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UK Flood Barriers Company Profile

UK Flood Barriers is the UK's leading flood defence company which manufactures a fully comprehensive range of flood defence solutions to protect all points of ingress into a property. Its Flood Angel® product range has been tested to BSI standards and four products are kite marked.

The company is the exclusive distributor in the UK and Eire for the internationally acclaimed Self Closing Flood Barrier, an innovative, effective and PASSIVE flood defence system which uses the power of approaching flood water to deploy.

UK Flood Barriers undertakes projects from whole community protection to individual property protection. Its products are used extensively by architects and specifiers, utility companies, civil and construction engineers and private individuals and are suitable for both retro fitting and new builds. The company is a framework contractor to the Environment Agency.

Impartial advice is available on all matters relating to flood mitigation, resilience and resistance. UK Flood Barriers’ dedicated team of surveyors and flood evaluators are on hand to undertake site surveys and give impartial advice on flood risk.

The company has an in-house BSI approved testing facility, where CPD seminars and training sessions for industry professionals are held. UK Flood Barriers is proud to be an innovator and strives for continuous improvement in its products. The in-house facility gives the opportunity for early stage flood defence prototypes to be tested.

Staff have more than 20 years experience in the construction industry and take health and safety seriously. The company is accredited by CHAS and Constructionline.

UK Flood Barriers Flood Angel® Product Range

Flood Defender Single & Double Door Barriers

Flood Angel® Flood Defender Doors are custom made for each individual property and suit virtually any type or size of aperture. Everything from a cat flap to French doors or domestic garage entrance can be protected by this Kitemark licensed product, which can be speedily deployed in emergency flood situations. Shop fronts and pedestrian gateways can also benefit from Flood Defender Doors.

The barriers are available in single or double versions and suit inward or outward opening doors. With no permanent rails needed, disabled access is not affected and listed buildings criteria are met.

Each made-to-measure barrier comprises a single-piece lightweight flood board of 100% waterproof Polyester GRP with a sealed aluminium frame and top handles. The effectiveness of the watertight barrier is enhanced by highly efficient "closed cell" EPDM rubber seals.

Installation is by a choice of fixing systems: Wall mounted barrier; nutsert into UPVC or wood frame; barrier into vertical rails; or barrier into frame. Once installed, occupiers have peace of mind that the Flood Defender can be fitted in less than two minutes.

Airbrick Replacement

The innovative Flood Angel® Airbrick replacement is the only BSI Kitemark accredited airbrick in the world. (PAS 1188-1:2009). It is designed to replace a standard airbrick and can be retro-fitted or used in new build, being fully compliant with the Code for Sustainable Homes and meeting all the relevant Building Regulations requirements.

In normal conditions, it allows free airflow but in a flood, the water’s power activates a gate to close off the gaps. The Airbrick will automatically reopen once water subsides.

It is manufactured from recycled polypropylene with silicone sponge and comes in five colours to match standard brickwork. A mesh prevents insects or debris from interfering with the self-closing gate.

Airbrick Cover

Existing terracotta airbricks can be protected by the removable Flood Angel® Air Brick Cover. This is BSI Kitemark accredited (PAS 1188-1:2009) and is simple to fix in place when needed. Made from aluminium sheet and closed cell EPDM foam, it is available as a standard single or double air brick cover or can be made in bespoke sizes. The cover pushes into pre-placed fittings in the holes of the airbrick then hand wheels are turned to form a tight seal.

Mainline Full Port Backflow Valve

The Flood Angel® Mainline Full Port Backflow (non-return) Valve protects basements and ground floor rooms against flooding caused by the return flow of sewage waters.

Rising water levels in sewerage systems caused by intense rain, rapid thaw or flood will automatically activate the product. A gate is lifted within the valve which shuts against a gasket seal to prevent back-flow. The valve functions whether the back-flow occurs as a rapid surge, or steady flow. Once waters subside, the valve opens again.

The valve’s open design means it is rodable and easy to maintain. It can be easily installed in the main drain or at a branch.

