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TigerTurf (UK) Company Profile

TigerTurf was established in 2000 and is the premier artificial grass manufacturer in the UK. The company has developed a wide range of solutions for sports, leisure, education, landscape and domestic applications for clients throughout the world. By utilising the most innovate and advanced yarns from global suppliers, TigerTurf has the capability to produce a complete spectrum of options for any environment.

Every synthetic surface is manufactured to satisfy the most stringent standards and TigerTurf is a FIFA licensee with a range of artificial pitch products which are tested to governing body standards. The artificial turf has been specified for an extensive array of purposes including sports surfaces, educational sites, nurseries, pool surrounds and landscapes such as roundabouts, gardens, embankments and much more.

Key Features and Benefits

TigerTurf is manufactured in virtually the same way as conventional carpets, but the tufts are made in longer lengths. The manufacturing facility has machines which are capable of producing dense short pile turf, long pile and open fibre turf for maximum flexibility in the designs. The research and development teams listen carefully to client requirements, creating solutions based on specific needs. TigerTurf is easier to maintain than natural turf and with specialised yearly maintenance programs can easily out-perform and outlast a neglected area by around 50%. The turf will stay looking good for many years and is ideal in areas where it is difficult to grow natural grass. With specially designed drainage holes, water will not pool on the surface and the grass has a technically advanced coating to ensure it will never fade. Installations should always be carried out by TigerTurf trained fitters or through an approved contractor. In every case an experienced TigerTurf representative will be on-hand to offer advice and information to ensure the client receives the best service and guidance on maintenance.

The product range includes:

Club Sport

The club sport range of artificial turf has been specified for numerous UK and international sports grounds and TigerTurf has created playing environments for training and competition. An artificial sports pitch allows events to continue to take place in poor weather and the non-abrasive fibres are cushioned by a rubber layer for extra protection. TigerTurf offers an extensive range of artificial pitches to suit a multitude of sports and as the surfaces require very little maintenance, training and events can be undertaken with minimal disruption. Specialist pitches have been developed for football, rugby, hockey, multi-use, tennis, all-sports, cricket and many more.


TigerTurf has developed a range of artificial turf surfaces for the education sector where young people and adults can express themselves in an external environment. The natural feeling turf provides excellent aesthetics and soft landing surfaces in a huge range of colour options for imaginative designs. TigerTurf systems can also ensure that critical fall heights are catered for within the relevant requirements and standards. The turf systems for education include secondary and further education establishments which require specific sports or multi-sports surfaces and nursery and primary schools where bright colours and, patterns and games and pictures can be incorporated in the designs. The design options are virtually endless and will create rich and stimulating environments that are safe and easy to maintain.


TigerTurf has the capability to provide bespoke synthetic grass solutions for commercial and domestic applications. By installing synthetic turf, precious water reserves are being saved and the environment in which it is installed will remain aesthetically pleasing whatever the climate. Artificial turf is perfect for areas which cannot maintain natural turf such as dry areas and locations where there is a lack of natural light and nourishment. Artificial turf is growing in popularity and is increasingly being used for urban and high usage areas and community environments. With its natural look and feel, TigerTurf can be installed on roundabouts, central reservations, gardens, patios and for general corporate use. Leisure applications can also benefit from the artificial turf with a short pile such as lawns, gardens, swimming pool surrounds, patios, around hot tubs and for exhibitions and events. Brand options include TigerTurf Vision for gardens, Finesse the most realistic grass, Aspire hardwearing and vibrant grass, Fresco for commercial and domestic applications, Lawn extra soft turf and Urban Terrace for patios, terraces and exhibitions.

TigerTurf prides itself on developing a wide range of high quality synthetic turf solutions for virtually any application or environment. The long term benefits of installing artificial grass are longevity, durability, aesthetics and reduced maintenance costs. The friendly and experienced team at TigerTurf will provide in-depth advice and information on specifying the most appropriate solution for a particular requirement and welcomes enquiries from private, trade and commercial clients. All the turf products are guaranteed for eight years and all backings, glue etc. used in the production processes are non-toxic and pass ASTM and IPEMA requirements for use by children, animals and the environment.


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