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VMZINC UK Company Profile

VM ZINC is a part of the Umicore Group and specialises in the manufacture and supply of zinc building products including roofing, facades, rainwater systems and decorative roofing products.

Zinc is a naturally extracted element and, as a non-ferrous metal will not rust. By developing a natural, self-protecting patina it is also resistant to corrosion. It is extremely durable, does not require ongoing maintenance and has a long life expectancy - typically 40-100 years. Zinc’s attraction to specifiers has seen it used in the UK for an ever more diverse range of project types, from individual residential properties to schools, hospitals, hotels, high rise apartments and even churches. Zinc is finding favour in equal measure with new builds and refurbishments because its malleability enables it to be formed into complex shapes and details.

VM ZINC offers a wide variety of colours which blend and complement a variety of materials such as timber, glass, stone and brickwork. VM ZINC offers a selection of finishes including natural and pre-weathered zinc which also ages in a natural manner.

Roofing Systems

VM ZINC offers a range of standing seam roofing systems which can be used to produce straight and curved designs of significant complexity. Standing seam systems are suitable for roof pitches above 3° with a standard width is 530mm between seams. Non-standard widths can be produced between 60 and 600mm with systems including:

  • Warm roof on cellular glass using straight or curved profiles, with a pitch of 3 - vertical
  • Warm roof on mineral wool or PIR for straight or curved profiles, with a pitch of 3 - 60°
  • Warm roof on composite panels for straight profiles, with a pitch of 3 - 60°
  • Ventilated roof on roof boarding for straight, curved or complex shapes, with a pitch of 3° - vertical
  • Ventilated roof on incompatible support (plywood) for straight, curved or complex shapes, with a pitch of 3° - vertical

Facade Systems

Zinc facade systems give buildings a stylish and individual appearance, as well as enhancing thermal performance. Standing seam, interlocking, overlapping and sine wave zinc cladding systems are available for both horizontal and vertical applications. There is a choice of widths between seams and a wide selection of colours. Facade systems include:

  • Interlocking horizontal panels for straight profiles
  • Interlocking vertical panels for straight or curved profiles
  • Sine wave horizontal and vertical panels for straight or curved profiles
  • Overlapping horizontal panels for straight profiles
  • Standing seam horizontal panels for straight, curved and complex profiles
  • Standing seam vertical panels for straight, curved or complex profiles
  • Other facade covering techniques manufactured from VM ZINC include the CGL rainscreen system, Kingspan Interlink vertical and horizontal panels, PSP interlocking, overlapping and cassette panels and Sotech Optima

Rainwater systems

The VM ZINC Rainwatersystem D is a ready to glue rainwater system manufactured from pre-weathered QUARTZ-ZINC® or ANTHRA-ZINC®. The system is specifically designed for houses and conservatories and comes in complete kits comprising of gutters, concealed brackets, stop ends, corners, running outlets, down pipes and self-locking pipe brackets. Key features and benefits of include high quality, durable materials, superior aesthetics, UV stablility, weather resistance, sleeve connection on pipes, good flow rates, fast and easy installation and minimal expansion and creek. There is also a rainwater system available for commercial and industrial buildings known as Rainwatersystem P. This system is suitable for large capacities and is available in box, half round and OG profiles.

Decorative Items and heritage projects

With zinc being used to replace lead and offering scope for complex detailing, VM ZINC is becoming increasingly involved in heritage and restoration projects. This invariably involves roof section replication and prototyping prior to manufacture and installation.

Deco Toit is a range of decorative ornaments crafted from zinc. The range includes finials and weather vanes featuring cockerels, hunting scenes, animals and crafts in many designs and styles. The full range of finials is available from 30cm to 1metre high, and provide a decorative finish to slate, tile or metal roofs. An extensive range of Ateliers d'Art Francais ornaments such as weather vanes, finials, dormers, balustrades and bullseyes is also available for larger projects and prestigious buildings.

VM ZINC cladding, roofing and facade systems are compatible with diverse climates and meet the differing standards of countries worldwide. The company has established a widely respected reputation throughout the world with architects, developers, roofers and building contractors and experienced VM ZINC personnel offer comprehensive technical, design and installation advice. Zinc offers exceptional sustainability and is 100% recyclable.

For more detailed product information please contact VM ZINC using the buttons above or visit the company website.

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