Backwater Valve (50mm)

The 50mm Flood Angel® Backwater Valve is a passive anti-flooding device that is ideal for protecting interiors from the backflow of wastewater in all drainage-related systems such as kitchen sinks, dishwashers, washbasins and shower trays. It is made of durable polypropylene that is highly resistant to hot water and the effects of chemicals.

The valve closes with the power of the flood water and automatically reopens once waters subside. It is easy to fit and particularly suited to apartment blocks, commercial or industrial premises where it is impossible to assemble a backwater valve protecting the whole building.

Backwater Valve (160mm)

The 160mm Flood Angel® Backwater (non-return) Valve protects lower level rooms against the return flow of sewage waters after heavy rain or river flood and is also a deterrent to rats. It is operated by the power of the flood water and opens again automatically. Mounted at the sewage system outlet from the building, it substitutes an inspection chamber.

Toilet Bung

The Flood Angel® Toilet Bung is an inflatable PVC bag that fits into the toilet’s U bend to stop sewage backflow under flood conditions. It is attached to a hose with a Schrader valve on the end and it is supplied with a hand pump.

Other Flood Angel® Products include:

Silicone – An acetoxy curing sealant which provides a watertight, permanently flexible seal for use in wall and floor joints. It can also be used for draught-proofing windows and doors.

Tanking Polymer – An advanced blend of Portland cements, quality graded aggregates and chemical modifiers that provides high water and salt resistance while offering flexibility and good adhesion. It is mixed with water and easily applied by brush or spray to create a waterproof membrane above or below ground.

Waterstop – A solvent-free water repellent concentrate, which, once diluted, is easily applied by spray, brush or roller to above ground facades to create a protective waterproof seal. The eco-friendly product can be used on a variety of surfaces including brickwork, cement rendering and cement mineral boards, unglazed tiles, cast concrete, roughcast stone work, , asbestos, wood, canvas and leather.

Flood Alarm – Suitable for homes and commercial premises, the battery-operated device sounds an 85-decibel horn when its sensor is in contact with water, giving a warning that can potentially save valuable property. The flexible sensor arm can be shaped to fit difficult spaces. The Flood Alarm comes with a bracket fixing and gives peace of mind.

Sanitiser – Sachets of concentrated disinfectant for effective cleaning of flood-damaged properties.

Self Closing Flood Barriers

UK Flood Barriers is the sole UK and Eire distributor for the acclaimed Self Closing Barriers range. A recipient of six awards, the SCFB is hailed as the world’s best passive flood defence system, giving the highest level of protection for everything from a single home to industrial areas or whole communities.

Fully automatic and requiring no manpower, the barriers rise instantly from their hidden resting position to keep back high water levels. With no delay in deploying, the system provides a defence that has been successfully proved time and again across the world since 1998.

The barriers are custom made for any situation and can be installed in just about any terrain to any length. The barrier height can be up to 2.5 metres.

The polyester floating flood walls are protected by Kevlar. Under normal conditions, they are contained within their steel or concrete basin, closed off by a steel lid that does not impede traffic flow. In a flood situation the lid acts as a breakwater as the flood wall rises instantly. Once in the ground, the components are fully protected and maintenance free with no operating costs and will last for at least 50 years.

The Self Closing Flood Barrier can be linked to a telemetry system, which will automatically alert people when the barrier is about to operate.

The SCFB is manufactured to TCVN ISO 9001/ISO9901 standards.

SCFB Mini and Midi

The success of the Self Closing Flood Barrier across many environments has led to the introduction of the Mini (1m) and Midi (2.5m) systems. They are automatically-deployed passive systems working on a similar principle to the larger barriers, but their reduced scale means not service pit is required. The Mini and Midi Self Closing Flood Barriers are particularly suitable for protecting doors and small gates against floods. The Mini and Midi can also be linked to a telemetry system.

For further information on all UK Flood Barriers products and expert technical advice, contact the company by telephone or through the website.

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