 to 54mm

Kuterlite Compression Solutions

  • K600 brass compression fittings in 6 to 54mm
  • K900 DZR brass compression fittings in 8 to 108mm
  • K700 fittings for MDPE pipe in 20 to 63mm
  • K1700 for HDP and LDP pipe in 3/8 to 1 inch
  • Waste fittings in 28 to 54mm
  • Valves for domestic and commercial use
  • Commercial and polished chrome K600 and K900 fittings
  • Isiflo DZR brass fittings for polyethylene pipe
  • Isiflex galvanised iron for steel tube

Prestex Domestic Valve Solutions

  • Brass, DZR, PL and chrome compression fittings
  • Engineering and plumbing valves
  • Mixing valves

Pegler Commercial Valve Solutions

  • Press fit, push fit and threaded connections
  • Compression, flanged and weld connections

Meibes Solar Solutions

  • Compact SS1 and SD1 and Classic SS1, SD1, SDEW and SDX1 pump stations
  • Solar pipework
  • Fittings
  • Solar Essential and View controls

Performa Utility Tap Solutions

A range of Performa standard, specialist, modern, energy saving and traditional taps and accessories for basins, sinks and baths.

Francis Pegler Luxury Tap Solutions

Francis Pegler modern, traditional and designer bathroom and kitchen taps suit a wide range of tastes and applications.

The product range offered by Pegler Yorkshire is widely available through a national network of building and plumbing merchants. The company is concerned for the environment and manufactures and distributes products in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The Pegler Yorkshire Group is continuously researching and developing new products with a flexible approach which responds to ever changing consumer requirements. An experienced and knowledgeable sales team is available for domestic and commercial enquiries in person, over the telephone or via the website.

For more detailed information on The Pegler Yorkshire Group please use the buttons above or visit the company website.

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