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The York Handmade Brick Co Ltd Company Profile

The York Handmade Brick Company was established in 1988 and specialises in the design and manufacture of handmade and machine produced bricks, floor tiles, paving, edging and specials. The company has built up a highly respected reputation for the superior range of high quality products and has received numerous industry awards.

The bricks are produced using locally-sourced Triassic mudstone clay and with state-of-the-art computer controlled kilns and handling equipment. In addition to the mudstone clay bricks, the company also produces buff burning bricks and pavers from fireclay deposits. The handmade and machine-produced bricks are carefully dried for two days; this ensures that they will not crack when they are fired to 1045 degrees. The bricks are hand set which ensures they emerge with distinctive character and variation.


The York Handmade Brick Company offers a wide range of services to clients and although the products are very traditional, the management team is keen to demonstrate commitment to modern techniques which have minimal environmental impact. For clients requiring something extra special, the sales team can visit the proposed site where a full matching facility is available or for bespoke blends a mix and match service can be arranged. Many historical, listed and period buildings require renovation services and the company has the ability to match up brickwork and restore a property to its former glory.

Handmade and Specials Bricks

Handmade and specials bricks are individually produced using the traditional bench moulding method; this creates variations in colour and texture to give the brick exceptional character. The handmade bricks are available in ten standard blend options and variations on these can be achieved using a combination of mixtures. Any size, shape or finish is available and manufactured to the client’s specific requirement. Bespoke and standard made specials can be produced for decorative architectural features for new and restoration projects. Options include:

  • Old Clamp: A mix of colours made to bespoke requirements
  • Hambleton: A sand-moulded red brick with a varying texture and white/buff tinges
  • Galtres: A sand-moulded light-medium brown brick with red and dark tinges
  • Hunsingore: Designed for sensitive matching work on restoration projects or for new build projects
  • Lindum: A distinctive orange-red coloured brick used on the East coast and for softening large areas of brickwork
  • Thirkleby: A multi-coloured sand-moulded brick with blue brown and red colouring
  • Aldwark: This brick is made by burning iron ore onto the surface which allows the brick to exhibit mellow shades of yellow mixed with purple and red
  • Laddus: An oak coloured brick with a subtle background of mellow red
  • Kilburn and Byland: Bricks manufactured using fire clay mined in the Williamson Cliff factory.

Machine Made Bricks

The machine made bricks offer a more angular appearance that replicates the Victorian style. These bricks can be manufactured in any size to suit the age and look of any property. There are six standard machine made bricks which include:

  • Huby: A blend of the Alne, Tollerton and Bootham bricks that can be fine-tuned to match perfectly to any original building
  • Bootham: An extruded brick using coke breeze and offers a varied weathered effect
  • Tollerton: A traditional Victorian finish brick made with Lacustrine clay with coke breeze and barium carbonate
  • Alne: An extruded red brick with a smooth finish
  • Clifton: Extruded and manufactured from Williamson Cliff clay, the Clifton is widely used throughout the South East and incorporates an applied coating offering a weathered effect
  • Suffolk: Manufactured using Williamson Cliff clay, the Suffolk is an ideal match for Gault bricks predominantly found in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and the South East.

Landscape Paving Products

Clay landscaping products provide a soft and mellow finish in a garden; they catch the light and offer stunning effects and structures. The products available allow garden designers the opportunity to create unlimited traditional brick specials that look stunning when put together with patterned edging bricks. The product range includes:

  • Brick pavers
  • Cobbles
  • Square pavers
  • Garden edging
  • Flower pots

Floor Tiles

The York Handmade Bricks Company produces a stunning range of terracotta floor tiles that are hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing. The tiles are available in smooth or rustic finishes with dark or natural shades in sizes ranging from 200 x 200mm to 300 x 300mm.

The York Handmade Bricks Company is committed to providing clients with an extensive range of handmade and machine produced bricks for a vast array of new build and restoration projects. The company has a showroom in Alne, north of York. The sales teams welcome enquiries from private and commercial clients throughout the UK. The York Handmade Bricks Company is assessed to ISO 14001 the international standard for environmental management and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Products can be purchased directly or through a national network of distributors.

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