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UK Waterproofing Solutions Company Profile

UK Waterproofing Solutions is a privately owned company, originally known as Midland Butyl. Founded in 1983, the company has established a highly respected reputation for the manufacture, supply and installation of high performance waterproofing systems including butyl, EPDM, HDPE and PVC geomembranes. UK Waterproofing Solutions has an extensive client base ranging from domestic homeowners to large industrial and commercial clients and has worked on many projects such as water containment, refurbishments and new builds.

With many years of industry experience, the company has seen a large development and extension of its product range and services covering waterproofing systems for roofs, tanks, reed beds, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, cladding and green roof projects throughout the UK and beyond. UK Waterproofing Systems has a dedicated and experienced team of designers and project managers that offer a complete service including surveying, estimating, contracting and a design team with full CAD facilities, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The systems available include:

Single Ply Roofs

Single ply membranes comprise of many benefits including easy and fast installation, the potential to prefabricate, it is clean, lightweight, maintenance free for up to 30 years and offers excellent service performance and the capability to be applied to most roof types such as flat, pitched, barrelled, vaulted and vertical surfaces. There is a selection of materials available to suit specific applications, these include:

  • PVC or TPE

UK Waterproofing Solutions are licenced to install two leading PVC waterproofing membranes, Protan and Sika-Trocal. These polymer type membranes are joined and detailed by using hot air welding or adhesive bonding and are mechanically fixed, fully bonded or ballasted. Protan and Sika-Trocal can be used with the majority of commonly used substrates for new and refurbishment projects and can be part of warm or cold deck roofs. Alternative colours and walkway systems can be introduced if required.

  • EPDM

EPDM is a synthetic rubber membrane which is naturally flexible and incorporates carbon black for extra stability. UK Waterproofing Solutions is the licenced installer of the Superseal EPDM roofing system which is fixed to the substrate with the patented Thermobond hot air splicing technique that bonds the widths together.

SpeedDeck Roof Cassette System

UK Waterproofing Solutions is the UK’s first authorised installer of SpeedDeck roof cassette system. The company can design, supply and install the systems including SpeedForm which is a complete off-site manufactured, structural, insulated, pre-weathered roofing system which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


UK Waterproofing Solutions has the capability to provide an extensive range of roofing and architectural wall products using leading products such as standing seam profiles Ashzip by Ash and Lacey and Kingzip by Kingspan. The company is continuously researching and developing new systems which are cost effective, non-combustible, thermally efficient, aesthetically pleasing and durable. The systems incorporate many additional and complementary features such as:

  • Composite insulated roof panels
  • Standing seam systems
  • Profiled roof sheeting with liner panels and insulation
  • Roof lights
  • Rain screen cladding systems
  • Composite gutters
  • Composite insulated wall panels
  • Curved, tapered and waveform options
  • Enhanced acoustic systems
  • Aluminium, stainless steel or copper
  • Simple and effective waterproof detailing

Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing is suitable for pitched and flat roofs, balconies and walkways and offers a more effective alternative to felt and asphalt. Liquid waterproofing can be easily applied and offers a durable, reliable and long-lasting protection for up to 25 years. The system will bond to the majority of substrates often without having to remove existing roof coverings. Through extensive testing and development, the systems are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and can be easily refurbished with an extra coat when required. Key benefits include:

  • Seamless waterproofing
  • Cold applied built-up roof systems available
  • Easily applied over complex details
  • Resistant to UV degradation, foot traffic and airborne pollutants
  • Backed by the BBA and guaranteed for 10, 15, 20 or 25 years
  • Vast range of colours available with the capability to produce special colours for matching

Roof Refurbishment

UK Waterproofing Solutions offers a range of refurbishment services on any type of building. A site inspection and survey will be carried out to specify the most cost effective solution. Services include strip and replacement of single ply coverings, membrane lining of existing gutters, cladding recoating, strip and re-sheeting, flat to pitched conversions, flat or tapered insulation schemes, repair or replace roof lights and strip and re-tile.

Water Containment

UK Waterproofing Solutions provides a bespoke manufacturing and installation service for pools, reservoirs, slurry lagoons, reed beds, tanks and waste water pits. Clients have included farmers, industrial corporations and water companies. A waterproofing liner is the simplest and most cost effective solution for water containment and is flexible enough to be used for virtually any shape or size. The liners can be prefabricated to specific requirements from 10m2 to 1000m2. Materials used include PVC, Epalyn, Firestone, HDE, LLDPE and HDPE and guarantees range from 10 years to lifetime.

Green and Brown Roofs

Sustainable building techniques and requirements now specify that many buildings must incorporate a green or brown roof system. UK Waterproofing Solutions is the approved installer of Protan roofing membrane system which incorporates the Progreen roofing system. Green and brown roofing systems offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Attractive and natural designs
  • Blends in to surrounding environment
  • Improved acoustics
  • Ability to satisfy SUDS requirements
  • Good heat sink effect
  • Stormwater management
  • Extends the lifespan of the waterproofing system
  • Potential for photovoltaic performance
  • Environmentally friendly (Co2 in - O2 out)

Progreen roofs are suitable for any sized commercial or domestic roof and the pitch and load bearing capacity of the roof will determine which system is best suited. The systems include Extensive, Intensive, Biodiverse and Turf Roof systems.

Other Services

UK Waterproofing Solutions offers an extensive range of alternative services, these include:

  • Structural decking
  • Cut-to falls schemes
  • Zip system roofs
  • Twin-skin roofs and walls
  • Standing seam roofs
  • Architectural fascia and wall panels
  • Rooflights
  • Access hatches, ladders and Mansafe systems
  • Roof walkways
  • Drainage systems
  • Bullnoses
  • Timber cladding
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Recoating of existing cladding

UK Waterproofing Solutions prides itself on offering an extensive portfolio of products and services and is accredited by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, CHAS and ISO 9001. The company employs fully trained and experienced personnel and has a strict Health and Safety ethos combined with a wealth of knowledge and expertise and the utilisation of modern and innovative technologies. The dedicated design team will provide detailed tenders, site surveys and appropriate solutions, regardless of the size and complexity of a project.

For more detailed product information or to contact UK Waterproofing Solutions please use the buttons above or visit the company website.


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