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  • 1122 Insuvent
  • 1121 Rool Form Eaves Vents
  • 1201-1 Cavity Sleeve - Single Airbrick
  • 3017 Eaves Vent Protector
  • 5a Inter-loc Leaded Horizontal Cavity Trays
  • 6a System 2000 Horizontal Cavity Tray
  • CC2 4EPS Thermo- loc Standard Cavity Closure
  • CC2.4 FR Thermo-loc FR Cavity Closure
  • Everdry Adjustable Unleaded Cavity Tray
  • 1201 Telescopic Underfloor Vent with Terracotta Airbrick
  • Arch Window Cavity Tray
  • Cavity Sleeve
  • Multi Cavity Closures
  • Acousformer Horizontal Cavity Stop
  • Loft Access Door Drop In Type
  • Corbel Vent

Timloc Building Products Company Profile

Timloc, part of the Alumasc Group, has been producing high performance building products in the East Riding of Yorkshire since 1970s. Over the years the company has gained a wealth of experience that few, if any, can rival in design, manufacture and supply of cost effective and quality solutions in the areas of:

  • Preformed Cavity Trays

    - leaded and unleaded off the shelf ranges and bespoke design and manufacture service.

  • Through Wall Ventilation

    - weep and drill vents, cavity sleeves, air bricks, cowls and through wall background venting solutions.

  • Under Floor Ventilation Sets

    - and cost effective extension accessories.

  • Cavity Closers

    - and fire and acoustic cavity stops.

  • Internal Grilles and Louvres

    - metal and plastic.

  • Access Panels

    - bespoke and off the shelf ranges in metal and plastic including fire rated, economy contract and air tight.

  • Loft Access Doors

    - Part L zero air leakage and fire rated.

  • Back Ground Roof Ventilation Solutions.

Whatever a customer’s individual requirements, Timloc’s Technical Team is on hand to offer straightforward advice on system design, product selection and application for the project whilst also providing on-site support and training as required.

With an extensive range of quality, value-for-money products, and with the technical support you need, Timloc is trusted by suppliers, installers and specifiers nationwide.

Cavity Trays

Timloc offers a fully comprehensive range of pre-formed cavity trays and DPC systems for all applications, including off-the-shelf products as well as bespoke design and manufacture solutions for non-standard projects.

Whether you require leaded or unleaded cavity trays, Timloc provides a full range of stepped and horizontal systems suitable for brick, block and stonework as well as door, window, lintel and parapet applications.

From free technical advice, design and scheduling to plot-specific consignment delivery, the company can provide the cavity tray solution and service you need.

Loft Access Doors

As one of the country’s best selling fire rated metal and plastic loft door manufacturers; Timloc’s ranges present quality insulated loft access hatches that are stylish yet unobtrusive; offering variety of features for most applications.

The range includes drop in and hinged zero air leakage loft access doors to help meet Building Regulation Part L – available with standard, 0.35 and 0.25U Value insulation; these ranges are the industry’s best selling and most trusted loft access solutions.

Timloc’s custom design and manufacture service supports its standard 1 hour fire rated range for non-standard project requirements.

All Timloc loft access doors are factory finished and maintenance free – however they can be decorated if required.

Access Panels and Hatches

Timloc produces an extensive range of durable plastic and metal access panels and hatches. Features across the standard ranges include fire rated, contract economy, air tight, insulated, acoustic and circular. The service also includes bespoke design and manufacturing flexibility for non-standard project requirements.

Roof Ventilation

With over 30 years’ experience in providing ventilation solutions to the building industry, Timloc can offer a comprehensive product range of background roof ventilation solutions supported by expert technical support.

The company’s roof ventilation portfolio provides solutions for primary and secondary ventilation applications including rafter trays, soffit vents, over fascia, roll form eaves, slate ventilators. The range is supported by roofing ancillary items including eaves vent protectors, valley trough products and eaves comb filler.

Underfloor and through wall ventilation

The building and refurbishment industry is preparing to meet its greatest challenge to date – delivering air tight buildings that are safe. The old saying of ‘build tight, vent right’ has never been more important.

Timloc’s understanding of legislative requirements and technical expertise coupled with the extensive range of new build and refurbishment products means that the team can deliver an essential passive ventilation solution for every project.

The company’s underfloor and through wall background ventilation products are tough and easy to use and include telescopic underfloor ventilator sets with a range of convenient horizontal and vertical extension accessories. Timloc also supplies cavity sleeve ventilators and through wall combination sets, with or without acoustic insulation, for heat producing appliances.

Cavity Closers, Fire & Acoustic Stops

Timloc offers a comprehensive range of cavity closer products for all applications. Typical standard areas covered are insulated cavity closers around openings, acoustic and fire rated cavity stops at floor levels and compartment walls along with unique patented products for perimeter acoustic, fire and insulation protection at floor levels and compartment walls.

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