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  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Tree Surveys
  • Mortgage And Insurance Tree Reports
  • Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Solutions Company Profile

Tree Solutions is a young, dynamic company based in the UK and founded in 2007. The company works in partnership with leading landscape and ecological consultants and specialises in all aspects of tree consultancy. Tree Solutions offers an extremely high degree of competency in dealing with all arboricultural matters, from general advice to technical solutions. Tree Solutions has a wide range of clients from commercial to domestic and often work very closely with Local Authorities.


Tree Solutions offers a range of services from risk assessment, hazard evaluation, tree surveys and tree preservation orders. Listed below are some examples.

Tree Surveys

Specialist consultants can offer detailed reports on all species of tree any given site. Some of the reports covered are tree hazard assessment reports, homeowner mortgage reports and trees and development site reports.

Trees Planning and Development

Assessments are provided in relation to how the removal of trees from a particular development may affect the environmental balance or planning considerations. Planning feasibility studies, technical reports, engineering solutions, protection schedules and site surveys are all undertaken by the firm.

Tree Risk Assessment

Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) methodology is always used to inspect and assess the level of tree failure and defects in trees. Whilst putting public safety first the company seeks to retain trees of value where possible at all times. Where necessary, specialised internal decay equipment can be used.

Tree Preservation Orders

To protect trees from being felled or pruned without Local Authority permission, Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) can be issued. Tree Solutions also submits applications and appeals to Local Authorities for clients and works on behalf of the council to carry out TPO audits and reviews.

Mortgage & Insurance Tree Reports

All reports in conjunction with widely recognised Arboricultural Mortgage and Insurers Users Group (AMIUG) accepted by all Insurers and Mortgage Lenders. Delivery guaranteed within 48 hours.

Based in Cheshire, Tree Solutions is committed to ensuring Client satisfaction within all aspects of specialised tree consultancy, including detailed and precise reports delivered quickly to prevent conveyancing delays.

For more information on the services provided by Tree Solutions please visit the website, aternatively send an enquiry using the buttons above.


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