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Vitcas Company Profile

Specialising in refractory manufacturing, Vitcas supplies products to many industrial sectors including steel plants and power stations.

The Bristol based independent company is a supplier to the UK and worldwide, manufacturing cements and mortars as well as plastic mouldables and zircon products since 1882. Clients include heat and power stations, glass works, lime producers and sugar refineries.

Industrial and Refractory Products:

Refractory Castables:

These types of castables are used to create monolithic linings in many different variations of kilns and furnaces. The product is modelled on tabular alumina, mullite, corundum, silicon and other types of raw materials.

Standard Dense Castables:

The range varies to accommodate different temperatures and thermal shock resistances depending on requirements.

Insulating Castables:

Installed by either casting, gunning or trowelling, there are a number of choices available in the range coping with temperatures from 1100 degrees to 1300 and 1370. The products include an insulating material with low thermal conductivity.

Low Cement Castable:

The product is offered in three variations with maximum temperatures listed from 1600 to 1700 degrees. The range offers excellent resistance and high strength.

Plastic Mouldables:

The products are installed using pneumatic rammers or pounded into place using heavy hand hammers.


With high adhesive content, the refractory mouldable is ideal for quick and easy repairs to both brick and monolithic linings.


Ideal for use in capping and spouts, the product is chemically bonded making it easy to install.

Ramming Products:

Ideal for iron and steel works, the chemically bonded dry rams can be installed by hand ramming but are generally installed by methods of pneumatic or vibration. Supplied semi-dry with just 3% moisture, the products achieve a very dense refractory.

Zircon Ramming Products:

Available as Zircon RAM, Zircon M RAM or ZIRCON Patch, the products are chemically bonded and ideal for use to line launders and foundry ladles. RAM is suitable for the glass industry to line both glass tanks and furnace bottoms, whilst M RAM, which consists of a mullite chemically bonded mix, is used in the foundry industry. It is ideal for ladle linings and launders and is even more effective when a thicker lining is applied. Patch is a ramming and patching mix used for repairs and relines in glass works.

Chemical Resistant Cements:

Consisting of three types; ACIDAS cement, concrete and patch, the products are both heat and acid resistant. The cement is ideal for adhesive purposes whilst the concrete mix is made up of a graded aggregate cement; perfect for laying floor areas at direct risk of acid attack. Rendered over a vertical surface, Patch is ideal to add to existing brick work.

Wet Factory Cements:

The company offers a range of Silica refractory cements and mortars. The versatile cements are ideal for a number of uses such as repairing and setting with different products accommodating varying temperatures from 1200 to 1430 degrees.

High Alumina Refractory Cements and Mortars:

Ideal for coating, patching and jointing, the range of mixed cements and mortars easily set in air and offer high strength adhesive qualities and the ability to cope with varying temperatures up to 1700 degrees.

Fire Cements:

The company its own fire cement range which is specially created for use in sealing and jointing. The range of products has maximum adhesive properties with service temperatures from 1250 to 1400 degrees.

Black fire cements:

This range of premium cements is offered in black to suit applications such as fireplaces and fuel ovens. Products are used to seal metal to metal joints in flues and cookers as well as wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

Zircon Refractory Products:

Zircon, which stands for Zirconium Silicate-ZrSO4, is used in the company’s range of plasters and paints. Zircon paint is ideal for use in launders as well as molten alloys. Zircon plasters can be used to repair cracks in launders and ladle linings. Victas Zircon Coil Plaster comes as a dry powder and needs to be mixed with water before use. It is used to coat electrical furnace coils to protect it from penetration from molten metal.

Refractory Bricks: Fire and Insulation bricks:


Made of ceramic, firebricks are ideally used in kilns and fireboxes as well as fireplaces and for lining furnaces. Designed to cope with intense heat, it has a low thermal conductivity.

Insulation Bricks:

Used in less extreme environments, these weaker and much lighter bricks are perfect for use in gas fired kilns.

Ceramic Fibre Products:

Offering low thermal mass, these products are ideal for effective insulation. It can be used in applications where traditional refractories can’t be used due to its high thermal shock resistance. The products are usually used in furnace linings, seals and kilns.

Other products: The company also supplies products for domestic use, such as stoves and fireplaces, and also manufactures a range of outdoor pizza ovens.

  • Domestic fireplaces: The company offers a range of cements, plasters, heat proof screeds and adhesives ideal for fireplaces.
  • Bread and pizza ovens: The company has a selection of handmade ovens using refractory materials. The products come in a number of sizes and weigh no more than 25kg.
  • Home foundry products: A range of products are available for home foundry use. The company also supplies associated accessories including specialist paint.
  • Heritage railways: The company supplies Refractory Castable Grade 1300 for use in this area. Supplied in 25 kg bag, the dry material is ready formulated and requires water for use.

The company manufactures and supplies refractory materials from its site to many industries from steel plants, heat and power stations to foundries, glass works, ceramics and coke plants as well as the renewable energy sector. An online shop allows customers to browse products and buy online.

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