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    Tool Wise Company Profile

    After 25 years of working in the tool industry we realised that the internet is the future. Our website was first launched in 2006 and aimed to provide quality branded product that you can trust direct to your door. We believe in offering exceptional customer service to all our customers. After the initial success of our website we upgraded to our current site in April 2009 to make the buying process simpler and easier for our customers and allow us to categorize products better so you can find what you are looking for. We are constantly keeping an eye out for new innovative or quality products to add to our range and take new product suggestions direct from our customers.

    Our Brands


    The M.K Morse company is an American family run business and synonymous with quality.

    M.K. Morse products are manufactured in Canton, Ohio, USA in the industry’s most advanced production facility.

    Our whole business is making saw blades for professionals. We make blades that last longer, cut smoother and do every conceivable cutting job. We make them for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, sheet metal workers and anyone who uses power tools.

    We make it our job to never, ever let these people down. Toward this end we’ve continually invested in better research and development, better manufacturing processes, better raw materials and better warehousing facilities. The result is a wide-ranging product line that offers professionals blades that work better and last longer.

    Since 1963 we have been developing, improving and refining our saw blade manufacturing processes. The saw makers’ art as practiced by Morse is a combination of state-of-the-art production facilities, engineering innovation and personal skill.

    Many of our engineering and production employees have been at it for decades. Today they work in a fully integrated manufacturing facility where we do everything but make our own steel……so far. This gives us total control of our processes.


    A forward thinking, family owned, modern German jigsaw blade and reciprocating saw blade manufacturer.

    We are a modern, innovative and extremely forward thinking company with a clearly defined goal: We aim to provide sawing products, which achieve high quality standards while remaining cost effective. We also strive to remain up-to-date on our competitors’ and the markets’ actions. We are very satisfied with our production location in Germany, as here we can utilize our on-site partners’ knowledge and can therefore ensure the highest possible production quality.

    Our production facilities are the heart of MPS and are maintained at the pinnacle of technology. Our qualified and experienced team work only with first class steel and guarantee saws of the highest Standards.


    An innovative company that designs in the Netherlands but has been forced to produce in the Far East due to cost.

    Inventor owned Kwicktool focuses on innovative products that are very competitively priced.

    Kwicktool also produces one of our best selling sets - The SAFESAW


    Our very own brand. To complete our range of products and to try to improve your shopping experience we source related products or innovative items under our own brand.

    However these still have to reach the same high standards that our branded products reach as it's own name on them after all.


    Has over 30 years experience of producing innovative, high quality drilling solutions.

    There forward thinking approach and new product development mean that they now export to over 30 countires worldwide.


    A family run German business that produces unique cold forged screwdriver bits and innovative screwdriver and screwdriver biut holders.

    The screwdriver bits they produce are to the highest standards and they use a unique cold forging technique that was invented and developed by the founder of the company Mr Ulrich Schmitt, of Hilchenbach, Germany. Hence USH.

    Along with the best quality screwdriver bits they produce innovative screwdriver and screwdriver bit holders and strive to offer new products.

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