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Tim Wood Company Profile

Tim Wood designs and makes furniture of the highest quality. What sets him apart is his bespoke service: everything is tailor-made to a client’s exact requirements. Tim specialises in combining the highest level of craftsmanship, creative use of different types of wood and the best of modern manufacturing methods to create pieces that are original, beautiful and functional.

Tim trained at the highly renowned Parnham House, The School for Craftsmen in Wood. He then set up his own business in 1988 and quickly gained a reputation for his creative use of both traditional and modern techniques, delivering to each client a one-off piece of the highest quality.

His range extends from individual pieces such as a jewellery box or boardroom table to kitchens, libraries and bathrooms and to the interior design and fitting out of entire houses and commercial projects.


29A Niton Street
Greater London

Tel: 0207 385 7228
0845 367 6799

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